Buying Guides and Best Rollaway Bed for Sale 2018

When needing┬ásome extra beds for guests or for using during the trip like camping, people will think of the rollaway bed. They are foldable, space saving, and very affordable to buy for temporary need. That is the solution to such a need. The availability of the best rollaway bed is wide on the market. However, what that matters is choosing the right one quick and spending less. That is the question also when we start researching about the best rollaway bed for sale. Through our team’s hours of reviewing, we have finally organized the buying guides and best rollaway bed for sale review to bring some information for you below.

How to Buy the Best Rollaway Bed for Sale

Blantex XK-14 Roll-a-way Bed

There are many kinds of beds available in different designs. However, when it is just an extra or temporary need for a bed such as for the guests, it would come to the folding beds. They are much more portable and cheaper. Even easier, you could even order them online. The best rollaway bed for sale are plenty. The only one issue if you know how to see and know it is the best rollaway bed to order. Here are the guides and tips for you.

When buying a rollaway bed, there are certain features you could ensure their quality and standard in the rollaway bed you want to buy. They are the frame, the mattress, the measurement, ,portability and the design. Frame is quite an important part in a rollaway bed because it decides the durability of the whole bed as well as the maximum loading it accepts. If you happen to buy the rollaway bed that does not support your weight, you might not feel comfortable sleeping on the bed while it could possible break during your sleep. Also important, it is the finish of the metal frame. Good finish makes it look great and prevents rusting to form by time. For some frame designs, rollers have also been added for easy moving. If you need this too, look for it specifically because some are not.

The mattress at the same time is also to check. The size, how it fits to the frame, thickness as well as its comfort are matters around having a good rollaway bed. Some are twin size, some are king and more sizes are available. Figure out what you need, and you can specifically just go for that. The other things you might want to make sure is its portability. As this is a temporary bed, you might need to move it very often from a room to another. Some people even need it for a few nights out during their camping. Thus, portability is a need for this kind of bed. And, when it comes to the portability feature of rollaway bed, it is about its weight and foldability. You could check the item weight of any rollaway beds you might be interesting while many of them, more often than not, are foldable.

Additionally, many of them have very nice design and look. However, it would only be you who know how a rollaway bed looks like that you like. Again, plenty of this are available. You can spend some time more to find the designs you like if you have not found them in the first few.

Common Problems in a rollaway bed

At the same time that rollaway beds are such a nice solution to temporary need of bed, you might want to know its common issues. For very good design rollaway bed, it is not a big issue, but for some, it comes to causing back problem when one sleeps on a rollaway bed for too long. Of course, some rollaway beds have been nicely produced with back support. However, it will never be as good as your one in your bedroom. This is not strange at all because a rollaway bed is made for temporary use, mainly.

Another issue is the missing parts. Many customers who have ordered and bought the rollaway bed encounter difficulty when trying to assemble it when certain parts are missing. Even a few screws missing could get your rollaway bed not steady, and you may have to end up going to the nearby store looking for it. What you could possibly do is double confirm with the seller about that. However, this does not happen too often.

For some few customers, they have said their rollaway bed frame break out since the first night. Though rare, this happens too. So, no matter what never forget to check for the warranty of the foldable rollaway bed you are getting. The ones with warranty are often more reliable than those are not, needless to say.

1. Blantex XK-14 Roll-a-way Bed


Product Features in Brief:

  • Folding down for compact feature
  • High-standard tilt and roll wheels
  • Automatic opening legs for easy set up and storage
  • steel coil suspension with 13 support rings
  • Polyester fabric bed with PVC backing

Blantex XK-14 rollaway bed is foldable for the compact size to ensure easy mobility and storage while not in use. It is designed with automatic opening legs to allow you to fold and unfold properly. In addition, it comes with top-quality tilt and roll wheels for easy moving from one room to other room easily. This product features the steel coil suspension with 13 support rings to enable you to sleep safely. Moreover, the frame is constructed with heavy-duty steel with powder-coated finish for rust resistance and durability. The bed is polyester fabric materials with PVC backing that can ensure moisture resistance. Plus, the polyurethane foam mat is included to make you sleep peacefully on the perfect both bed and mattress. Finally, it is able to support up to 375 pounds.

How users are satisfied with this item

When it comes to finding a Roll-a-Way Bed online, you will see the Blantex as a popular choice by many users. It really is. We have reviewed the comments from users who have bought and used this roll away bed. Among all, many viewed this as a smart choice for extra bed they may need at home or during their trip. Actually, this roll away bed is quite light with only 30 lbs in weight. One user said going camping with this bed is great. Also, a few other users thought the bed is quite sturdy, easy to setup and comfortable to sleep on.

What users think need to improve for this item

Problems also happened to some users. One of them have been upset because the roller away arrived at their home with a missing drill hole. Also, a few buyers have encountered terrible experience when the bed suddenly broke up even in their first night of using. Bedframe with short screw is another issue in the assembling to some users.

2. Sleep Master Twin Guest Bed by Zinus


Product Features in Brief:

  • Twin-size folding bed
  • Metal grid frame construction
  • Top-quality 4-inch foam mattress
  • Foldable in half for convenient storage
  • year limited warranty

Zinus rollaway bed is designed in twin size to allow you to sleep peacefully on the sufficiently large bed size. The bed is easily folded in half to help you store properly while not in use and move it easily with caster wheels. In addition, it comes with top-quality soft mattress that is breathable and overheat resistance. Its thickness is about 4 inches including 1 inch of pressure relieving comfort foam for the maximum of comfort. Furthermore, the frame is metal construction for durability and strength. The grid design of frame is able to support and prevent the mattress from sagging. Plus, the bed is 14 inches off the ground, so you can place your personal items or luggage underneath perfectly. Finally, to ensure its high quality you will be offered 1-year limited warranty.

How users are satisfied with this item

This Sleep Master design is also a nice deal many users have marked. Some are very delighted that they found the rollaway bed from the brand is quite sturdy and comfortable to sleep on. Even better, no assembly is needed. It is ready to be used at the moment it arrives. One another user has said they like it so much because of the folding feature. It saves space, and it lets him bring it around during the trip conveniently. Generally, the majority of the users find this bed impressive and excellent in quality.

What users think need to improve for this item

Instead, a few has had not so good experience with this rollaway bed. That is not strange. However, you might want to know the issues as well. Among all, one user has said there are missing parts in their package such as the metal leg covers. Another user who rated it only 3 out of 5 stars have mentioned that they like the frame and comfort of this rollaway’s mattress but wish it were thicker, and a mattress topper is needed for adults for better comfort.

3. LUCID Rollaway Guest Bed


Product Features in Brief:

  • Soft medium-plus mattress
  • Easy folding and roll away
  • Locking wheels for high safety while sleeping
  • Spring-supporting poly deck
  • Amazing frame warranty up to 25 years

LUCID rollaway bed is designed perfectly with spring poly deck that is able to provide high support and allow you to sleep more peacefully rather than the wood slat and wire mesh that always cause inconvenience to the users. It can be folded easily and it comes with high-quality wheels to allow you to roll away properly. Importantly, folding in half is easy for storage while not in use and saves your room spaces. The wheels can be locked to help you relax on your bed blissfully without worry of moving at midnight. Besides, the mattress provided is soft and medium-plus. It allows you to sleep blissfully with highly supportive memory foam and it is safe for everyone health. Last but not least, the frame is built with sturdy metal and you will be offered up to 25 years for the frame warranty.

How users are satisfied with this item

Marked as a good spare bed, this has also been the top choices for users when they need extra bed to sleep on in some occasion. Even more, users find the frame of this bed very sturdy while the mattress is firm, nice and comfortable to lay down on. Its light weight and foldable feature are also a plus in users’ experience. Many commented that this foldable rollaway bed is quite easy to hide when not needed. One other user has said they needed to sleep on the rollaway bed for 4 nights. It happened with this LUCID bed, and the comfort was perfect.

What users think need to improve for this item

Missing some parts have been the issue of this rollaway bed to some users. That is the problem of packaging and shipping. Another user said they saw only the frame in their package. It was terrible that the mattress was missing. Also a common complain, the rollaway bed is agreed to be nice for sleeping on but not sitting. It is said to be too low for sitting and talking or putting on the shoes.

4. Sleep Master Weekender Guest Bed by Zinus


Product Features in Brief:

  • 4-inch mattress with high-standard cover
  • Sturdy metal frame
  • well-positioned wheels
  • 1 year limited warranty

This mode of Zinus comes with the 4-inch mattress, which provides you high softness and comfort. It is equipped with 1-inch top cover of fiber padding which is breathable and avoid overheating. The cover and 3-inch support foam is created with safe materials, which can ensure that it is not harmful to your health or causes any allergy. Plus, the wheels is positioned properly with the frame, so it will not move around when you open it. The wheels are able to move smoothly and quietly for convenient mobility. Besides, the frame is metal construction with powder-coated finish for durability and rust resistance. The opening size of bed is 75-inch length, 31-width, and 18-inch height, which can provide enough large space for individual sleep. Finally, this product will be backed with 1-year warranty.

How users are satisfied with this item

Basically, this is another Rollaway bed from Sleep Master, and it has also been a top option on the market. Most users have been delighted with their experience with the bed. The bed was said to be easy to roll, comfortable to sleep on, lightweight for easy moving, as well as easy to clean. Even more, the frame is strong, and it supports up to 300 lbs. Likewise, the fact that there is no need for the assembling also makes users satisfied. By and large, many agree that this is a great guest bed.

What users think need to improve for this item

Not surprisingly, a few users have had comments for improvement to tell. One comment said the bed was designed with no back support, and if you have to sleep on it for many nights, it is not good for the back. Some users feel the frame is quite small and are fear of not being strong enough. Another user expressed similar concern over the small size of the bed.

5. Milliard Rollaway Bed


Product Features in Brief:

  • Strong and durable Square tube steel frame to support up to 264 lbs.
  • 17 wooden slats for maximum support and stability
  • 4 wheels equipped for easy mobility
  • Lightweight for convenient mobility
  • 4-inch thick foam mattress

Milliard rollaway bed is built perfectly with 17 wooden slats that can provide high stability, strength, and support; additionally, unlike mesh wire, it stays firm and do not cause any inconvenience or noise. It comes with strong and long-lasting square tube steel frame, which is able to support up to 264 lbs. Moreover, it is equipped with 4 wheels to help you move your bed conveniently and effortlessly. Besides, 4-inch thick foam mattress enables you to sleep peacefully; furthermore, it is breathable, pressure-relief, and soft. This bed is lightweight and can be folded in half to move and store easily. Last but not least, its price is not expensive, so you can afford this product for serving your guest or using in your temporary room easily.

How users are satisfied with this item

Such an affordable price rollaway bed, the majority of the comments from users have been on the side of this rollaway bed. Commonly, many of reviews refer to the sturdy frame and durability of the bed in addition to the comfort they have found after sleeping on the rollaway bed. Easy assembling with the firm mattress, many people thought this is a great temporary bed for guests, and they have recommended this for a short term use.

What users think need to improve for this item

Some still argued that the mattress is not comfortable enough in this rollaway bed, and they added that the mattress could have been softer. Also as a common complain, the instruction as well as the diagrams attached have been marked as misleading and poor to help for the setup. One user has said it took them about 1 hour to do it.