Hair Care: 3 Best Wahl Hair Clippers 2018

Hair clippers are the need for many people to keep their hair looking nice. Particularly, Wahl hair clippers are the very popular ones. If you are finding a good recommendation about the hair clippers, we suggest you checking out the 3 best Wahl Hair Clippers below. They are reviewed with picture and customer feedback. Plenty of the information about each one is brought up, and it will be enough to let you know which one you like the most. However, these three are among the high satisfactory ones in customers’ perspective.

1. Wahl Hair Clippers, Chrome Pro 24 pc Haircut Kit #79524-2501

To all the ladies and gentlemen who like to groom their body without spending time going to salon, there is no problem now with doing it at home. With the contemporary technologies, everything is so easy. You could now get your haircut by your own hands with this Wahl Chrome Pro 24 pc Haircut Kit #79524-2501.

1Key Features:

This best-selling haircut is super great for total body grooming. Most professional cyclists, athletes, or swimmers select this 24-piece home haircutting kit to be their home self-sharpening haircut machine. The speedy clippers are equipped with powerful PowerDrive motor which is perfect for crew cuts or shorter haircuts. Nonetheless, the motor is functioned in a quiet mode and super lightweight. The clippers are designed with comfy grips that enable for longer hours holding. Moreover, the “Dura Chrome” offers a retro barber-shop look. The clippers are attached with ten adjustable guide combs with the detached high-carbon steel blades which need no adjustment and are easy to clean. The kit also includes barber scissors for bangs or stray hairs trimming, neck dusters, two hair clips, a blade guard, extra oil for clippers, and the cleaning brush. The company offer a 5 years warranty.

Customer Satisfaction on this Item:

Most customers love its lightweight quality and performance with not only for haircutting but also the facial hair trimming. Moreover, the clippers are so reliable and perfect with the guards that help to keep the length longer. It is easy to use and beginners find it is convenient. They also love the fact that this haircut kits are so easy to clean and hold for hours.

What that isn’t so great about this item:

On the other hand, some customers claim that this design is heavier than other haircut brands. They are disappointed with the blades as they are not straight at first and needed to be adjusted before using. Additionally, some even commented that the strong motor is too loud.

2. Wahl Elite Pro High Performance Haircut Kit #79602

The Elite Pro High Performance Haircutkit is also a line product of Wahl, a leading brand in electronic haircut tools. Though not the best-selling, it has been rated as one of the most convenient self-haircutting machine. In addition, the professional hairdressers also use this one at their salon.

Key Features:


The 79602 Elite Pro Haircutting kit has been so popular for its durable and strong motor which is the best corded motor of Wahl. With eight feet industrial heavy duty cord, it generates 15 percent more power than Wahl’s Powerdrive premium motor. Moreover, the finest self-sharpening blades have the capacity to cuts hair like 40 percent faster, and could stay shaper longer. There is a complete set of Secure-Fit guide combs with the attachment clips made from stainless steel, offering a smooth and easy haircutting. The large name plate is transparent so it is easy to see the comb size. Unlike the existing Wahl guide comb, this premium grade material is 70 percent stronger. The set include a high quality poly case with locking latch and nylon bag for guide comb storage. A five years warranty is offered.

Customer Satisfaction on this Item:

With its protective guard, this Elite Pro could be used to trim the body hair. A lot of customers are very much content with its strong motor as they effortlessly doing the haircut without snagging. Moreover, they really love the premium and secured quality of the clippers. The motor is a quiet vibration. Additionally, the latch on the case is so sturdy with longer cord and large hair comb. Most importantly, it takes less time to get your haircut.

What that isn’t so great about this item:

However, though most loyal customers claim that it is made from high quality materials, a few customers raised that the weight is so heavy for them to hold for such a longer period of time. In addition, when putting on the neck, they feel a bit kind of rough. The cutting level is not in one place. Still, it is a great and affordable product to keep at home.

3. Wahl Color Pro Haircut Kit #79300-400

Among the three products, this Color Pro Haircut Kit #79300-400 has its unique feature which makes life even easier. Almost all of reviews this product line received are five stars rated because of its best quality and unique function. So now you could grab one and do the haircut for family members like a professional. Let’s explore its great features!

wahl hair clippersKey Features:

Unlike other haircut kit of Wahl, the #79300-400 has the coded color combs which offer an easy and quick way to remember everyone’s hair length preference. The color code guide on the clippers enable users to determine the right size and comb color in just a few seconds. Furthermore, the heavy duty motor designed on the clipper generates a strong power for no-snag cutting. The self-sharpening with high carbon steel blades work well with all hair types, and still stay sharp for longer period. If you need to adjust or customized the cutting lengths, please look for the adjustable taper lever on the clippers. Additionally, its soft touch grip is designed for more control and comfort. The kits include a full set of color coded combs, step-by-step guidance with color instructions. The storage case is manufactured with handle grips for extra comfort. Similar to other Wahl products, five years warranty would be offered.

Customer Satisfaction on this Item:

The customer is so satisfied with the easy and quick color coded functions because this feature enables them to easily style and cut their hair according to their desire length. Meanwhile, the fact that the motor would not heat up while they are holding in the hand brings about so a lot of great comments over the quality. Furthermore, the left and right angled guide combs used for the ears are so pleasant and well-performed. People totally surprise that this haircut kits would help them to get their haircut like a pro.

What that isn’t so great about this item:

Besides its top quality and convenient features, just few people complained about the case which has no good hinge that broke easily if dropped. With a few other people said that the blade is so wide that doesn’t work well around the neck and ear areas. They also hate the fact that they need to constantly apply the oil for each and every cut. Still, it works so well like you just have had your hair cut at the professional barber shop.