Buying Guides and Best Picnic Tables For Sale 2018

These are reviews and buying guides of the best picnic tables for sale. If that is what you are searching for, this will give you plenty of information to know what makes a great picnic tables while available options will be presented for your consideration. They are popular and nice picnic tables you could find and order online. You will like some of these so good. Enjoy your reading.

1. Lifetime 22119 Picnic Table and Benches


  • Made for stronger and durable
  • Insure for not splitting or peeling
  • Can be protected from fading and cracking due to UV inhibitors
  • Maintaining and cleaning easily
  • Being folded for easy storage

This picnic table is a product of Lifetime that is designed for service you and your family when you have a picnic outside. First, it is a 6 foot table which is made in Putty color finish for looking rather attractive. Second, it has about 1 to 5.8 inches round folding frame that is suitable enough for up to five people. Moreover, its top and benches are designed of high-impact polyethylene in order to insure for heavy duty with durability of this table. This table is also made with UV inhibitors to help protect its color from fading and cracking by the sun ray. Finally, this table is designed for being easy to fold into flat to help you storing it effortlessly.

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2. Lifetime 80215 Folding Picnic Table


  • Available in white granite color
  • Total size of 72 by 30 inches
  • Tabletop made of polyethylene
  • Suitable up to eight people
  • Designed with strength for durable and stable setting
  • There is a hold for putting an umbrella

This is another Lifetime’s table that is being reviewed for you in our list of best table for picnic. Firstly, this picnic table is made for easy to maintain and clean for you. In addition to this, it is designed for insuring the durable and stable setting which is suitable to serve up to 8 people during your picnic time. Thirdly, this table is made in white granite color with its tabletop is made of polyethylene color-coated that is stain resistant and not easily to crack. Finally, this exceptional sturdy picnic table has a hold designed which ready for you to put an umbrella in order to against the rain or sunray during your outdoor picnic as well.

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3. Outsunny Portable Folding Wooden Outdoor Picnic Table


  • Comes along with 4 seats
  • Be able to fold for transport from place to place
  • Made of high impact wood on the top
  • Frame designed with aluminum alloy for durability
  • Suitable for everyday dining or serving buffet

This is a family-friendly construction table for you and your family to enjoy picnicking outside your house. To begin with, this table is designed as being a lightweight yet heavy duty that has a combination of aluminum and steel parts for stability and serve you with extra comforting. Furthermore, due to its top quality and strong construction, this table is able to resist stain and cracking while its top is made of high impact wood so that it won’t fade its color when exposed to the sun. Finally, this folding table is suitable for serving up to 4 people for an outdoor picnic or festive occasions while 4 seats are also comes along with this product.

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4. Stansport Picnic Table and Umbrella Combo Pack


  • An ideal type for outdoor or camping accessories
  • Comes with an umbrella combo
  • Being portable folding table for 4 people
  • Constructed with anodized locking and aluminum frame
  • Designed as a heavy-duty high impact
  • Backed up by 12 months warranty from manufacturer

If you plan on spending your picnic in your garden or outside your house with your family or friends, this particular table is great for you whenever you need. To start with, this table is manufactured to serve four adults to make sure that they will have an extra comfort seating during their picnic time. Additionally, this outdoor or camping accessories is a pack product that comes along with an umbrella so that you can feel relaxed during your picnic activities even when exposed to the sun for all day long. Finally, both the table and the attached seats are made from high-density anodized locking and aluminum frame which are stronger and more durable for being the handy picnic table for you.

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5. Little Tikes Easy Store Picnic Tables for Sale with Umbrella

picnic tables for sale

  • Portable table for both indoor and outdoor
  • Being able to fold for easy storage
  • Attached with two cup holders
  • Comes along with a multi-purpose tray
  • Has a hole in center for an umbrella (in the same package)
  • Suitable for six children

This final product of the list is specifically designed for your children to play outside your house. Firstly, it is a compact table with an umbrella so that it will help protect your kids from getting too exposed to the sun while having their social interaction with others the same ages as them. Moreover, it is best serving for either indoor or outdoor activities since this table is being able to fold and set up quickly. In addition to this, this ideal portable table is featuring with 100% steel frame which is guaranteed for heavy-weather and rust resistance. More importantly, this picnic table is made as lightweight yet durable item, making it is convenient enough for home use, especially for children to sit comfortably for day long.

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