Buying Guides and Best Curtains for Sliding Glass Doors 2018

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Curtain are more than just a piece of fabric to cover your window. It adds good decoration to your room decor when you have bought the right one. When looking for a curtain to treat your window, there are quite a lot of things to know and learn. At the same time, there are many types of curtains which are used in different situations of the windows and rooms. However, curtain is an important need, and that is probably why many the ready-made curtains are made available and could be ordered even online. Regarding this our team has also spent hours checking the available best curtains for sliding glass doors, and we have also brought the best quality and design ones for your consideration here. But, before buying anyone of those, you had better check the curtain buying guides first. That will help you select the right one easier.

How to Buy the Best Curtains for Sliding Glass Doors

For the moment, there are many types and designs of curtains that are available. Plenty of choices could be considered. To make things easier, you would need to be clear with the requirements of a curtain you need, and it will help eliminate and find the right one quicker. Certain things such as the purpose, the measurement, the type, the quality, and the design should all be in your criteria.

Regarding the purpose, you simply would know what you want. Some people want the black out

Eclipse Thermal Blackout Patio Door Curtain Panel

Eclipse Thermal Blackout Patio Door Curtain Panel

curtain which blocks the light completely. That is commonly for the privacy purpose, and in such as case lined curtain may be needed. Some other people are fine with the light filter curtain. They probably just need it more as a decorative piece of fabric to make their rooms look even more beautiful and luxurious. If to compared with the lined curtains with the light filtering ones, lined curtains are more expensive.

However, it is often made from shield fabric which could stand strong with the lasting exposure to the sun and minimize the damage. That ensures better durability of the curtain. Provided that you even focus more on the durability of the curtain, interlined curtains are made for that durability. It comes with light blockage and insulation layer in the curtains, and it could deal with sunlight better.

Types of curtains worth also the consideration. Common types that could be found and are very popular are thermal curtains, voile curtains, eyelet curtains, slop top curtains and more. Thermal curtains are among the very stylish curtains which will let some light in. But, it is known for energy efficiency in your room and house. It keeps the heat from escaping very well. For Voile curtains, it is often used in summer. Voile curtains are actually net curtains. The thin net will let plenty of light to get in while protecting the privacy right. Many of them are also elegant in presentation.

Eyelet curtains are also very popular, especially its easy to use design. One identity of this eyelet curtains are its ring top design at its heading. This allows smooth slide when you need to open and close the curtain. And, because of its ring top heading, thick or heavy fabric are just fine. Differently, for the slop top curtains, it works perfect with only light fabric, and it often comes with long slop to let the poll pass through.

Nonetheless, for whatever type you may need, the quality is also a must to check and aim for the best. You are not hanging your curtains on your door or window just for a month or two. The quality of the fabric the heading design will guaranty the durability and long lasting stay over your door and window. Again, different fabric quality decides a big part of the durability of the curtain. Thickness is another while you do not always need your curtains to be so. Silk, cotton, and velvet are very good quality of a curtain. Also to remember, you had better not get into the cheap curtains. It could bring much more difficulties to you later.

Besides quality, design is undoubtedly among the most important and necessary feature to look for in the curtain. In any home, curtains are more to block the light. It is the way you treat the window or door and the whole house decor. So, it does not look right with your existing decor, you may not feel good seeing it so every day. In that, color and pattern are to think about. Of course, color has its tone, and what you need to make sure is it fits with the tone of your room. Another impact color could make to your room is when the sun shines through. Instead, for the pattern, there is a common rule that if your furniture and room design is patterned, you had better have the solid curtain and vices versa.

Measurement is another point to care about. Your door or window measurements have a lot of things to do with the measurement of the curtains you will need. When you are looking for a curtain, you need to make sure it has a length between the floor and the heading hang line. Many users recommend not to make it look too short to reach the floor. The curtain should at least hit the floor right, or there is a light left at the bottom. In relation to the width, in many cases, there would be a need of 2 times the wide of the widow to have a good curtain. Importantly, it has to match and cover the full size of the door or window you are covering.

For installation, different types of curtains might need different skills in hanging the curtains. However, that is not often a difficult task to do. But, what to notice is people have often decided if they want to hang it just over the frame or leave a more space between the frame and the curtain heading. If you have thought of this well in advance, that would help you choose the right length of your curtain too.

Last thing as for your guide, it is about cleaning. Curtains will not only expose to sun light but also the dirt and dust, flying and landing down over. Many ready-made curtains are machine washable. Some are made even easier to clean by the dry cleaning tools. As it may need different approaches for the cleaning, you had better check out the label and instruction in your own, and you can then safely follow. Washing a curtain, if not done properly, could damage the fabric or the color, making it less attractive very quick to stand in your room.

1. Deconovo Sheer Curtains


Product Features in Brief:

  • 16 square grommets on each panel
  • Each panel: 100 by 95
  • 100% polyester curtains
  • Machine washable for easy care
  • Various colors for your choice

Deconovo curtain is made of polyester 100%, which is durable and machine-washed for easy care. Its design is unique and stylish, which can fit with any room decor and it will make your room look more stunning. It comes with 16 square grommets on each panel, whose size is about 100-inch width and 95-inch length for strong support. Furthermore, this product will cover your door properly but it will let the natural light to filter the whole room; importantly, it comes with all vibrant colors, making your full of the brilliant color. Last but not least, the price of this top-quality curtain is not expensive, so you can consider buying this new chic product for making your home more beautiful.

How users are satisfied with the item:

Many users have marked and rated this curtain a 4 star rated. And, to many, they like the easy way to hang this curtain over their door in addition to its high quality fabric. Some of them have also mentioned about their satisfactory over the affordable price of this curtain. They added that it could keep their privacy right while still allowing some light to shine it, making things fresh inside their homes.

What needs to be improved for this item:

Regarding the improvement area of this curtain, some users have recommended they check the cutting. Few find it not properly done. Another issue some has mentioned is with the hanging.

2. AMAZLINEN Blackout Curtains


Product Features in Brief:

  • 2 panels with the dimension of 104 by 84 (width by length)
  • 8 metal grommet with 1.6-inch diameter
  • Heat maintaining in winter and cold loss in summer
  • Better blackout effect with the dark color design
  • Blissful sleep even in nighttime
  • Cold water washing

AMAZLINEN blackout curtain comes with a set of 2 panels with the dimension of 104-inch width and 84-inch length to cover your sliding door properly. The metal grommet is strong and it measures 1.6-inch diameter. The gift-two matching tie back is included for better performance. Importantly, it is designed with dark color and blackout technology to help prevent the light at any time. It is able to maintain heat during winter and cold during summer to keep your room in the good atmosphere all seasons. It is the ideal curtain for daytime or late sleepers. Furthermore, it is built with non-toxic triple fabric, which does not cause any trouble to your health. Finally, for sanitary and longevity of product, you should wash the curtain in cold water without bleaching.

How users are satisfied with the item:

If we look at the statistic, many users have liked this curtain choice a lot. Over 80 percent of the users have rated this curtain 5 stars. Among those, some have expressed their like on the color and design of this curtain. Importantly, they said it fits with their door really well in addition to the soft fabric used as this curtain. Also mentioned by users, this curtain is found to have blocked enough sunlight shining through the room, making it a good condition for taking the nap during day time.

What needs to be improved for this item:

Though the majority of the users have liked this curtain, there are sill some who feedback certain improvement issues over this curtain quality. One of the users have said they have received the curtain with stains, and they then return it for a new one. A few others have said it would be an even better curtain if this one is made thicker.

3. Blackout Patio Door Curtain Panel by Eclipse Curtains

8Product Features in Brief:

  • Noise reduction, and light block
  • Efficient energy-saving feature
  • Thermaweave woven technology
  • Seamless coverage
  • Three stunning colors for your choice

Eclipse Curtains Patio Door curtain panel is designed with advanced technology that is able to reduce loud noise from outside. It can block the sunlight to help you wake up late or sleep during daytime peacefully. Moreover, it features the efficient energy saving that is able to keep your rooms comfortable with medium heating and cooling throughout the year. In addition, the Thermaweave woven technology provides the seamless coverage on your door and enables the curtain to flow with the natural way. Made with polyester 100%, it is machine-washed for your high convenience and sanitary. If the curtain looks wrinkle, you can just simply iron with damp towel on the front side of the fabric. Last but not least, it comes with three colors: black, espresso, and wheat.

How users are satisfied with the item:

Regarding this particular curtain panel, many users like the way it is designed. Many of them are very please with the curtains and how it looks after hanging over the door. Installation is as well said that it is not a big problem while they found out that this curtain frame is quite sturdy and strong, and for hanging methods, three options are made available. Another reason many like this curtain is the fact that it helps block most of the light to get in. That is not strange because this is a blackout type of curtain.

What needs to be improved for this item:

One of the difficulties some users have experienced is with getting the hooks in, and it took a bit of time to do it. Another issue is when some buyers find the actual color of the curtain are dark brown, and not like what it looks in the picture. Simply, it is different from their expectation. Pleats of this curtain are also a challenge to few users. It is said they are not well-made.

4. Blackout Curtains by Utopia Bedding


Product Features in Brief:

  • 2 panels provided covering the total area of 104 inches by 84 inches
  • Easy-to-install design with both loop and rod pocket feature
  • Perfect sunlight prevention
  • Noise reduction for more peaceful sleep
  • Energy efficiency to keep warming and cooling
  • 30-day money back guarantee

Utopia Bedding blackout curtain comes with 2 panels, each of which measure 52-inch width and 84-inch length, to cover the total area of 104 by 84 inches properly. This product is very to install since the both loop and rod pocket features are provided. In addition, the curtain is made of top-quality materials and it provides elegant outlooks at both sides. The blackout curtain can prevent sunlight up to 99% to allow you relax or take a nap during daytime perfectly. Moreover, its high capacity can preserve warmth during winter and coldness during summer for the high comfort in the entire year. It is also able to reduce the noise from outside about 60%. Finally, to ensure its high quality, you will be offered 30-day money back guarantee.

How users are satisfied with the item:

Many users agree that this blackout curtain is a great deal with affordable price and exceptional quality. At the same time, some users have noticed that the curtain is quite thick and it could help block sun light and the breeze very well, which is what they expect and want. Even more, it is found to be easily dried to get rid of the wrinkles. That is really what many users feel so good about this curtain. Actually, either with the dryer or washer, users can clean up this curtain conveniently.

What needs to be improved for this item:

One challenge few users face is the fact that this curtain is heavy and need strong rods to hang over the door. To some, they have said they need to find the rods from somewhere else in order to hang this curtain safely. Some other users have recommended the curtain should be thermal insulated in addition to the existing features.

5. Best Home Fashion Blackout Curtain


Product Features in Brief:

  • 100% polyester curtain
  • Effective energy saving
  • Densely woven to keep heating and cooling properly
  • Noise reduction
  • Machine washable and tumble dry low

Best Home Fashion curtain is made of 100% polyester for durability and medical safety, so it can be used even in your bedroom perfectly. It features the important effective energy saving technology to keep your room cool in summer and warm in winter. Furthermore, it is able to reduce the noise, so if you are always day sleepers or shift workers, you can consider about this product. In addition, its high capacity can block out the sunlight almost 99.9% properly. Besides, the panel comes with 16 antique grommets with bronze color. The grommet measures 1.6-inch diameter to support the curtain strongly with matching tieback. It can be washed with machine and tumble dry low without ruining its quality. Finally, it comes with assortment of colors for your preference.

How users are satisfied with the item:

For this last curtain review, the most like features of it is the fact that it is made with very soft fabric while it is also very thick to block the sunlight very well from getting through. The design and its heaviness are also the like of many users because after hanging they feel the curtain drape beautifully, making their home even more lovely. Some other users instead like this curtain for the fact that it could block even noise to get into their room, leaving them with good peaceful condition.

What needs to be improved for this item:

To some, they expect the curtain not only blocking sun light from getting through but also the heat. However, because they have chosen brown design, it actually absorbs the light and radiate it to the room, making it unsatisfactory for them. For another particular case, it is when a user bought two of the curtains. However, they are at different length, making it look ugly when installing close to each other.

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