Hair Care: Best Heat Resistant Gloves 2018

While doing the hair styling, it is really important you wear good gloves. Otherwise, it could easily get your hand burnt. Actually, a pair of the heat resistant gloves for hair styling is quite cheap to get, and if you have problem finding a good one, you are suggested to check out the below best heat resistant gloves for hair styling. These are nicely designed ones you will like just as many others. Enjoy your review below.

1. Heat Resistant Gloves for Flat / Curling Irons

Do you know that you are beautiful even when you are styling your hair? I am not kidding, but it the truth that these pink heat resistant gloves by MyProStyler would make you cannot escape from praying eyes when you use wear this glove to hold flat iron or curling to style your hair in front of your friends. Aside from its beauty, these heat resistant gloves guarantee 100% perfect in evading your hand and delicate skin from touching super hot flat iron. I believe you must not want to have a scar on your hand and cannot be easily deleted. Order these pink heat resistant gloves by MyProStyler today get a full protection of your skin.

1Key Features:

Heat resistant gloves by MyProStyler are designed with pink color which is the most popular color for ladies. You would feel comfort and fashionable once you put your hand in the gloves. While it offers you ultimate style that no other heat resistance gloves can offer, this gloves is thick enough that is capable to prevent about 400 oF to heat your skin. It has no discrimination on hair tools or brands, so you can use it with Remington, Conair, Bed Head, HIS Professional, Revlon, and so forth with ease. Do not have to worry about its size as it is designed with one-fit-all feature that you can easily slip your hands inside it. Do not allow heat to leave you life-long scars.

Customer Satisfaction over the Item:

Many customers showed their immense satisfaction on this glove saying it fits their hand comfortably. Moreover, few added that it comes in pair instead of a single glove and they can protect both of their hand. In addition, they claimed that it works very amazing as they have no longer burn their hand or finger again.

What that isn’t great about this item:

Nevertheless, some customers are very disappointed with these Heat resistant gloves by MyProStyler saying it is too big for their hand. It is very inconvenient for them when they use it for iron straight or curling their hair. Few other customers reported that it melted.

2. HSI Professional Heat Resistant Glove for Curling and flat iron

What else you expect from black and red glove? Nothing but awesomeness and elegant. For those ladies who do not like outstanding vivid colour , this HSI Professional heat resistant glove would be your best friend ever. You do not have to worry listening to your friend complaining about the color of your heat resistant glove because the mixture of black and red is very popular worldwide. It is thick enough to cover your delicate skin from being burnt by flat iron or curling. Fashionable and applicable, this heat resistant glove always accompanies you styling your hair every time and everywhere.

Key Features:


The mixture of black and red with simple but awesome look of HSI Professional heat resistant glove would make you more fashionable in this contemporary world. While styling with heat tools such as flat irons and curling irons, you are in need of this glove to protect your hand or otherwise your hand might get burnt when you carelessly use those heat tools. It has been tested with various heat tools and most well-known hair tools brand such as Bed Head, Remington, Conair, and Revlon. All test yielded the same perfect result that heat cannot penetrate through the glove. One last important thing to know about this glove is its one size fits all. If your hand is a bit bigger or longer, you do not have to be worried because it will perfectly fit into your hand. 100 % guarantee!

Customer Satisfaction over the Item:

It is very surprise that a numerous of customers wrote good reviews about this HSI Professional heat resistant glove. They claim it is 100% heat proof and they claimed they have never got burned after using this glove. For short hair customers, they added that they are no longer afraid of burning themselves again especially their neck because they can use the glove to protect it.

What that isn’t great about this item:

It is very ridiculous that there are two groups of customers having different view on the same point. A group of customers said it is too small and they barely put their hand in while the other group said it is too big.

3. RoseMyst Professional Heat Resistant Glove for Hair Styling

I cannot imagine how my right hand would be without this heat resistant glove. I clearly remember that last year when I was using curling to do my hair style to prepare for my friend’s wedding, I was rush and I unconsciously hold the heated barrel instead of the handle. You know what have happened? I feel a bit warm in my palm and then I realize that I hold the dangerous part. Can you imagine human skin touching approximately 400 oF? Thank to RoseMyst Professional heat resistant glove, I could not imagine how I could be without you. Believe RoseMyst Professional heat resistant glove and I have recommended to all my friends already. None has encountered problem with this glove.

heat resistant glovesKey Features:

Different from other heat resistant gloves that are too thick and heavy and thus make you feel uncomfortable, this heat resistance glove by RoseMyst Professional is thick enough to prevent heat to reach your skin and at the mean times offers you ultra comfort that does not hamper your movement and limit your styling. Its black color makes this glove always the most fashionable one. It is suitable with all heat tools such as flat irons, curling, and hair dryer. On the other hand, it perfectly works with leading hot tools brands like Babyliss, Ravlon, Remington, HIS Professional, and other brands whose heat tools has burning heat. One size fit all makes this glove perfectly fit with every size of hand. With this gloves, you do not to worry your hand will get burnt again.

Customer Satisfaction over the Item:

A customer showed a picture of her fingers before she used this heat resistance glove by RoseMyst Professional, and it was indescribable. However, after she used this glove, she admitted that her fingers never get burn again. She said even she directly touch the full heat curling, it does not matter. Many other customers also see the same thing.

What that isn’t great about this item:

Surprisingly, only one or two customers have bad experience with this glove. However, it seems like it is not a big deal. They said the glove is too small and they hardly put their hand inside. After they put it in, it is very tight and makes them feel uncomfortable.