Hair Care: 3 Best Hair Cutting Scissors 2018

Scissors are made differently depending on the materials to cut. If you are particularly looking for the best hair cutting scissors, you have come right. According to our team’s search, compare and review over many best hair cutting scissors available to buy online, we have found a few which are interestingly great for the quality and durable sharpness. We thus have brought those here to review and recommend for your consideration providing that you are looking for some of them.

1. Equinox Professional Razor Edge Series

Equinox Professional Razor Edge Series is one of best quality hair cutting scissors that can provide you the sharp razor for allowing your work smoothly and effortlessly. This product is an international professional hair scissors that is being used in most of the modern hair salon around the world. Produced with best materials for durability with the length about 6.5 inches, making this scissors is suiting to be your hair styling tool that can give the promising result as you expected.

1Key Features:

This product is an international’s finest item which is made of stainless steel materials from Japan so that it can insure of lasting for a lifetime. You will get the high quality of shears with Convex Hollow Ground Blades that can be used for both barbers and in salon. Moreover, the razor edges are professionally designed for staying sharp and strong even after using for a long time. To help you get more satisfaction with this product, the manufacturer has designed this scissors with an ergonomic handles that will be allow you to rest your fingers conveniently. Also, the size of this scissors is crafted with standardized catalog that will be fit to use for every individual. More than that, the shears are designed with adjustment screw so that you can easily tighten or loosen them accordingly. This product comes with additional complementary case which is made of leather zipper, making it accessible to store or bring along your scissors whenever and wherever you want.

Customer Satisfaction over the Item:

Most of the customer’s reviews to this product were given 4.8 over 5.0 stars on average point, meaning that customers were very impressed with this product. Other customers said they loved about the quality and durability of the shears very much.

What that isn’t great about this item:

Some customers felt unhappy because the tip of this scissors was thicker than they were expected and it won’t stay sharp for long as promised.

2. Professional Barber Hair-cutting Scissors / Shears

Are you looking for the best quality hair cutting scissors? Then let’s look no further with this Professional Barber Hair Cutting Shear. Being rated as the top salon product, 100% made of stainless steel for heavy-duty, customizable cut design, and flexible tension knobs for removing and inserting fingers are off all the best characteristics of this scissors will provide to you. Therefore, if you want to have your cut professionally and effortlessly with a sleek stylish results all the time, don’t hesitate to allow this scissors does the job for you.

Key Features:


Manufactured as a top rated professional salon scissors, this hair cutter is made of the result from high-tech integrated design for durability, convenience, and safety to use. Actually, this scissors is specifically crafted from high quality and longevity materials pure stainless steel while its shears is created by very sharp blades with an adjustable rubber handles so that you can insert any thumb or finger to fit endlessly. More than that, this must-have pair of scissors comes with an effective sharpen blades that can give the powerful performance to any hairdresser for making their job done quickly and effortlessly. Also, this silver color hair cutter has soft grip handles with lightweight sharp blade made of aluminum foil in order to give you the extra strong and precise cut meticulously at any time of your work. Moreover, this product is included a zippered leather storage case for you so that you can bring it along for travel or you can put this lovely pair of scissors in safe place that can prevent any unexpected accidents as well.

Customer Satisfaction over the Item:

Many customers felt at ease and impressed for the fact that this product had its own policy of 100% money back guarantee during the first month of purchasing. Others loved that high-end scissors came with acceptable price and they can get a nice case as a plus one, too. After all, this product was the best hair cutting tool for use at home or for business intention without a single problem, added by another customer.

What that isn’t great about this item:

Instead of giving this product at the top rated star, this buyer only gave 3 star to the review, claiming that its teeth was not bent the way that it supposed to be and the way that this scissor closed was also not worked properly and quickly like this product is promised to deliver to its customer.

3. KLOUD City Professional Hair Cutting Scissors Shears Barber Thinning Set Kit with a Black Case

Sharpness and unbelievable smooth working, plus the high quality professional grade designed to allow you cut any type of hairs evenly and effortlessly without causing any distress to your fingers and your hands even after using it all day long; these are the qualities of this KLOUD City professional Hair Cutting Scissors Thinning Set can guarantee to service you along the way of your hair cutting performance. Overall, these hair cutting tools are the most suitable items for you who are looking for the ideal product, either for home use only or for business purposes.

best hair cutting scissorsKey Features:

This is a four-in-one product package that will become in handy for you in any kind of hair related works because buying this set, you will get one regular hair scissors; another thinning scissors, a grooming comb, plus a leather cleaning cloth. These scissors are manufactured with very stylish and sleek looking while its blades are designed with extremely sharp precision micro serrated on the edge, making it as the necessary trick to allow you having a further precise cutting for every hairstyle. In addition to this, this state-of-the-art professional hair cutting tools set are crafted of tempered stainless steel for not only delivering the high performance to hair dressers, but also for insuring the longevity quality of these product to last for years to come. Furthermore, These KLOUD City brand are all equipped with removable blue finger rings with silver-plated knurled knob that can be adjustable for making these shears be customizable to any sized finger and hands as well.

Customer Satisfaction over the Item:

Most of the 5 star reviews stated that this pair of cutting tool were produced for maximum longevity with the flexibility for finger insertion. Other felt happy to use this equipment due to this cutting scissors did not pull out the hair every time they performed their hair styling jobs, making it the best ideal tool for hairdressers around the globe, continued by those customers.

What that isn’t great about this item:

Some negative reviews were sent back to the product manufacture about the scissor’s length. They said 6 inches long was not enough and a bit inconvenient to use this cutting scissor with people who had very long and thick hairs. Likewise, another buyer complained about the size of the case which was seem to be a bit too tight to carry along all the four tools at the same time.