Buying Guides and Best Robotic Lawn Mower Reviews 2018

For easy lawn mowing task, a recommendation would be to the best robotic lawn mower. This is the solution, and it will work itself with less of your control. However, if to really get the best robotic lawn mower, it is better to know enough to select the best one. In this, there are buying guides of the best robotic lawn mower to check out while the reviews of them are also brought up afterward. You will enjoy the buying and reviews below. They are reliable products.

1. Robomow RS612 Robotic Lawn Mower


  • Base station control
  • Bluetooth remote control with phone application
  • 0.25 acres in land size
  • Rain sensor and child safety option
  • Easy to use

RS612 Robomow is able to mow lawn easily even in the hard-to-reach area. When finishing mowing the lawn, it will come back to the base station for recharging before new operation. It also comes with Bluetooth connectivity built-in, which allows you to mow more easily from using the phone or tablet Robomow application. It is able to operate in 0.25 acres in land size for large garden at your house or hotel. In addition, it features the large steel blade or effective lawn trimming. Besides, it is designed with rain sensor to ask from your control when it senses high humidity or rain. Importantly, the safe child lock option is included to avoid anyone unfamiliar with the product to operate it. Finally, it will help you to clear all lawns around your house, and you can just stay to relax peacefully for your weekend.

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2. LawnBott LB1500 SpyderEVO Robotic Lawn Mower


  • Semi-automatic operation for effective and efficient performance
  • Perimeter wire and internal sensors used
  • Work in the maximum land size of 10000 square feet
  • No oil, no air pollution and save money
  • Internal sensors use and perimeter wire setting for proper lawn boundaries

LawnBott LB1500 is designed ergonomically with simple control: you just place it in the yard and turn it on; the mowing starts and you can relax and wait for perfect result. The motor is built with advanced technology for quiet operation and with semi-automatic operation to ensure the effective and efficient performance. In addition, it is used with battery power source that will not cause any air pollution and save your money. Furthermore, it is able to work in the maximum land size of 10000 square feet. To limit the boundaries properly, you just use internal sensor and simply put the perimeter wire around lawn, so it will mow the lawn and avoid any area you don’t want to like flower garden, swimming pools, etc. Finally, it is lightweight and compact, which is convenient for portability, and storage.

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3. Robomow RM510 Robotic Lawnmower


  • Automatic cutting with remote control
  • Operate in the hard-to-reach area due to its compact design
  • Edge cutting
  • Safety mode: Auto blade stop, child lock, anti-theft
  • Bright LCD to display instructions

Robomow RM510 comes with bright LCD to display the instruction clearly for correct and fast setting up. Moreover, it comes with strong sharp blade that is able to cut outside the wheel, so it is able to operate completely over the coverage of lawn edges following the perimeter wire. Importantly, it features the safety modes to ensure high performance, durability and safety. The blade will stop rotating automatically when it is lifted or tilted to vertical direction. Also, it can change the direction automatically, when sensing the obstacle. Plus, child lock option is added to prevent children or anyone unfamiliar with using starts operating improperly. Standard remote control is sold separately but it can allow the lawnmower to cut small grass or approach the hard-to-reach area in automatic operation. Finally, it can be locked with PIN code for security.

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4. Robomow RS630 Robotic Lawnmower


  • Operation in multiple zones individually
  • Rain sensor for easy control
  • Base operation feature
  • Remote control included
  • Use in 0.75 acres perfectly
  • heavy-duty motor and tri-blade feature

Robomow RS630 is constructed with heavy-duty motor to mow the lawn fast and it is able to operate in 0.75 acres of land size perfectly. Designed with tri-blades, it is able to cut and trim the big lawn with better-looking outcome. Plus, it departs automatically from base station independently and go back for charging before new operation. In addition, it features rain sensor that will ask the users for continuing working or not when it sense high humidity. Some safety features are added: child lock, automatic blade stop while facing obstacle or lifted. With advanced technology, it is able to work in several zones and mow each one individually. Finally, the remote control is sold separately, but it can help the mower to approach small and narrow area.

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5. WORX Landroid Robotic Lawn Mower WG794

best robotic lawn mower

  • AIA technology for intricate cut and navigating narrow passages
  • Incline and decline up to 20 degrees
  • Able to move around obstacles
  • Automatic return to base

WORX Landroid WG794 comes with AIA technology for intricate cut and navigating narrow passages for cutting and trimming lawn in the hard-to-reach area properly. With shock sensor system, it is able to move around the obstacle, so it is the best product to mow the lawn in every situation. Moreover, it can incline and decline up to 20 degrees, so it will be able to move on various types of surfaces. For durability, it can return automatically to base station when it sense raining or need battery recharging. Besides, it uses with premium 28 V battery and it can operate quietly to allow users to start working during day, night or even early morning without any disturbance to your neighbours.

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