Reviews of 3 Best Resistance Bands 2018

Working out with the resistance bands is also a enjoyable indoor exercise. At the same time, if to look for some online, there are plenty of the best resistance bands available for review and selection. Based on what our team has found out over many of the choices, we come up with these best resistance bands to recommend if we are asked. These resistance bands come with a package, and there are quite many items you can play with in your working out. However, each package is different. The details are listed below.

1. Black Mountain Products Resistance Band Set

Staying healthy is very important for you because it doesn’t only help you to feel great without illness, but also helps you to live longer. When you or your family members get sick, you can do anything or you can even spend lots of money in order get your healthiness back. Doing the workout can be a very great way of keeping you healthy. With Black Mountain Products Resistance Band Set, while you don’t have to pay much money on it, you can also exercise with fun, keep fit, and feel balanced in your life.

1Key Features:

Black Mountain Products Resistance Band Set consists of starter guide, door anchor, cushioned foam handles, carrying bag, ankle strap, and five bands of varying resistance in different colors and tensions: green (10-12 pounds), yellow (2-4 pounds), black (15-20 pounds), blue (4-6 pounds), and red (25-30 pounds). All bands are 48 inches in length and together can make up to 75 pounds of tension. Notably, the resistance bands offer an unbelievably varied number of training exercises by simply altering your body position in order to change your muscles’ tension. The bands can be mobile, take up small space, and easy to use on various fitness levels, making this Black Mountain Product is the high-quality home workout equipment to deliver results in the best possible comfort way for you.

Customer Satisfaction over the Item:

The customers said that the bands are well made and sturdy. The handles consist of a soft-but-firm grip that reduces the demand for gloves and the clips that help connect the bands to the handle. Some other customers added that they could do the workout with the bands whenever they want which is very great for them. For those who have a busy schedule and cannot go to the gym, these bands are highly recommended.

What That Isn’t Great About This Item:

Some customers said the bands started deteriorating after a couple of months use. They claimed that one of the bands snapped. They even added that those bands could not be used for a longer lifespan as mentioned. Some customers claimed that the bands seemed very sturdy, but there was neither workout chart nor any instructions.

2. Kinzi Resistance Band Set

People have different purposes when coming to workout. Some people want to have a slim and good-looking body. Some people just want to stay balanced and healthy without thinking much on body part. Some other people want to build strong muscles for both arms and legs and even the whole body. If you happen to be one of the latter people, you will find Kinzi Resistance Band set make your dream come true. With this band set you can do your workout whenever and wherever you want without making you bored.

Key features:


There are five different colors of bands in Kinzi Resistance band set. All bands are 48 inches in length, which provide flexible weight resistances differing from 2-30 pounds with a total weight of resistance up to 75 pounds when the five bands are fastened together, making it possible for the bands to add a number of varieties to your workout. In addition to this, there are attachable ankle straps and soft-grip handles of this object to allow you performing the same patterns of workouts in order to free some extra weights and build your functional strength. Furthermore, this bands will be able to provide your the stable resistance while stretching, enabling you to separate your muscles during your exercises and decrease your body fat. Lastly, besides the five different color bands, the Kinzi Resistance band set also includes a carrying case, a workout chart, a door anchor, and an ankle strap.

Customer Satisfaction over the Item:

The customers said that the band set comes with an incredibly handy-door mounted strap. This allows them to have much better varied workouts from different positions: below, above and straight on. For those of them without much space at home, this is like having a gym in their bedroom. Some other customers mentioned that that the ankle attachment works completely well. They added that this set of resistance bands is so satisfying on lots of levels for them since it is simple and easy to use. They added that the quality is without a doubt a great product that they have ever used.

What That Isn’t Great About This Item:

Some customers claimed that all bands in every color don’t have the same quality. The red band, for example, was broken in the first use. Some customers complained that they could not use the bands because they have the latex allergy. Some other customers added that the handles of the band are not really comfortable.

3. Cayman Fitness Premium Resistance Band Set

Using the resistance bands for the workout has become more popular. You can make yourself active every time you exercise with them. Probably, you might not only want to make yourself active, but also want to enjoy during your workout. Then, Cayman Fitness Premium Resistance Band Set might be right for you. With this resistance band set, you cannot only exercise with fun, but also you can use them both indoors and outdoors. For indoors, you can exercise in your bedroom, anywhere of your house or even in the hotel. For outdoors, you can do your workout at the park, on the fields or anywhere you feel you want to.

3Key features:

Cayman Fitness Premium Resistance Band Set has been designed to meet users’ needs. This set includes two cushioned handles, two neoprene cushioned ankle straps, one sturdy door anchor, and five varied colors of resistance bands with different tensions: yellow (up to 8 pounds), blue (up to 18 pounds), black (up to 22 pounds), green (up to 11 pounds), and red (up to 14 pounds). Remarkably, these resistance bands are now 1200 mm (200 mm longer than the previous version), which are stronger and can guarantee that users can have a better workout. It should be noticed that this set maintains top quality to guarantee the safety to the users while doing their workouts. Whatever you can do in the gym, you can also use this set of bands while you can’t go there. There are no worries for you that you can’t workout outside the gym as long as you bring Cayman Fitness Premium Resistance Band Set along with you.

Customer Satisfaction over the Item:

Some customers said that these bands are sturdy, strong, and fun to use. They can pack and use them to wherever they want. They added that these items don’t need a big space and wherever there is a door or something to attach their bands, they can immediately know that this is the way to have fun for their workouts. They even paid their gratitude to manufacturers who produce such great products.

What That Isn’t Great About This Item:

The drawback that some customers claimed from this product is that there is no instruction comes along with the set of the bands, so they don’t even know how to use it in the right way. Some others added that they want the bands to be longer so that they can be more comfortable to use them.