Hair Care: 3 Best Heat Protection Spray Reviews 2018

When exposing your hair to persistent heat during your hair styling such as with the straighter, it could damage your hair, and a safer way would be to spray the heat protection in advance. That is also what this will bring you to. In the following, there are three best heat protection spray reviews you could check. They are very good quality ones many users have been satisfied. Even better, they are available at a good and reasonable price to find.

1. HSI PROFESSIONAL Thermal Protector

Have you ever seen any product that has no hesitation to declare its assurance on its own product and 100% customer satisfaction? I bet almost all of you have not encountered it. Today, HIS Professional will introduce you to HSI PROFESSIONAL thermal protector that is the most effective heat protection spray in the market. Especially for ladies who frequently iron or style their hair with heated tools like hot air brush, curling iron, hair dryer, weaver, and so on, this HSI PROFESSIONAL thermal protector is a must-have product. It would enhance smoothness and make your hair spark light in whatever condition or weather.

1Key Features:

First to begin with, HSI PROFESSIONAL thermal protector is the mixture of Argan oil that is the top secret ingredient in enhancing and reflecting real beauty of your hair. Before you styling your hair, you just apply this spray on your hair and it will quickly penetrate into your hair from root to the tip. It will help repair split ends and damage caused by frequent styling and lack of care. In addition to that, it will help making your hair smooth and frizz-free. Therefore, your hair would shine bright all day and night. Continuous use would help stop and fix all problems to your hair effectively. Last but not least, this hair spray will help speed up your styling and make your hair style more profession.

Customer Satisfaction over the Item:

Almost every customer has showed their great satisfaction on this heat protection spray. They said it makes their hair silky and soft just immediately after they applied it. Also, they added that they no longer afraid of using heat tools because they can keep their hair smooth and moisture as always.

What that isn’t great about this item:

Few users, though I am sure whether it is fake reviews, claim this spray contains no Argan oil and when it sprays, it sting their eyes and nose. Few other customers said it left layers on their hair and make their hair look dirty.

2. Art Naturals Thermal Hair Protector

I always enjoy doing my hair style everyday. I feel like many people peek at me with jealousy that I always wear different hair style while my hair remains smooth and shines brightly like a flash when I walk under sunlight. I have never once felt that I am inferior to any ladies when I walk into the crowd and that because my hair gives me 100% confident. My secret ingredient is Art Naturals thermal hair protector. What I have to do is to apply it before I arrange my hair with heated tools. For ladies who love styling your hair, I strongly recommend Art Naturals thermal hair protector. You will see its result just within a few day.

Key Features:


If you are looking for heat protection spray that could help you solving multiple issues on your hair, you should not waste your time and money searching and test. This Art Naturals thermal hair protector is the best choice. It is made of many natural ingredients including sage, ginseng, peach, rosemary, and thyme that make a special combo in protecting, cueing and enhancing your beauty. It can help protecting your hair against repeated heat from flat iron, curling or hair dryer as well as to protect your hair from strong sunlight. In addition, this protection spray also has ability to cue your damaged hair and make it flexible and silky. Another important role of this heat protection spray is to make your hair smooth and frizz-free that is easy for styling. You do not have to get headache just because you cannot manage to make style you want. Now you can do it and do it faster than what you have expected.

Customer Satisfaction over the Item:

About 95% of reviews admired its quality saying it is very effective in curing and strengthening their hair. First, they claimed their hair is moisturized yet it is not oily that is different from other heat protection spray that cause their hair oily. Secondly, spilt ends have been completely eliminated after they used it for few weeks.

What that isn’t great about this item:

Some users said it sprays too thick and makes them soak like they just stand under the rain. They added that they have to wait until it dries so as to continue styling their hair. Other customers claimed that the reason of producing too thick spray resulted from its head.

3. TRESemme Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Protective Spray

Many ladies are destroying their hair while they themselves do not know they are destroying it. What they have seen after using heated tools such as flat ironing, blow-drying, curling, and weaver is a fashionable hair but juiceless hair. Thereafter, we would go to see specialist to resurrect their hair. Yet, some might be too late. To avoid such disastrous catastrophe happens again on ladies, TRESmemme has created TRESemme thermal creations heat tamer protective spray that helps you evade from the issue and at the same time moisturizing your hair and preventing split ends. With this hair supporter, you would realize that you can freely style your hair and make it like a pop star whose hair is smooth and shining.

heat protection sprayKey Features:

You do not have to spend money buying separated conditioning spray, hair strengthening spray and heat protection spray. That is simply because all necessary sprays are now merged into one bottle. Only TRESemme thermal creations heat tamer protective spray that has such legendary ability. It used glycerin and panthenol to help speed up styling and also facilitate process of styling. You can finish styling your air as fast as professional stylist. On the other hand, TRESemme thermal creations heat tamer protective spray also incorporated biotin to strengthen and cueing your damaged hair and make it silky like before. Last but not least, it has cetylpyridinium chloride as well that helps protecting your hair from repeated heat from flat iron, curling and hair dryer.

Customer Satisfaction over the Item:

Only few customers showed their dissatisfaction on this product. Many customers claimed that it really protect their hair from heat although they frequently go to salon or use heat tools. Some others said that they always use it to enhance smoothness and prevent frizz.

What that isn’t great about this item:

Few customers claimed that it contains aerosolized DMDM Hydantoin that is harmful for health. Some other said it is very sticky when they applied it on their hair and at the end they have to waste it because it makes them feel uncomfortable.