Buying Guides and Best Planer Review in 2018

♥ January 2016 Review

For wood shaving tasks, a good planer is needed. Actually, if you do not have recent experience buying the best planer, it could be difficult for you to find a good one for your work. From year to year, there are good development in the making of planer, and features as well as performance are much greater and more efficient than the previously designed model. As for some tips and keys, these buying guides for best planer has been introduced in the following. This could be of a great information you might need to know when looking for a nice planer for your shaving tasks. In the meantime, top 5 best planers have also been selected and reviewed for your options. They are good ones to check out if you are needing to buy one soon.

How To Buy The Best Planer

10For a craftsman, planer is an important tool for their daily work, and they need good ones to performance their shaving great and convenient. For the following paragraph, we will highlight and summary the tips and guides you might find useful to know and where your attention should be into when evaluating a planer.

Types of Planer

If you are needing a planer, you might know what type of planer you may be looking for. Basically, there are few different types of planer, and they are the handheld planer, thickness planer and jointer planer. They all do the same planing task. However, the use and functions are made for different purposes. You can check the differences between each one is the brief description below.

Handheld planer: Handheld planer is actually an electrical version of the manual plane. It is often made by equipping it with a motor to run. As its name says, it needs a lot of work from your hands to work with this handheld planer. However, most of the best handheld planers are made in lightweight for convenient use. This type of planer is more portable as its smaller size but enable craftsman to do more with its electrical power and powerful motor. Three top quality of them have also been reviewed below. If that is the type you may need, you could check them out.

Thickness planer: Built at a bigger size and different shapes to the handheld planer, thickness planer is to smoothen and achieve a consistent thickness of the wood. Rollers are often a part of this type of planer, and wood is placed between them. The board will push the log into the cutting blades, and thickness adjustment could be made by that during its rolling and shaving. Two of the best thickness planers have also been reviewed below.

Jointer planer: Jointer planer is another common planer, but not discussed in this review, you might want to also check out. Jointer planer works just like other planers, and its task is to shave off the wood, making it smooth and flat. Normally, jointer planers happen by two tables combined together having a rotating blade in the middle. A jointer plan is known as best for medium workshop but have to deal with larger projects.

Key Features to Consider in a Planer

There would be so many things to check out in a planer to make sure it is a good one. However, we will bring your attention into only the key features you will have to look at at any cost to make sure your favorite planer is also the best planer for your wood crafting work. Among all the features, the key ones would be in motor, thickness and wide capacity, blade speed, knife quality, and Power supply.

Like you might know, motor is the one and most important part of many equipment because it is where the power is translated into the rotation for the wood shaving. Thus, the quality and performance of the motor have strong affect in how well your planer will perform. That is why it is really a must to make sure the motor equipped in your interested planer is great.

As often, there are two kinds of motor. One is the universal motor and the other is induction motor. Universal motor is commonly attached to handheld planer. It is lightweight, powerful, portable and easy to control. However, to deal with bigger logs and larger project, it is the task of induction motor. And, more than likely, in thickness planer, you will see the induction motor. This motor type is made heavier, sturdier and more durable since it has to work with large logs. Either what type of motor it is in your planer, ensure that it is high quality one with enough capacity to run well.

Also important to check out, it is thickness and wide capacity in a planer. For thickness capacity, it is about how thick the planer can cut the wood out of its lumber. This is quite important based on your project. In certain kinds of lumber, deep cutting is needed, and in that case, if your planer could not do it, that becomes a useless planer. That is why you really need to know the thickness your project needs and the thickness shaving your planer could do. Normally, a planer could shave off the wood up to 6 inch, and if you need the planer with even more of the thickness capacity, some are also available. Additionally, you might want to have thickness adjustment feature in a planer too so that you could set it to work perfectly at different thickness requirements.

Regarding the wide capacity, it is also extremely important. This is the issue with how big of the wood or lumber the planer can deal with. Typical wide capacity in a planer is it could cut woods or lumbers between 12 inches to 20 inches. Again, it is important to know what sizes of logs in your project and you then can pick up the planer can have enough wide capacity to cut and shave off those woods.

Blades and the speed are also the worth considering features. Different planers are made with different number of blades and so are the speeds. As usual, the more the blades are attached, the faster the planer could do. However, what that is more important is the speed adjustment in a planer so that you can operate it well and conveniently right at your need.

Also to check out carefully, the power supply is different based on the area. Some use the 110v and some need 220v. Check your area requirement well and point the requirement to your interested planer.

Safety Tips When Working with a Planer

When you have to work with machine, you need more attention into the safety practice because carelessness could be easily translated to danger and injuries. Here are some of the advises you can note in.

  • You need to make sure your planer has an emergency stop switch, and you clearly know where it is.
  • jewelries such as bracelets and necklaces as well as loose clothes are not recommended to wear during your work with the planer. It can catch into the blade easily.
  • Electrical shock could also happen. Thus, make sure the planer is properly grounded.
  • Eye protection should also be worn at all time to make sure your eyes are safe from any wood pieces.



Product Features in Brief:

  • Powerful 6 amp motor
  • Dual side dust extraction
  • 11.5-inch cast aluminum shoes for better result
  • Overmold depth knob for 10 positive steps for multiple depth control
  • 47-inch max rabbit depth for greater

PORTER-CABLE hand planer is operated with powerful 6 amp motor to allow you to cut the hard materials smoothly and quietly. It comes with 11.5-inch cast aluminum shoes to provide the better finish output quality. Moreover, it features dual side dust extraction for fast and effective removal of all dust from cutting, making your work area clean. The over-mold depth knob for 10 positive steps is designed perfectly for the multiple depth control. In addition, 43-inch max rabbit depth enables you to remove more materials per pass easily. Some useful materials are included: carbide cutting blades, wrench, dust bag, and kit bag. Last but not least, this product will be backed with 3-year limited warranty to ensure its high quality.

How users are satisfied with this item

To the reviews customers have made over this product, the majority of them is extremely happy. Specifically, a user has mentioned their satisfaction over the fact that this planer could help them slide the wood quite smoothly and silently.  Another user added that this planner is impressive to them, and they have also ordered the second one to help with their construction trades. In the meantime, a few other users have mentioned about the good handle design of this planer. They added that it is convenient and easy to hold and shave off the work.

What users think need to improve for this item

In contrast, there are some feedback we have seen from customers as well for the improvement of this hand planer. For one, it is about the storage. Some users still think it is a bit smaller than what is needed. With bigger size, it could store more and make it a lot easier for the work. Another issue is the knob resting. A user found it impossible to rest the knob, and he simply could not measure the depth of his cutting.

2. Delta Power Tools 22-555 Planer


Product Features in Brief:

  • Heavy-duty 15A motor suitable for small shop
  • Four column construction for high stability
  • Easy to change knife system
  • Adjustable infeed and outfeed table
  • Reversible dust port for collecting chips from both sides

This mode of Delta comes with heavy-duty 15A motor, which can provide the effective outcomes with efficient energy consumption, so it is very suitable for small shop use. Furthermore, it is designed with four-column construction to ensure high stability while operating. The knife is double-edge reversible to enable you to cut your hard materials fast and conveniently. The knife system can be changed easily without alignment jigs needed. Moreover, the adjustable infeed and outfeed tables are rubber material to deal with long piece properly with snipe elimination. The dust port is reversible to collect the chips from both sides fast to keep your working place clean all the times. Last but not least, you will be offered 5-year limited warranty.

How users are satisfied with this item

For the overall review by customers, this second planer gets rated 4 stars out of 5. 60% of all the reviews have rated it 5 stars. This is enough to prove that the planer is generally great. Specifically, a user has marked this as a delightful machine they have bought. They added that this planer is a solid build with amazing performance at its price. Lexan housing is also a praise from this same user. It was said rust proof, and the plastic is extremely tough. Another customer who described themselves as an intermediate woodcraft person has as well said the planer fulfills all their expectation.  Easy installation and light weight are also mentioned for the satsifaction, additionally.

What users think need to improve for this item

Differently, one user expressed agreement with the overall quality of this but has been upset with the disposable knives attached to the planer. The problem faced is the knives wears out quick and look like the cheap knives. Wood pieces jam developing vibration is another comment from a customer.

3. Makita KP0810 Planer


Product Features in Brief:

  • To plane up to 3.75-inch width and 0.16-inch depth per single pass
  • Both-side blade for fast working
  • Chip removal for dual sides
  • Special design for easy access to lock on/off option
  • Easy-to-hold rubber grip and deep adjustable knob

Makita KP0810 Planer is designed with very long-lasting sharp blade to cut and plane fast and effectively. The blade is reversible to cut with both sides. In addition, it is able to plane up to 3.75-inch width and 0.16-inch depth per single pass for better outcomes. All the final results are got with high quality. Besides, the chips can be removed in dual sizes to prevent mess around your working site. Lock on/off button is designed perfectly to allow you to access easily from either side of handle. The handle is equipped with rubber grip to enable you to carry this slightly heavy product to operate comfortably. Plus, the adjustable knob is deep to ensure easy control and high comfort. Operated with dynamic 7.5 AMP motor, it works fast and quietly.

How users are satisfied with this item

From a customer, powerful motor built into this planer is what is liked the most while durability is what a few other users have mentioned they like the most about this planer. Additionally, lightweight and well-designed grip have been the features that make good and convenience use of this planer, and of course, that also has been satisfied by users. Additionally, many agreed that this planer works well in many different applications. In short, it seems clear that the majority likes their decision to purchase this planner.

What users think need to improve for this item

To improve still, a few users have pointed out certain issues they have had with this planer. For one, it is the difficulty when using this planer to cut door edge, and it is said because of the single point attachment. Another problem that has been raised too is the thin tungsten carbide blades which could easily break.

4. WEN 6530 Hand Planer


Product Features in Brief:

  • 6-Amp motor for the maximum of 34,000 cuts per minute
  • Adjustable cutting depth from 0 to 0.125 inches
  • Lightweight design for comfortable carry
  • v-shaped groove for flattening sharp post corners
  • 2-year warranty offered

WEN 6530 planer runs with 6-amp motor for the maximum of 34,000 cuts per minute. The blade is very sharp to allow you slice away or plane the wood until they are aligned and smooth in just few minutes. Additionally, it is able to provide the cutting depth from 0 to 0.125 inches with the 16 positive stops. The V-shaped groove is ideal to use with flattering sharp post corners. It also includes the parallel fence to ensure the accurate and smooth cut. Furthermore, it comes with lightweight design and easy-to-grip handle for your convenience. Plus, in the package, it includes dust bag, kickstand, and parallel fence bracket. The dust bag can be put at either side to help collect the chips easily. Finally, 2-year warranty is provided.

How users are satisfied with this item

Being rated 4.5 stars by the users, you know this reflects very good like from the majority. In that, a few users have reviewed this planer as the 5 star product and said it is well made and easy to use. It does save a lot of manual labor. Another user said they needed this one to use with their door making, and it works perfectly as expected. Sharp blade could also be seen as an outstanding feature of this planer in some users’ experience. That is really nice that they have chosen the planer that serves them right. As so, this planer has been picked to review her for your consideration.

What users think need to improve for this item

In contrast, to those who have been mentioned about that they like this planer for its overall quality. Certain comments for improvement come along. For one, some have expressed their dislike of its heavy weight which is not friendly to hold for along time doing the wood shaving task. Double button safety feature is also not liked by a user.

5. DEWALT DW734 Benchtop Planer


Product Features in Brief:

  • Heavy-duty 15-amp
  • Three knife cutter head
  • Reversible knife blade
  • Four-column feature for the snipe reduction
  • Long infeed and outfeed tables for accurate adjustment

DEWALT DW734 planer features three knife cutter head, which is able to provide 96 cuts per inch with the 10,000 rpm operation. The knife blade is reversible and importantly, the special-designed knife system allows you to change the knife fast and easily. In addition, four-column feature ensures the stability to reduce the snipe. The extra-long infeed and outfeed tables will provide you the accurate adjustment before cutting. Plus, it runs with 15 amp motor for strong cutting power and quiet operation. Its high capacity is able to perform with 6-inch depth and 12.5-inch width capacity. Remarkably, you will be offered three-year limited warranty, and 90-day money-back guarantee to enable you to buy and use with high confidence. Finally, its price is not expensive, so you can consider buying this product to facilitate your works.

How users are satisfied with this item

This is not a hand planer, and it could handle with bigger wood planing easier. One of the features many users like about this planer is the fact that it is heavy and easy to install and get to be used immediately. As well, very powerful performance of the planer has impressed a couple of users to the max. Other than that, some users have praised this buying decision for its ergonomic design which contributes greatly to their convenient use for their wood planing work.

What users think need to improve for this item

Some users instead, with their need, finds the motor attached to this planer not so durable through times. Among some who have faced not good experienced with the planer, a few have encountered break down often with this planer after their use for about 1000 lineal feet planing. Thin cutting blade is another a few have mentioned this planer production should improve.