Hair Care: 3 Best Hair Color Remover Reviews 2018

Hair Color Remover helps many women remove their hair color which they may no longer like. However, it needs some good products as the hair color removers to do it well and safe for hair. According to many reviews and rate from customers, we have found these three best hair color remover products to review for the suggestion if that is the hair care product you are seeking and searching for. You will keep returning to these products if you have used it once.

1. Color Oops Hair Color Remover

Are you having a bad day because you are mistaken to color your hair? Then, it won’t come off easily that you have to stay at home for days in order to let your hair goes back to its original color so that you can color the right one this time. It sounds ridiculous to spend time and money over something that could have been done once and for all in such situation. Buy this Color Oops Hair Color remover right now and you won’t have to worry when you are wrongly color your hair because it will take about 40 minutes to remove all your color in your hair to back as original one.

Key Features:


There are some important chemical substances being used to make this product for you including the deionized water, fragrance, Hydrosulfite, Polysorobate-80, Hydroxy- ethylcellulose, Xanthan Gum, Citric Acid, and Cocamido-propyl-hydroxysultaine. These are the best ingredients to work very well for removing any difficult colors that have been used to dye your hair. All you have to do with this product is to follow the instructions by put it in some hot water and then you can use it as simple as that. Moreover, this Color Oops will not affect your natural hair color at all even after you use it several time, thanks to its hi-tech chemical formula that have mixed all the ingredients for correcting color immediately without having to remove your artificial hair color at all. Now you can used this product at ease because as recommended by many hair stylists, this product is safest and effective to be your hair color extractor service anytime you want.

Customer Satisfaction over the Item:

Many people who loved to change their hair colors very often have said that they used this product in order take advantage for making their color to go back to its original one quickly and effortlessly. Some buyers added that it could provide extra strength in removing the colors of complex dyed hair effectively as well.

What that isn’t great about this item:

Some people complained about its smell after using this product and sometimes it could still be stunk for days.

2. Pravana Artificial Hair Color Extractor 3combo Set

Pravana’s Artificial Hair Color Extractor is a product for you to remove your hair color in no time. If you have experienced using other products that can cause you any side effect, this Pravana hair remover is unlike those others while its formula is created for easy to use and apply to your hair at every angle. In case you dye your hair with any permanent colors and been told there is no way to remove it back, let’s buy this product to bleach out those unwanted colors and see the results. You sure won’t be disappointed with it after all.

Key Features:


This product contains some chemical substances, such as Ammonia Formaldehyde, Artificial Hair Color Extractor (1&2) about 10.1 ounces, plus the Nevo Detox Clarifying Shampoo about 7.43 oz. Needless to say, this is the best formula hair remover that available on the market nowadays. Additionally, it promises to remove all dyed hair color without even affecting your natural based hair color since it doesn’t contain any dangerous ingredient that could bleach out your hair roots. What a plus there is a a professional hair care instructions from the product package that can follow the suggestions directly so that it will guarantee you to do your job right and get all the benefits to see your natural hair color back. Is was worth mentioning that this corrective color extractor service is manufactured from the PRAVANA’s company that is popular for formulated the hair remover product which can keep your hair soft and conditioned even if you have to remove and then re-color your hair at the very same day.

Customer Satisfaction over the Item:

Most customers have gave their positive comments over this product. It was the great product to save my hair from getting doom, said one buyer. Surprisingly perfect for its price and ability to remove any unwanted hair color, said another customer. Some more felt satisfied because this product did not contain any harmful substances to damage your natural hair color.

What that isn’t great about this item:

Though it worked very well for removing your dyed hair color, but it smelt terrible for weeks, complained by one customer. Some felt sad because it contained so little amount of substances which could be empty after just a few times.

3. Salerm Color Reverse

ColorZap will help you to remove all unwanted permanent hair colors that made felt like a nightmare in a daytime whenever you look into a mirror. Containing all natural substances formulated to be your color extractor, this Salerm Color Reverse will allow you to have your original hair color back in no time and effortlessly. More than that, it sure can spread to even a tiny underlying base at your hair roots so that from this point onward, your hair color will be completely removed leaving your head to have only one unique color as wanted to. So, from now on, any permanent hair colors that you think it cannot be removed, let’s use this hair remover product.

hair color removerKey Features:

This product is provided with an extra strength capacity to ensure you that all your unwanted dyed hair color will be fully reversed from your head quickly, effectively and safely. Moreover, it won’t contain any dangerous chemical components that could cause negative side effect to the health of your hair, but this product formula is only removing any artificial pigments applied over to your hair and will not damaging to your natural based color at all. What a plus is that, this item will be your ideal type for your hair color corrections due to the fact that it will allow your hair to be ready for re-coloring instantly without having to wait to get your desired color change. To be even more helpful, the product contains instructions and directions for you to follow when you what to apply this color reverse to you hair, meaning that this is the safest and most effective mean to achieve your goal in getting rid of your undesirable hair color while it won’t leave any scar to your natural hair pigment. What is the reason not to buy this product?

Customer Satisfaction over the Item:

Many people shared their positive highlights to this product. This was the right product to allow you eliminating unwanted artificial hair color effectively, said one buyer. The fact that it allowed you to re-color your hair back immediately was awesome, another buyer seconded to the previous comment. Some customers bragged about how this product was formulated with no bleach or harmful ingredients that could affect to your scalp and caused your hair unhealthy later.

What that isn’t great about this item:

There are some negative reviews on this product as well. It was a bit expensive compare to the total amount of this product contained, said one buyer. Some customers felt a bit dizzy when they opened the bottle for the first time because of its horrible smell.