Hair Care: 3 Best Hot Air Brush Reviews 2018

Best hot air brush would also be the need when it comes to hair styling. To do it well while taking a good care of your hair, you are recommended to find the best hot air brush you can find, and if you do not have much time looking for it, you could scan through the reviews below. It features three best hot air brush reviews for your examining. These hot hair brushes are very good for the quality, and many users have been satisfied with their performance. This should happen to you too.

1. John Frieda Salon Shape 1.5 Inch Hot Air Brush

You can get out to work and to attend your friend’s birthday party without spending so much time styling your hair. John Frieda Salon Shape hot air brush can offer lighting service to those who have their hand full of work and save you a lot of time doing other thing and finish your work on time. Your boss would be surprised seeing the result and who know you may be promoted soon. While you have more time finish your work, you can also maintain your professionalism because this hot air brush will make your hair smooth and look like pop star.

1Key Features:

This hot air brush by John Fried will make your styling faster and more convenient no matter what type of hairs you have. John Frieda hot air brush is upgraded with advanced ionic technology that dramatically stimulates heat and fairly distributes to heat to the whole brush making this brush easy and quickly dry every strand of hair in no time. Specifically, this hot air brush has 1.5 inch titanium ceramic-coated barrel and it is featured with 500 watt hot air that makes it the fastest hot air brush. However, it is lightweight that does not hamper movement of styling and its grip is easy to grip making you feel comfortable although you use it for hours. On the other hand, two heat setting would offer you options to adjust it to fit with your styling condition.

Customer Satisfaction over the Item:

It seems like most customers extremely satisfy this hot air brush. They said it is easy to grip and move, so they can style their hair freely. A salon owner said she is lucky to choose this brush because she could offer great and fast service to her clients. Some other users also claimed that they can finish their styling quicker than before, while it does not produce frizz or absorb excessive moisture from their hair.

What that isn’t great about this item:

Some users claimed that it is not durable particularly its bristles claiming it lost its shape and no longer grab hair. On the other hand, some even said it got burned and they do not recommend this one. However, only few customers could not verify that the problem is caused by the hot air brush.

2. Helen of Troy 1579 Tangle Free Hot Air Brush

Which part you have heard about Helen of Troy 1579 hot air brush? Most of you might be well aware of its ultimate comfort handle. It offers soft and comfortable grip that maximizes flexibility and allows you to style your hair like a salon expert. Comparing to other hot air brush, this one by Helen of Troy will offer you perfect and fast service in tidying your hair. Long hair has no problem with this hot air brush as well. You do not have to worry that there is no heat reach any part of your hair.

Key Features:


If you have long hair, you should choose this Helen of Troy 1579 hot air brush. Its dimension is 10.6 x 1.7 x 3.1 inches (L x W x H). Its long barrel makes hot air brush to handle many long hairs at once effortlessly. Its cool and soft handle would make users more comfortable and harmless. They do not have to worry their hand would get burnt when they use it for long periods of time. Dual heat setting would make users more convenient in styling their hair and make a perfect style ever for their important life event. Moreover, its tangle proof swivel cord is up to 8 feet long that allows users to extend it to wherever they want. Lastly, the barrel is removable that allows user to keep it safely in tight small when they have to travel.

Customer Satisfaction over the Item:

It works really well, said many users. They claimed it is perfectly suitable for every type of hair no matter short or long, thin or thick. Some other customers said its design makes it look more professional and few of them even introduced this hot air brush to their salon. Lastly, the affordable price is very famous in review.

What that isn’t great about this item:

Less than 10% of customers showed their disappointment on this hot air brush. They said it has less power and thus cannot blow dry their hair. Moreover, some said it grabs less hair a time and they have to spend more time to finish their hair in every morning.

3. Vidal Sasson VS433C Tangle-Free Best Hot Air Brush Styler and Dryer

Vidal Sasson VS433C hot air brush styler and dryer will make styling hair more fun and easier. It is suitable for all hair style and you do not have to worry that you have long or short hair. I have shared this hot air brush with my sister too. She has short hair while I have long hair. We have never encountered any problem or frizz when we used it. We can use it to make different hair style we want. My sister and I are always asked by our friends and neighbor.

best hot air brushKey Features:

Let’s transform our hair with Vidal Sasson VS433C hot air brush styler and dryer. Designed with 1 inch barrel with soft grip, users can move it freely and comfortably for hours with unpleasant feeling. Barrel switch locks allow users to control the whole brush with their fingertip. They can unlock the brush to release your hair after you finished styling. It is very powerful and even more powerful than a separate hair dryer because it has 250 watts of power. More than that, it has two high and low setting that users can choose in accordance to their preference and type of hair. Lastly, its cool tip is one of an outstanding part that helps users avoiding harm and easy to style their hair.

Customer Satisfaction over the Item:

The bristles are reportedly high and able to grab more hair at the same time. More importantly, it has no problem with thick and long hair. Many customers also complimented its quality in making their hair smooth and no frizz. They said they felt like their hair was shining after they used this hot air brush.

What that isn’t great about this item:

Few users said its bristles trap their hair and damage their hair badly. It is very painful to release their hair from the brush. Other few customers claimed that it just blows wind and no heat or hot air was emitted. They have no other choice but to return it back.