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Wheelchair is an important need for elders and some patients who require support for moving. Some need a wheelchair for along period of time while some do temporarily. In fact, there are many different types of wheelchairs while commonly, people need to decide between the push wheelchair and the electric wheelchair. The price of both types are hugely different. However, electric wheelchair is more powerful and convenient to use, and the patients could even move around by themselves. For which one is best, it would depend on your need and budget only. And, for this post, we will just present you the buying guides of the best electric wheelchair for sale you should know to pick one up right. Meanwhile, our team has also searched for the available electric wheelchairs, and have brought some top ones to review as more for your information.

How to Buy the Best Electric Wheelchair for Sale

Drive Medical Cirrus Plus Wheelchair

More than likely, choosing a wheelchair is not an easy task at all because there are so many things to care for, especially the requirements of the person who would need to use it. Thus, you need to collect and learn plenty of information about wheelchair before selecting it and do it right. Below, we will highlight certain steps and necessary information and guides to help you order the one that is right.

Again, if you are buying it for yourself or buying it for someone else, you would need to know the requirements the person who will need it and match them to the best electric wheelchairs that are available. The best way to get to know all those requirements is to ask the doctor. Simply, you could consult with the doctor of the patient and come back with a list of the needs he or she will need in a wheelchair. Those will be explicit information you need to care about in a wheelchair to choose.

Along with those, there are questions you could think over that will help you select the right one for your particular needs too. Some of those include:

  • Are you using it indoor, outdoor or both?
    • The movement in an electric wheelchair on different surfaces are different by the wheelchair designs. Therefore, if you are going to move by the wheelchair outdoor, there will be good ones that could move on different kinds of grounds. That is a righter option to consider if so.
  • What maximum speed will you need?
    • Speed is important. Many electric wheelchairs are designed to move at about 5 miles per hour. There are those which are less and more. Then, if you need the speed you may need, you car particularly take that as a specific feature to look for in an electric wheelchair.
  • If good portability is your need?
    • Many patients need to move in a long distance. That means the wheelchair will have to be transported with. In such a case, portable, foldable and lightweight electric wheelchairs are the top choices. You see? You know more you need the foldable design and lightweight wheelchair if you ask the question.
  • What type of wheelchair would you need?
    • Of course, the guides and tips here are all about the electric wheelchairs. But, never forget that, there are so many types of wheelchairs more available. If a power wheelchair is not of a must necessity, you can go for the manual one too. They are much cheaper.
  • Is the design matter to you?
    • Though the importance of a wheelchair is to help patients sit on and move around comfortably and conveniently, many of them are designed at different appearance and presentation. If that does not matter, it is easy. You can just go for the features you may need. However, if it does, the more wheelchairs you look for, the more chances you will see your favorite design.

Additionally, no matter what kinds of wheelchairs you would need, good comfort should always be the main feature to look for. Imagine a patient that has to spend many hours every day on the wheelchair and site on the one that is uncomfortable. That hides a lot of pain, and it is not necessary at all. When it comes to comfort, certain features in an electric wheelchair such as seating, armrests, leg rests, and cushioned back are to see. Good electric wheelchairs would have those padded and made very soft with smart designs to help patients sit comfortably on the wheelchair even for hours. One more thing is the adjustability in a wheelchair. Because the needs could change by times and are different by users, many best designed electric wheelchairs are made with good adjustment which patients can customize it, to an extent, to bring them the close-to-perfect setting.

Still, no matter what, it will never bring you 100% of what you want in an electric wheelchair. But, if you need some other things the wheelchair you like may not have, plenty of electric wheelchair accessories are available such as the backrest and headrest. You can simply go for that separately if you need some.

Also to care for, it is good maneuverability and easy control. Besides sitting comfortably, patients will have to move comfortably in the wheelchair, and that is the maneuverability in the wheelchair as well as the control. Wheelchair wheels for front, mid and rear all all important to smooth maneuverability. That is where to check. For control, you might want to check the controller design in the electric wheelchairs you may be interested in. Buttons and designs will tell you how you would feel. Even more, you could check out the review from the previous customers to see if what they think about that.

Second to last from our suggestion, you will importantly need to check about the durability of the wheelchair. A wheelchair is for a patient, if it has often had so many problems, it will be frustrating for them, and it is so annoying and time consuming to send it back and forth for repairing or replacement. Saying so, product warranty is still important to protect you from unexpected technical errors in an electric wheelchair you buy. However, what is the best way to know about the durability of an electric wheelchair? A common way would be to see the reviews and rate customers have given to a particular products. And, to confirm that, you could check out that model and design from various reliable sources such as on Amazon.

Last, I would want to mention about the budget you are going to pay for an electric wheelchair. While usually, it will just needs around 100 dollars for a manual wheelchair, the best electric wheelchair could cost around $ 1000 to a few thousands. Still, certain models of electric wheelchairs are often available in many online stores. So, though you are willing to buy at the set price, you should also check it from various online stores. You might save more for that. And, if you want to buy a wheelchair that is over your budget, you could also look for some companies that serve the wheelchair financing and find your good contract plan with them too.

1. Electric wheelchairs from BEIZ


Product Features in Brief:

  • Quick-released battery box
  • Removable battery box for recharging
  • Two small wheels and two big wheels design for high balance
  • Two-mode wheelchairs control: motor-driven, and manual
  • Padded armrest and backrest
  • Easy folding for mobility and storage

BEIZ electric wheelchair is designed ergonomically with soft padded armrest and backrest to allow you to sit and move comfortably. It comes with the removable battery box which can be taken away for charging; additionally, the box is equipped with easy-release technology for your convenience. Moreover, it features two small front wheels and two big rear wheels for smooth mobility and stability. The rear wheels are operated with motor-driven used by electric power. While the battery runs out of power, you still can roll the big wheels by yourself with less effort. Finally, it can be folded easily for easy storage and transport to help you take the injured or disabled people to travel happily with you.

How users are satisfied with this item:

One of the strong points of this wheelchair mentioned by users is the fact it has long lasting battery. One user expressed good like on this and said they have had this wheelchair for about a year, everything has been good, especially the battery. Another user has bought this wheelchair for mom, and she is simply happy with the chair and the fact that that is what her mom needs. These are the users which rated the wheelchair 5 stars over 5. However, a few did not and the below is some whys.

What needs to be improved for this item:

Some users experienced bad service from the seller. One said she was 75 years old, she has been happy with the chair. However, certain parts stopped work, and she have reached for the seller for the warranty and repair, but it did not happen like the way she likes to to be.

2. Drive Medical Cirrus Plus Wheelchair


Product Features in Brief:

  • Carbon steel construction with silver vein finish
  • Seat belt added for high safety
  • Back upholstery, seat cushion with pouch, and padded armrest
  • Swing away footrest
  • Flat-free, and non-marking tires
  • Top-quality wheels with locks

This mode of Drive Medical wheelchair is US-made product, so its quality is ensured. Its frame is constructed with carbon steel and coated with silver vein finish for durability, rust resistance, and elegant outlook. It comes with seat belt to provide users the maximum safety. Moreover, for your high comfort, the backrest is cushion and armrest is padded to help you sit and control the ride comfortably. A small pouch is equipped with seat for small accessories storage. In addition, the footrest is wing-away for easy control and you can place or move your legs in the appropriate position. Besides, the tire is flat-free and non-marking to allow you move smoothly and confidently. The wheel is also equipped with locks for high security while the users do not want to move.

How users are satisfied with this item:

According to the reviews, many users do like this wheelchair just because it is high quality and made with many features to enable comfort and moving support for elder and disabled people. One users expresses good satisfaction when they had this electric wheelchair for 2 years and still not faced any issue. They added that the wheelchair is right and easily foldable to place under the bus compartment to travel with. Convenient drive is another point the wheelchair is liked badly.

What needs to be improved for this item:

In contrast, some users have agreed that this wheelchair is great. However, the weight is a bit heavy and not friendly for seniors. Another issue of another user is there was one battery missing from the package while it needs two to operated. It has been reported and it took two weeks to arrive, and the problem is solved.

3. IMC Heartway Rumba HP4 wheelchair


Product Features in Brief:

  • 450 W motor and 12 V batteries for the maximum speed of 4.5 MPH
  • Swivel captain seat with headrest
  • Strong 8-inch front wheels, and 10-inch rear wheels
  • Weight capacity of 300 lbs.
  • 3 body colors and 2 seat colors for attractive outlooks

IMC Heartway Rumba wheelchair is operated with 450 W motor and 12 V battery to provide the maximum speed of 4.5 miles per hour. It is constructed with durable steel frame, and swivel seat with headrest. In addition, it features 8-inch front wheels, and 10-inch rear wheels to support the maximum weight of 300 lbs. Besides, it is designed with various colors: 2 seat colors, and 3 body colors, making this chair look rejuvenating. It is foldable and lightweight for easy transport and storage while not in use. Last but not least, its price is very affordable, please do not look over this product when you want to help your elder or disabled individual to travel with you happily.

How users are satisfied with this item:

For so many of the users, they have agreed that this electric wheelchair is awesome for speed, easy operation, and its extra comfort. One user expressed their like on the choice and added that they found this wheelchair of a great help since it has a compact design which allows them to get through to shops conveniently. Seller support has also been marked outstanding from a user. In short, the majority of the users, by their reviews, seem to be highly satisfied with the wheelchair.

What needs to be improved for this item:

There are still slight improvements that need to adjust according to some users’ experience with the wheelchair. One is for the footrest. Some thought it should be smaller. Some others found it difficult to move this wheelchair in small elevator. Another user said if it is on the smooth ground, this wheelchair runs perfect but it is a bit difficult in rough ground.

4. PW-1000XL wheelchair from Wheelchair88


Product Features in Brief:

  • Speed up to 5.5 miles/h and capacity storage of 330 lbs.
  • Quiet and powerful motor
  • 18-inch seat cushion and 19-inch length between armrests
  • Polymer Li-ion battery use
  • Fast and easy to open
  • Lightweight and foldable for convenient driving, portability and storage

This mode of Wheelchair88 is operated with the quiet and powerful motor which is able to provide up to 5.5 mile/h speed. The cushion seat measures 18-inch width and 19-inch length measuring between two armrests to allow you to sit comfortably. In addition, it comes with premium polymer li-ion battery for longer time use. The tire measures 4 inches with best texture to help you move on various surfaces with ease. Plus, it features the quick-removed anti-tilt support to ensure high stability and safety. It is designed with compact shape, so you can open or fold it fast and easily. It weighs only 25 kg for convenient driving, portability, and storage. Finally, it can support weight up to 330 lbs.

How users are satisfied with this item:

For the PW model from the wheelchair88, users like its good performance on different types of ground even the grass. A user has compared this wheelchair to a workhorse when reviewing it. They added that the wheelchair could be easily folded and unfolded when needing to transport it. Build quality is another area to praise this wheelchair, another user reviewed. A few other users have similarly satisfied with the wheelchair ability to move around, specially getting them to even shopping.

What needs to be improved for this item:

Of course, negative experience did happen to users too, and for one, it is the after sale service. Some complaints that it took so much time to get reply and get the problem solved. Another challenge a user faced is they feel that the footrest is a bit awkward, making it a bit difficult to get out of the wheelchair.

5. Smart Chair – Electric Wheelchair


Product Features in Brief:

  • 50-pounds weight with battery included
  • Very small turn radius of 31.5 inches only and 12 degree incline for easy control and safe driving
  • Eco-friendly and strong battery to last up to 9.3 miles
  • Full charge in 5 hours

The wheelchair of Smart Chair weighs only 50 pounds including battery, so it will not consume much battery and it will be easy for taking on the go with. Its perfect design allows you to control the ride with only 31.5 inches of radius and 12 degrees incline for high safety and convenient driving. In addition, the long-lasting battery can run up to 9.3 miles per charge. The battery requires only 5 hours for a full charge, so you can charge it at night and use in the morning easily. Plus, it can be folded into the compact shape, so you can place it with ease in your car, SUV truck, bus, taxi and so forth. Last but not least, it is not expensive, so you can consider buying this one for your elder people to enjoy travelling with you happily.

How users are satisfied with this item:

Lifting support is a unique feature of this electric wheelchair, and that is where many users have marked their very satisfactory feature. Other than that, some other users have notified their like with the durability of the chair. One of them said they have got the wheelchair for about 1.5 years, and everything is still working fine with no problems. For a new user, they said they were happy with the wheelchair, and it is simply as what it is described. Well-design is a conclusion from many users about this chair, in short.

What needs to be improved for this item:

One users have been a bit upset with this wheelchair after 4 months of use, and they said the wheelchair started to be easily slippy and hard to stop. The problem is when the tire, and more importantly, when called to complaint, the part is not available to buy and replace. Another issues is with footrest. A couple users thought it is too short.

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