Buying Guides and Best Toilets for Sale Review 2018

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Visiting toilet is what many of us do every day. That stresses how important comfortable sitting and toileting experience it is. Thus, if to find a toilet, it is extremely necessary that you check the details, features, and the pros and cons of the toilet before deciding to order one. To even enrich you with more of the thinking over the best toilets to choose, this post has brought to you the buying guides for best toilets for sale. It will remind you of what you should look for and look through to come up with the best possible item. As to help you further, 5 best toilets have also been raised as for the suggestion. You may get across them after learning the guides. They are very likely your right choice.

How to Buy the Best Toilets for Sale

Restroom is where you will visit every day. Thus, having good products to install should be an attention. In that, toilet is an important equipment you will need, and a good one finds you a lot of comfort, convenience and durability. These buying guides below will help you find the right one easier and probably cheaper.

Types of Toilets You Will Find

Some have categories toilets into many types. However, the typical ones separate them to only two categories which are the gravity feed toilets and the pressure assisted toilets. Among the two gravity feed toilets are the more popular and own the majority of the market. Simply, the gravity feed toilets use gravity to push waste into the drain, and it works quietly that many people like. However, the con of this type is its high price comparing to the pressure assisted toilets because it needs good and smart design to work probably.

Though not quite popular as the gravity feed toilets, there are still some who enjoy using the pressure assisted toilets. Like its name says, the type uses created pressure to push the water out and take the waste away to the drain. The common issue of this kind is the fact that it creates bad noise which many are not happy with while the pro is it has a stronger pressure to put down waste into the drain. For large families, this type is not recommended.

Key Features to Consider When Looking for the Best Toilets:

TOTO MS604114CEFG#01 Ultramax II

Like other products, toilets have their own common features which some of them are key ones. It is really important that you check those key features carefully in a toilet you might be interested in to make sure it will do the work well. Besides the existing of the key features in a toilet, you might also want to check its performance. And, these are the two main things you should take away from this. Key features you should check in a toilet include the designs, flushing performance, dimension, water saving technology, bowl shape and height, noise level, and toilet seat.

Of course, the design of a toilet has a lot of things to do with your like as well as how it fits with your restroom existing decor. That is important. If after the installation, and you feel you do not like it, that is a bit too late already. Thus, you should check and think first before buying if what color type, design of a toilet you like best that it fits best with your restroom decor. Other than that, you will face a decision if to choose a one piece or two piece design as well for the toilet you want. Relatively, dimension is another related issue. If your restroom is small but the toilet is too big, that will also be the problem. A mark of the dimension if any toilet review exists, tick it as an important feature to care for.

Flushing is a vital feature in a toilet because it will decide if the waste gets pushed down into the drain well. Many high performing flush systems get tested with sponges, baby wipes, and plastic balls and they work great to push them down away far into the drain. That is the kind of flushing system you need, and when checking the review of a toilet, give good attention to that.

Next to consider is Bowl Height and Bowl Shape. Many best toilets that are available have been made in different height, and right height brings a lot of comfort to your sitting, so is the bowl shape. For the shape, round and square bowls are the common ones in a toilet. You must have had experienced of one or another of these. Thus, when you go for one, find the ones that you feel best about.

Water saving technology has also been a nice feature many people care for too. It is found out that the amount of water needed from the flushing shares a large percentage of the water use as a whole in each family in the US. Thus, owning the efficient designed toilets would let you save more water, save the environment as well as saving your bill. The standard design would suggest that a good toilet would need about 1.6 gallons of water for each flushing. Dual flushing design is also a solution regarding saving more water from a toilet.

Lastly to consider when reviewing to buy a toilet is the flushing noise level and the toilet seat. Much noise when flushing has been a common but main issue in using a toilet. Many people are not happy with those flushing systems that create a lot of noise, and normally, the gravity feed type of toilet does it work in a more quiet way. Toilet seat additionally needs an intention. Their shapes would depend on the bowl shape. However, they are available in many different materials, and those bring different comfort to you. It, thus, means check out properly.

1. EAGO TB351 Ceramic Toilet


Product Features in Brief:

  • Dual flush: two buttons for different wastes
  • Soft and comfortable closing toilet seat
  • Lid provided to prevent odor and bacteria while not in use
  • Powerful and efficient 3-inch flushing valve
  • Balanced water distribution

EAGO TB351 ceramic toilet is designed ergonomically with high technology and top-quality materials to enable you to sit comfortably, and reduce some common problems like ball-chain-flapper systems. It comes with dual flushes: one big buttons for solid waste, and small buttons for liquid waste, so it will help you to save the water when using the proper buttons. Furthermore, it features the soft closing toilet seat for the maximum comfort. The lid is provided to help prevent odor and bacteria while not in use. The powerful flushing valve measures 3 inches for sufficient water supply. Plus, it will provide the balance water distribution to remove all your waste clearly. It also maintains the wide water surface in the toilet to keep bad smell down effectively. Finally, it is constructed with ceramic plastic for durability and stunning outlook.

How users are satisfied with this item

Basically, this toilet design has got a 4 stars rated by the customers, and many of the comments have proven the toilet is the choice. For one feature that some users like the most is its contemporary style, and they added that the toilet is very well made. Even more interesting, dual flush’s persisting good quality of this toilet model is as well a plus. One user has said they have had the toilet for 8 months, and the flush is still working very well with good quietness which is very satisfactory. The last thing many users have agreed is its water saving. Users realized that the toilet has saved them water than their previous models.

What Users think needs to improve for this item

However, for those who have rated this toilet only 2 or 3 stars have agreed that the flush, the design and the seat of this toilet are great and comfortable. But, what bad side they have experienced is with weak mounts of the toilet to stick to the ground. Another user have faced leakage from the tank after 1.5 years of use, and he was a bit unhappy with that.

2. Elongated Toilet by Kohler


Product Features in Brief:

  • Elongated bowl design for large room
  • Chair height seat for comfortable sitting and standing up
  • Efficient water consumption
  • AquaPiston canister features for balanced water distribution

Kohler toilet is designed with Elongated bowl for large room to allow you to sit comfortably. The larger room can remove all the waste fast and effectively to reduce bad odor, and bacteria to exist in the bathroom. In addition, the seat height is about the same as the chair height that enable you to sit down and stand up conveniently. Importantly, it ensures high efficiency of water consumption. It consume only 1.28 gpf which will save about 16,500 gallons of water per year compared to a 3.5 gallon product with the same powerful flush. Furthermore, it comes with AquaPiston canister that can distribute the water from all sides to increase the power of flush. Finally, the toilet design is uniquely which will make your bathroom look more elegantly.

How users are satisfied with this item

The majority of users who have purchased this toilet have marked this as a 4.5 stars options. Many have been happy with the design of this toilet, and they said it works great with the classic bathroom look. The flush design of the toilet is as well mentioned and praised by some users. Meanwhile, clogging is another issue many fear to happen in a toilet. However, users have marked Kohler toilet safe for that, and they are very happy. Installation is also said to work quite easily.

What Users think needs to improve for this item

Certain issues around the toilet happened still. One user has said their package came without the toilet seat.  One more thing to notice is this toilet is made at 16.5 inches while some users demand for 18.5 inches which is said to be more comfortable for their sit. Lastly, a user has noticed that this toilet take a bit of time to load the tank while they agreed that the design of this is very attractive.

3. TOTO MS604114CEFG#01 Ultramax II


Product Features in Brief:

  • 1.28 gpf water consumption
  • Standard height for maximum comfort
  • Double cyclone flushing technology for powerful water flow
  • Elongated bowl for larger room
  • SanaGloss seal feature for clean toilet

TOTO toilet is designed with the overall dimension of 27.75-inch height, 19.88-inch width, and 32-inch diameter to allow you to sit comfortably and it will not occupy much space in your bathroom. It uses with 1.28 gpf that can remove the waste fast with efficient water consumption. In addition, it is designed with double cyclone flushing technology to ensure balanced and powerful water flow. It also features the Elongated bowl for the larger room. The seat and lid is equipped with built-in SoftClose hinge system, which allows you to sit down quietly and comfortably. Besides, it comes with the SanaGloss seal with ionized barrier for smooth surface, and preventing the particles from covering the ceramic. Finally, this product will be backed with one-year warranty.

How users are satisfied with this item

TOTO is quite a reliable brand of bathroom equipment. Generally, users like the brand and their products. Similarly, this TOTO Ultramax II design has won the heart of many of their buyers. As a result, it gets rated 4.5 stars which is a good reflect to confirm that it is one of the top choices. For feature that this gets praised by many, it is the powerful flush and quick refill. Another reason many gave this good rate and review is the fact the toilet design has made cleaning very easy. Some users also agreed that installation could be done by themselves. It is quite easy.

What Users think needs to improve for this item

Among many, one user thought the height of this toilet is a bit taller than they need, and that made them not so happy with this toilet. And a bit different from the majority, a user faced the difficulty in flushing, and they said it needs more than a flush each time. Another user addressed similar issue and blamed that it is because TOTO have used the Chinese made fill valve.

4. American Standard 2889.216.020 H2Option Toilet


Product Features in Brief:

  • High efficient water consumption
  • Round front dual-flush toilet
  • Chrome-plated push button actuator
  • Mirror-like antimicrobial surface
  • Various colors for your choice
  • 5-year limited warranty

American standard toilet is the well-known brand name due to its high quality and durability. It is the high efficient water consumption toilet designed with dual flush systems: small and big buttons. The small one consume only 1 gallon per flush for the liquid waste, and the big one use 1.6 gallons per flush for solid, so it is very saving compared to the single flush-systems. Moreover, the flush button is chrome-plated for durability and strength. The surface is designed with mirror-like and antimicrobials materials. It is able to stay cleaner longer and prevent the growth of stain or bad odor effectively. Besides, it comes with various colors for your preference: white, bone, and linen, all of which are very suitable for modern bathroom decor. You will be offered with 5-year limited warranty. Last but not least, if you are constructing a new house or new building, please do not look over this premium quality toilet which is durable, efficient and effective.

How users are satisfied with this item

One users have said they bought three of these for their bathrooms, and all work wonderfully. Many others have expressed similar satisfaction over this particular toilet design. Thus, it is not strange that this toilet has been rated 4.5 stars as the highly recommended toilet. Some users in those have instead been very happy with the cheap price of this toilet while the quality and functions are brilliant. Another has praised this toilet for the flush modes it comes with. It is powerful, and it helps a lot of water, they mentioned.

What users think need to improve for this item

For issues, a user has been upset with the fact that the bezel of their toilet appeared to be cracked, and they found it difficult to replace. Another disappointing moment in a user is when they found no seat in the package when the toilet has arrived at their home. Bigger tank has also been mentioned as a demand for some users.

5. American Standard 2034.014.020 Toilet


Product Features in Brief:

  • Everclean antimicrobial surface for hygiene
  • Single elongated one piece toilet for easy cleaning
  • 15-inch height for easy sitting down and standing up
  • 4-inch piston action accelerator flush valve
  • 10-year warranty to ensure its high quality

This bestselling toilet of American Standard comes with everclean antimicrobial surface, which is able to prevent the growth of bacteria, mildew, and stain. Though it is used in long time, the surface still looks brilliant without any stain covering. In addition, it consumes only 6 liters per flush approximately 1.6 gallons per flush. It is designed with 4-inch piston flush valve that enable the water flow from all sides into the bowl very fast. Plus, it features the single elongated one piece toilet to help you to clean with ease. The height of seat is about 15 inches which is easier for individuals with sitting and standing up problem. Finally, 10-year warrant is provided to ensure its high quality.

How users are satisfied with this item

Among many that are so happy with this toilet choice, one has mentioned their 1.5 years experience with the toilet, and the experience has been quite pleasing with least problems to have appeared. Some others have agreed that this toilet make is quite of a well made toilet in genera while it provides nice design in the bathroom. The flush of this is said to be quite powerful and it dropped everything down perfectly. Consequently, many of them agree that this toilet has provided them great value for their money.

What users think need to improve for this item

Differently from those who have rated the toilet 5 stars, one user felt that the ceramic used to produce this toilet is of bad quality. Another has pointed out about the small opening of this toilet and they would want it bigger. By the same user, loud flush is also an issue. Like a few others, some users said they had a mix feeling of this. And, for one, it is the fact it leaves some skids while this toilet is called “Ever clean”.