Hair Care: 3 Best Hair Straightening Brush Reviews 2018

Hair straightening brush is a popular tool for hair styling a woman can do it herself at home. As to help select one quick and right, our team has searched for the best hair straightening brushes to compare and review. As a result, we have found three below to recommended. They are nicely designed for great look as well as effectiveness. They are also the best rated straightening brushes users have been satisfied with. They should serve your need very well. You may check out their details below for more information.

1. Mousand Pink Brush Hair Straightener

To all the ladies who straighten their hair daily, this Pink Brush Hair straightener would be the best thing you ever have. Take all your worries away whether burning your tips of finger or hands, or you would find it is hard using the separate comb and hair straightening at the same time. The Pink Brush Hair Straightener from Mousand will definitely remove all of these burdens away, while saving your valuable time tremendously to get your hair done.

1Key Features:

Mousand promises to offer a professional and premium quality hair strengthening brush. It offers an instant heat up. For just 60 seconds, the iron will heat up to 180 degree Celsius, approximately 365℉. Moreover, the brush incorporates an automatic shut-off protection, along with Anti scald and static. This Pink Brush from Mousand is equipped with high precision ceramic panel that works to massage your head and get you relax while straightening your hairs. In addition, the brush is claimed to perform an effective and efficient result, while reducing risk of damaging the hairs unlike traditional hair straightener. The 360 degree portable wire is designed to prevent the wire from twining when brushing the hair. Most importantly, this brush will produce anion which helps moisturize and nourish your hairs for shining and flawless look.

Customer Satisfaction on this Item:

A lot of customers whose hairs are so thick and curly find this Pink Hair Straightening Brush so efficient with both quality and the price. They are so satisfied with the fact that this brush is heating up so fast and work so well without burning their hands. Furthermore, the brush is so wide enough to scoop up a large amount of hair and less hair in the brush. The best thing is they could straighten their hair themselves without going to the salon.

What that isn’t so great about this item:

A few customers dislike the bristles of the brush that made from plastic/rubber. Other users recommend this to only those who have thicker hair, not a thinner type. They also become so annoying that temperature button is designed near where the hand is.

2. Nylea Best Hair Straightening Brush

Nylea, a leading company of home niches and cosmetics, has put all its commitment for quality guarantee, so the company offer 100 percent satisfaction rule that customers would be refunded if they are not satisfied with the result. Unlike the first product, this brush has been rated as the Best-Selling Hair Straightener Brush.

Key Features:


With its excellent and premium quality offered, Nylea Hair Straightener Brush combines the innovative technology and exclusive designs to maximize the needs of customers. Besides its full guarantee on quality, this brush is a safe and efficient for hair straightening without burning both hand and head. The brush is manufactured with an auto-off setting with an LED screen. It has the temperature mode functionality. In addition, it works well daily despites how knotted your hair is, offering a beautiful and bright appeal to your hairs. The price is affordable comparing to other hair straightener brushes. Essentially, the scald-free heat is designed for natural tride work in tandem so that you can begin starting to brush at your own desired temperature.

Customer Satisfaction on this Item:

With the full satisfaction guarantee, many customers have put their trust on Nylea. It is heating up so quickly and the temperature is so easy to switch. They also like the tips capped with pink plastics that would protect their scalp. It consequently generates more comfort on the scalp without pulling or tugging the hair. Moreover, the handles are so easy to hold for a longer time. People also like the fact that this brush would make the hair look naturally straight.

What that isn’t so great about this item:

Not many customers gave bad review on this. It is just tiring for them to divide the hair into section when brushing. A few still claimed that this is for thinner hair not for thicker and long hairs. Besides, fewer people commented that they find it is not easy to read the temperature read out.

3. LittleBlack Hairbrush (Black) Electric Ceramic Hair Straightening Brush

Among the three, this LittleBlack Hairbrush straightener would be the only one that is not backed by any established branding like other two above. Yet, it has been one of the top efficient hairs straightening brush displayed in the market. This straightening hairbrush promises to style your hair in less than five minutes.

hair straightening brushKey Features:

The best feature that distinguishes this from other two hair straightening brushes is the revolutionary electric ceramic heating technology. The ceramic heating technology is not like other simple hair straightener brush because the plates offer an even heating so you could straighten your hair down to the root. Plus, there are hydrating technology and lonic moisturizing which produce silky and frizz-free finish. The heating technology could reach up to 450℉ for thicker hairs. It certainly brings the best out of you hairs within five minutes or less than that. Similar to others two hair brushes, they offer a great protection over the hand and scalp with anti-scald design and auto-shutoff feature. You do not need to worry as it is designed for extra comfort and specifically safety. Let’s embrace the shining and silky hair quality that you could get after using this brush. Additionally, the brush is relatively small, which is good when you are on the go and consumes less space for storage.

Customer Satisfaction on this Item:

So many loyal customers have given feedback that this hair straightening brush is an awesome product for the hard-to-straightening hairs. They super love that it takes less than five minutes to tame their curly hairs. Besides, the power cord is designed to be long and sturdy. A few others are so satisfied that this brush is not too hot and work well to protect their hand and scalp from burning. Other users have stated that they like it when the power cord has the Velcro strips. Plus, it is affordable and provide greater advantages to the whole family.

What that isn’t so great about this item:

A few customers wish the switches are not designed on the handle, so it is pretty annoying that the setting keep changing as we are moving hands from one side to the other. Plus, they dislike that the bristles are manufactured to be very high from the hair. People are still recommending that this is for only thinner hair not for thicker hair type.