Hair Care: 3 Best Hair Steamer Reviews 2018

For hair styling and hair care, you may need the best hair steamer to help. Actually, it is quite difficult for many women to always have to go to salon to have their hair steamed while a good hair steamer will do great at home. That is why many women instead go for owning one best hair steamer and do it themselves. If you share the same thinking, you have come right here. We have three best hair steamer reviews you can consider. They are good ones and at different sizes and types you will like.

1. Salon Sundry Professional Salon Hair Steamer with Rolling Floor Stand

Being lightweight with economical, plus equipping with all premium professional functions are the top deceptions for this hair Steamer. This Salon Sundry Professional Steamer with Rolling Floor Stand is brought to you by the well-known brand in producing salon accessories. Featuring with bonnet hood just about 12 inches opening and 10 inches depth with inside diffuser hood 17 inches long, making this standing hair steamer is the perfect size for use in the process of treatment your hair at all time.

1Key Features:

This product comes with water reservoir that has capacity to hold 32 ounce of water with its heavy-duty tank-style attached beside its acrylic hood. With flexible high set up from 37 to 49 inches, is was run by 650 watts of heating power in order to allow an even steam water distribution throughout the whole process. You will be also instructed to use this hair steamer with 2 power levels setting, for the beginning treatment, you should use the high level set up in order to get it done quickly, and the you can lower your level so just to maintain a moderate amount of your steam production. More than that, its hood swivels are designed to be able to tilt 90-degrees to let you manage it to reach out to any positions as you wish. Plus, it was accommodating with the rolling wheels to allow you moving this item anywhere you want within your place easily and effortlessly.

Customer Satisfaction over the Item:

Most customer who bought this hair stemmer gave positive feedbacks saying that it was very comfortable to use and the fact it is adjustable while its hood swivels can be moved and down endlessly, making this product is so useful to any steam treatment. Other eve added that the price of this product reflected to what it provided to users with full functional operation.

What that isn’t great about this item:

Still, their some negative points listed to this hair steamer as well. One said when some parts of this product was broken, there would not be other spare parts to be replaced with them, so it required to buy a whole new set.

2. Secura S-192 Hair and Facial Steamer

Another product listed in this review is the Secura S-192 Hair and Facial Steamer. A combination of two-in-one product that can allow you to moisturize and hydrate your hair and you face at the same time conveniently. Even more interesting, it equipped with stainless steel coil therapeutic steam vapor in order to let you have an even steam distribution throughout your treatments where there are only some minor assembly required for you to set up with full and easy-to-follow directions in the product package. This is one of the must-have item for any modern salon anywhere nowadays to make your hair related businesses progressed smoothly.

Key Features:


The first standing part of this product is that it equipped with the 1-5 UM ultra-fine mist ultrasonic atomizer technology that allow this steamer to has the capacity to instantly moisturize your face and absorb your hair without any breakage or split results. Moreover, it is manufactured with ozone generator in order to allow you have an interior humidifying in the most effective way for preventing itchiness and dandruff as well. Besides, this high class technology will be able to help unclog your pores while your oil, dirt, or grime will also be removed from your skin due to the facial spray rod of this steamer, too. It should be mentioned that there are 3 vent holes with an adjustable control thermal overload circuitry in which to assure you that you will have the most refinement of spray water steam level all the time throughout the whole process. Let’s enjoy having your happy experience with this basic facial skin care from this integrated steamer that was created in accordance to North American electrical standards rules and regulations.

Customer Satisfaction over the Item:

Many customers were very impressed by the improvement of absorption ability of this steamer for its powerful treatment and conditioners while others showed their satisfaction over the durability and the generously sized design of this hair steamer. Even more, buyer felt amazed by the fact that it has capacity to controls the release of any negatively charged oxygen for help providing them an efficient way to take care their face and hair simultaneously.

What that isn’t great about this item:

Some buyers complained that after using for a period of time, there was a leak of water teamer from its container. Also, the height of this steamer could not be easily to adjust accordingly.

3. Q-Redew Hand-held Hair Steamer

The Q-Redew TM is a new designed hand held hair steamer that could be your next generation of portable hair styling and treatment as well. Created to run by standardized 120 voltage with 650 watts power consumption, this will be the most convenient salon accessories that can work both with wither converters or power adaptors. More importantly, unlike other hair steamer attached with spray bottle water, this product can provide you with warming and softness steam, allowing your hair to be sharpen and styled at the same time while waiting it to dry.

best hair steamerKey Features:

This Original Q-Redew handheld hair steamer is equipped with all in one steamer characteristics, including being a hair moisturizer, detangling, re-styling, re-shaper, hydrating, stretching, and deep conditioning. Therefore, you will be able to find a best solution for curing your hair problems whether you have curly or waves, and even coils hairs. Additionally to your styling routine, this product is manufactured to let you have a direct hair steaming since it can make the water to generate warm mist steam water to moisture your hair on your stands easily and it could be done within minutes. While it is safe to use this product to detangle, to stretch, or to re-shape your hairstyle, unlike other hooded steamers, you can conveniently access this item wherever and whenever you want endlessly. What is more, there is no need to fill the tank with water by removing the water reservoir from top of the steamer like you usually did with the hoot steamer, this product has a detachable water reservoir that will allow you to directly put water into its heating chamber to let it heat up then you can press the trigger to get your steam water whenever you need just as simple as that.

Customer Satisfaction over the Item:

Many compliments were given to this product after many customer have bought this product to use and noticed that this steamer is the right choice for not spending time and money to any salon anymore. After all, this product could save them time and money a lot on hair care products. Some others customer loved about the size of the item was suitable to hold effortlessly.

What that isn’t great about this item:

Some pessimistic views suggested that comparing its price to its functions, they would rather buying a regular steamer with multitasking instead because it was cheaper.