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Ironing clothes is a daily activity at home for many families. As it is quite often, choosing the right iron is super important. If you have selected the right one, it bring ease and a lot of convenience for you every day, and if not, you will have to suffer. Importantly, you might end up throwing it away and wasting your money and time. This has happened to many people, and it might be because they do not have enough information to decide before making an order. This article is here to solve the problem. We have a set of buying guides for best steam irons to tell. In the meantime, 5 best Rowenta Irons have been selected to review for your consideration.

How To Buy The Best Steam Irons:

Steam iron is a common need for many people and families because everyone needs their clothes tidy to wear. And, as there is a big market for the product, many of them are widely available on the market. Usually, a steam iron might cost between 50 dollars to 200 dollars based on the brand, performance and the capacity. However, what to notice from the testing advice is that higher price does not always guaranty good quality when it comes to buying steam irons. The tips and buying guides for best steam irons below will help you find a good one.

Types of Steam Irons


Rowenta DG8430 Pro Precision Steam Station

When you want to buy a steam iron, you might need to know the available options as a steam iron. Three types of it could be found on the market, and they are the conventional steam iron, the cordless steam iron, and the steam iron system. Basically, they do the same ironing work, but the performance and convenient use are different. Conventional steam irons often produce smaller amount of hot steam to get rid of wrinkles on the clothes, and it does the work quite quick. And, because a problem of the conventional steam iron is its messy cord, another type is created, and it is the cordless steam iron. Basically, they are the same but the second one comes without the power cord. Lastly, it is the steam iron system. This kind of steam irons is made to produce higher pressure steam but needs more time to heat up. It is much bigger in size than the conventional steam irons and need bigger space to place in. Nonetheless, when you need to deal with so many clothes, this one is good and stronger to do the work.

Key Features to Consider

After you have decided the type of steam irons which may best fit with your situation, you are suggested to look at the features of the steam irons you might be interested in. Many features would be built into a good steam iron. However, here are the important ones to check out – auto shutoff, removable water reservoir, self-cleaning, retractable cord, surge button, steam adjustment, vertical spray steaming, reservoir hole cover, and the transparent reservoir.

In many features of a good steam iron, auto shutoff is the one to need. Many people steam and iron their clothes every day, and there are times they left it on unintended after doing the work. That is a waste of the electricity and it could be quite dangerous when it starts the fire. The real solution to this is the auto shutoff function. When your steam iron could turn itself off when it is too hot and left unused for long, you feel safer to use it. Also, as you will have to refill water often when it is gone to steam and iron your clothes more, if the reservoir is nicely made removal, you will find great convenient in that. While many steam irons are made removal for its water tank, you should still confirm and make sure that is the existing feature in your favorite steam iron. You will realize it helps a lot when using it.

The water reservoir itself should be made transparent in a steam iron. This happens so that you know how much water is left in the tank and when you need to fill it up. Thus, you do not need to wait till it runs out to do so which is not good for the iron itself and your clothes. Another feature to seriously probe is the steam heat adjustment. As you are ironing your clothes, you will meet different kinds of fabrics. That makes it requires different level of steam heat to tackle even the stubborn wrinkles. For the same issue, some steam irons have also been added up with the steam boost function which lets it suddenly work stronger when facing tough wrinkles.

Additionally, for convenient use and control, the first feature you should not over look is self-cleaning system. In some good design steam irons, its water tank has been made self cleaning, and it ensures convenient problemless use for users. Bad quality reservoir hole cover is another issue. If it is not made properly, leaking and water spraying during the ironing might happen, and that is quite disturbing. That is why it is important to make sure the one in your favorite steam iron is good. The last feature we would also like to mention is the retractable cord. If you like the cordless steam iron, that would be fine. However, if not, you should find the steam iron that its cord could be retracted, and you will find it less messy to use the steam iron.

Product Advises

Asides than the types and key features you should look for and into in a steam iron, there are a few other things you should know, and it helps you use your  steam irons for long with less problem. The first suggestion is you look at the soleplate quality and design of the steam iron. Good ones are usually made from aluminum, stainless steel, or ceramic. However, what that is important is it is none stick, let you slide smoothly and it could deal with different kinds of wrinkles quick.

Comfortability is also the point to probe. Few steam irons are designed awkward and heavy to hold. While sometimes you have much of the cloth to iron, its heavy weight could disturb and make your hands tired. The located and designed buttons could also be the issues. They all should be accessible within your convenient reach. Also to remember, the water you choose to refill in the reservoir should always be clean water. Tape water is highly recommended.

1. Rowenta DG8430 Pro Precision Steam Station


Product Features in Brief:

  • High-power steam for better performance
  • Smoothen the wrinkle and press in the crease easily
  • Polished stainless steel soleplate
  • High capacity for even steam distribution
  • Large fill water tank of 33-ounce capacity for 30 mn to 1 hours of continuous use
  • 1800 watt motor for just only 3-minute warm up

Rowenta DG8430 is designed perfectly with 1800-watt motor that requires only 3 minutes to warm up. It irons the clothes with high-powered steam that can smooth the tough wrinkles and press in the crease easily for the most satisfying results. Moreover, it comes with micro-steam that is able to distribute steam evenly even the hard-to-reach areas. The soleplate is scratch-resistant and highly polished stainless steel which can be rolled on the clothes fast and effortlessly. Importantly, the steam is delivered in vertical direction which is the ideal way to smoothen the wrinkle from hanging and shaping the sewing projects. Finally, the fill water tank capacity is about 33 ounces, which is able to be used from 30 minutes to 1 hour.

How users are satisfied with this item

There is no doubt about this Rowenta model. It is a steam station with precise quality and performance. That reflects its 4.5 stars rated by their previous users very well. A user who rated this Rowenta a 5 star review has commented that this Rowenta has been their best option in a steam iron. It is powerful and works efficiently. With just one pass, the wrinkles are killed. Another users expressed similar praise for its steaming capacity by saying they had trousers with tough wrinkles but this Rowenta design has helped a lot for that. Similarly, another guy has added he had 4 pairs of cargo pants to iron. With this, it took him just 15 minutes. That is satisfactory performance.

What users think need to improve for this item

For those who have encountered bad experience with this Rowenta instead have commented the issues. One is the fact that it stopped working after two months. Leaking is another issue another user has been unhappy about this Rowenta, and that is why he rated this for 1 star only. That is among the rare extreme upset experience in customers you should also see.

2. Rowenta DW9280 Steam Focus Iron


Product Features in Brief:

  • Pump injection technology for more steam pushing
  • Stainless steel soleplate
  • Ready-Temp system for accurate warming up time
  • Smart Steam Motion sensor
  • 1-year warranty to ensure its high quality

Rowenta DW9280 comes with Pump injection technology to inject more steam, approximately 30% larger, into the fabric for better result. The soleplate is constructed with sturdy stainless steel with scratch-resistant and smooth surface to make sure that you can glide your iron on the clothes properly. Importantly, it features the smart steam motion sensor which is able to turn off steam automatically when you are not ironing to keep save the water and energy. In addition, Ready-Temp system will indicate when the soleplate is ready for ironing at the appropriate temperature for chosen fabric. Besides, some useful features are also present to make sure that you will get the results with high satisfaction: anti-calc and anti-drip system. Last but not least, this product will be backed with 1-year warranty.

How users are satisfied with this item

Relatively well-known for its brand, this is Rowenta DW9280 which has also been ranked top among its similar models from different brands. For the majority of the users, they mostly agree that this iron is impressive for design and performance to get rid of wrinkles. Additionally, smooth surface for convenience ironing is also a point where users have mentioned. Heating up quickly is also a feature that a few users have been delighted with this. That simply means they could do their ironing quick and move on to another task.

What users think need to improve for this item

At the same time, a couple of bad experiences have happened to some users. Among those, leaking is an incident that some faced and are not happy about. Other than that to mention is the opinion from another user who has had no problem with this Rowenta only after 18 months of use. Basically, they expect this to last longer.

3. Rowenta DW2070


Product Features in Brief:

  • 1700-watt motor for efficient energy saving
  • Vertical steam with cool mist spray
  • Anti-drip and anti-calc system for better outcome
  • Soft non-slip handle
  • Larger water tank capacity of 12.7 ounces

Rowenta DW2070 is operated with 1700-watt and it is equipped with 3-way automatic shut-off for the efficient energy saving. It comes with anti-drip and anti-calc system to provide the better result. Moreover, it offers vertical steam and cool mist spray which can remove the wrinkles perfectly. The stainless steel soleplate is highly polished for excellent glide. The handle is also designed ergonomically with non-slip grip to make sure that you can handle your work conveniently. The electrical cord measures 7 foot and it is equipped with 360-degree pivot. Plus, the water tank measures 12.7 ounce for better storage capacity. Finally, this Germany-made product will be backed with 1-year warranty.

How users are satisfied with this item

Among the rest, this is the Rowenta model with cheapest price but amazing performance. Many users have liked the option and rated it 4 stars at over 1000 reviews. By this number, you can tell how many people have bought the iron and how many of them like the product. Specifically, to some users’s comments, effectiveness in getting rid of wrinkle quick and easy is a credit for this Rowenta. For another opinion, a guy has expressed his frustration over the leak in an iron, but he finally had experienced with this, and it works very fine for him, making it a very please buy.

What users think need to improve for this item

Cons have also happened to particular users. One of them has faced the cord problem because it stopped retracting. The user is happy with the rest except that fact that it stays messy with the cord. Rust has also been found by some users in their Rowenta, and that is a bit unpleasant while the expectation for Rowenta is high.

4. Rowenta DW8080 Pro Master Iron


Product Features in Brief:

  • Non-stick and scratchproof stainless steel soleplate
  • Ergonomic handle for high comfort
  • Anti-drip and anti-calc system
  • Self-clean system for mineral deposits
  • Lighweight and compact design

Rowenta DW8080 is constructed with non-stick and scratch-proof stainless steel soleplate with precision tip to make sure that you can smoothen your clothes perfectly to every corner. It also features about 300 micro-steam holes for excellent steam distribution. The handle is designed ergonomically with non-slip grip for you to hold comfortably. In addition, the useful system is included like anti-drip and anti-calc for better performance and outcome, and durability. Besides, the self-clean technology is able to flush out the mineral deposit. Plus, the large water tank can be store up to 8.45 oz to avoid frequent filling. This product comes with lightweight and compact design to enable you to carry comfortably. Finally, to save the energy, it features the 3-way auto off: shut down in 8 minutes when it left vertically or in 30 seconds when tipped over.

How users are satisfied with this item

For those users who like this Rowenta model very well, it is mainly because it has been designed with quite interesting and high performing features such as automatic shutoff function, self-cleaning and smooth soleplate for easy ironing. Importantly, this particular DW8080 series is made in Germany, and the quality is guaranteed. From a user, he has mentioned his satisfaction for his this Rowenta for a reason that it is extremely durable and reliable. He has had this for years, and it is still working great. He also advised though you are going for Rowenta, find the ones that say it is made in Germany. Good sturdy has also been commented as a like from the users for this Rowenta.

What users think need to improve for this item

Certain users, at the same time, find this model a bit heavy to carry and iron their clothes while some users still expect it to go hotter than what it does. Another user was not happy because his particular Rowenta has faced leaking, and it makes ironing cloth for them difficult. The last user we will bring in here for their experience has said the Rowenta did not have on and off button. It works automatically. It is convenient, but it is annoying that he has to unplug it every time he stopped using it, he added.

5. Rowenta DW5080


Product Features in Brief:

  • Stainless steel soleplate with precision tip
  • 1700-watt power with 3-way auto off
  • Shot of steam option
  • Self-clean technology for longer life and better outcome
  • Temperature controller needed for turning on the product

Rowenta DW5080 is operated with 1700-watt motor and it also features the 3-way auto off when it is left vertically in long minutes or tipped over. The soleplate is constructed with top-quality stainless steel with smooth, scratch-resistant, and highly polished surface. 400 micro-steam holes are added for even distribution and it is enhanced with precision tip to reach to all corners and parts of clothes. In addition, the shot of steam will will inject the steam directly to the fabric to remove the wrinkles effectively. Besides, the self-clean system is included for longer life and better outcome. It also features the 7-foot cord with 360-degree pivot for convenient use. Finally, this product has no turn on switch, so you need to use the temperature controller instead.

How users are satisfied with this item

How much users like this last Rowenta in our list could tell by the fact that it has been marked as the best selling steam iron in Amazon. That worth thousands words to describe how nice it is. However, here are a few very actual positive comments users have made over the product. One buyer has said he was a guy, and he did the ironing himself. This Rowenta brings a lot of ease to him. A few other users instead expressed their like over the design of this steam iron from Rowenta as well as its soleplate which is absolutely smooth to iron.

What users think need to improve for this item

One user has complaint about the experience of their Rowenta splitting, and it is a large amount of water each time. Another one said their one has stopped working after one year of use while a lot of Rowenta products are expected to last much longer. Another comment is with the button design, and some feel awkward with it.

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