Buying Guides and Best Massage Chair Reviews 2018

♥ January 2016 Review

A massage chair has been a good friend for many elders. The massage does help them feel good and relaxed. Indeed, the home massage by a massage chair has also been a demand for many adults after their tiring days. This has made how necessary to have a massage chair at home for many families. At the same time, so many massage chair products have been made available in different price ranges and the features. If you too are going to find a good nice massage chair for your beloved parents or yourselves, there are a few guides and tips, listed below, we would strong recommend you to see before making any decision on buying them because those will let you find a better one, very likely.

How to Buy the Best Massage Chair

Special Professional Massage Chairs

When looking to buy a massage chair, the final comfort and relaxation one will get out of the chair is the most important thing. And, it is the important features and their performance that will decide the final comfort. Thus, it is vital that you check them well and right. They are the ergonomic and cushion design, seat vibration, acupoint detection system, massage positions, and massage programs and techniques.

Before getting you to all those features, we would want you to consider about the budget you plan to spend for a massage chair too. For a good massage chair, it might cost a few thousands. The high end ones are even more expensive. However, the massage seats are also available, and they cost only about several hundreds dollars while they will not have as many features as the massage chairs. Whichever you feel good about, you can go for it based on your plan. And, the tips will help you make the best of your budget you plan for it.

Again, comfort is the main point of sitting on a massage chair, and a good massage chair design could offer you comfort even before you turn it on to the operation. Many massage chairs that are rated top by the customers often have very good ergonomic design with very soft and comfortable cushion and seat pad with exception back support to make sure you sit good before the massage. And, you then will feel even better after that.

Another important thing in a massage chair is the seat vibration. Usually, this feature is available in only very premium massage chairs. The seat vibration works to vibrate gluteus and hamstrings, making you feel even better along the massage. Additionally, you will find the acupoint detection system in a smart massage chair. This system has an important task to scan through the unique position of your back so that the chair would form a map and know exactly where for the pressure point it needs to go to. And, that is what that makes high effectiveness in a massage chair.

Meanwhile, you may want to examine the massage position in a massage chair you are considering. Basically, very good massage chairs have gone more than just the back. They could do full body massage including the legs, foot, arms and wrists. Very commonly, while the back massage is often delivered by the massage heat, rollers, those extra massage for legs and arm is served by the air bag attached to the massage chair design. If you go for an high end massage chair, you are likely to have found the feature, and it is a really nice one to add up more comfort to everywhere on your body.

The last main feature you will get through is the massage programs and techniques. In a massage chair, you will see a control panel, and this where you can check and set up the programs you want the machine to work. You can set up the massage to the specific area, or you can let it scan and do the mapping of where the massage is needed on your body. Actually, many of those massage chairs come with the pre-program function which makes thing even easier for the users. In those programs, you will experience many massage techniques that have been designed into the chair. The common techniques are percussion, compression, and rolling.

Percussion is a technique that provide stroke with repeat taping to stimulate the area of spinal muscles and joints. This forms up a movement which it circulate blood, strengthen the muscles and soften the tissues. For compression, it is the touch on muscles by the machine like when the therapist presses on your spine, making it good for the mobility. Rolling is a very common technique in a massage chair. When this technique performs, you would feel like a warm ball rolling all over your back near your spin. This is to loosen and relieve the muscle tension, circulate the blood, and comfort your back before deeper massage.

Available but not so important, there are a few other features such as the music player and cup holder that are also built in a good massage chair. They are to add more usability of a massage chair while many want to enjoy their music or drink during their massage time. This is just to let you know that those are also available. In case you think you need them too, you know you need to find them in a massage chair you are looking at .

1. Comfort Products 60-2910


Product Features in Brief:

  • Have 10 cushion massage seats
  • Attached with heat polyester fabric
  • Equipped with soft thickly padded neck rest
  • Massage motors vibration with independent zones
  • Easy to operate electronically

This comfort product is designed for you to enjoy massaging yourself or your whole family at office or your home as you wish. First, it has 10 different cushion massage seats that are attached with heat polyester fabric electronically in order to give you the best massage to your body from head to toes. Moreover, it is run by both AC and DC power so that you can have free options to operate it flexible even when there is no electricity temporary. In addition to this, this product is equipped with soft thickly padded alongside in order to help giving your neck resting while you can enjoy the motors vibration at every zones on this chair. Finally, this item is made for seating space as large as 19 inches W and 18 inches D for fitting any seating environment.

How users are satisfied with this item

At quite an affordable price with so many of the features to finally perform good massaging, this massage chair has won the majority of their customers’ satisfaction. From Judy who have rated it 5 stars, she found very good effectiveness of this massage chair to help her deal with circulation, chronic pain, and muscle spasms. That simply improves the quality of her life, as added. Another user has expressed similarity in their satisfaction. They said they had this for 15 minutes every day, and it helps a lot to get rid of body pain.

What users think need to improve for this item

For some comments, it is said that this chair is actually not for tall people, and it runs with a little bit more noise while there are not a lot of massage pushing up. Another user found this massage chair out of the box wrong, and he feels it is very flimsy. To the extent of a vibrating massage, a user finds this is great. However, it is not a massage chair type that could go deep into the skin.

2. Special Professional Massage Chairs


Product Features in Brief:

  • Fully featured shiatsu chair
  • Built in with heat and true zero for massaging
  • Comes with three years warranty for steel frame and all electronic parts
  • Have AC or DC adaptors for home and office uses

This special massage chair comes in handy for you to have as smoothed heat treatment with neck rest during the whole massage operation. First of all, this product is designed for used wither at home or office depend on your situations. Secondly, there are 10-motor massage cushion equipped in this chair in order to deliver a relieved massage for your whole body affected by your daily’s stress. More importantly, you can also choosing the proper massage controller from 8 different intensities and 5 pre-programmed modes speeds based on the user’s guide manual attached in this product as well.

How users are satisfied with this item

Interestingly, many users have agreed that this massage chair is quite easy to use while it could do great massage for comfort and pain relief. Also, the many features and settings of this massage chair have also made very convenient use and serve customers to the max for massaging such as the bodyscan function and relaxation mode. At the same time, some users said this massage chair has the quality of massage chairs at the price of 4 or 5k as their experience. However, generally, the majority of the users seem to have very delightful experience with this massage chair.

What users think need to improve for this item

There are a few comments still that find this massage chair some improvement point. For Bernadette Gireaud, she had used this massage chair with her husband, but she thought the operation of this massage chair is a bit noisy. Other than that, everything else seems to be just fine.

3. Five Star FS8812 New


Product Features in Brief:

  • Have totally 10 motor massage cushion seat
  • Designed as vibration massager chair only
  • Suitable hitting place for your neck, back, thighs and lower back area
  • Equipped with hand control unit of 3 speeds and 4 massage programs
  • Flexible heat On and Off power button
  • Portable for home or office or car

You now can enjoy a relaxing vibration massage at home, at your office or in the car with this Five Star massage chair at your own convenience. First, this is featured with microprocessor control of 10 motor invigorating massager so that you whole body can be relieved from hurting. Second of all, it is equipped with hand control unit of 3 speeds and 4 massage programs that can be manually turned on or off while your massage setting function can also be with or without heat according to your own option. Furthermore, its invigorating massager is perfectly suitable for hitting your neck, back, thighs and lower back area all at once during the whole massaging operation. Finally, it comes with a smart function to automatically turn off the chair power after it is left unused in 30 minutes.

How users are satisfied with this item

No doubt that this is one of the best massage chairs available. Over 1000 reviews, the majority have rated this 5 stars. Many of them seem to have enjoyed their time on this massage chair so bad, saying that this massage chair is a great type of vibrating machine, and it helps their blood circulation very well. For Chris, he was satisfied with this massage chair and he said since doing it, it helps solve his problem of back pain after the surgery. Cushioning and comfort are seen to be the areas where customers like so much about this massage chair.

What users think need to improve for this item

Some users feel the item is not of a good effectiveness. It only vibrates and not massage. That is the issue for them. Another complain is over the lousy operation which is quite disturbing for some. These are the two common issues users have complained about.

4. Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair


Product Features in Brief:

  • Professional designed chair for full body massage
  • Designed with 100% ultra soft PU surface
  • Adjustable seat with place for head hand rest
  • Has the power rollers to help relaxing muscle stress
  • Improving for flexibility and mobility with posture of its legs
  • Backed by 12 months limited warranty

Your soreness, aches of the muscles will be no longer the issue with this electric full body Shiatsu Chair. First of all, as the professional designed massage chair, it will guarantee for softening your fatty deposits and stimulating your nerves and stressed muscles during the massage. Secondly, with its 100% ultra soft PU surface, it will provide you the comfortable feeling while the chair will help reducing your fatigue and rejuvenating your body and mind in the most relaxing way. More importantly, it can also further enhance a better blood circulation when you can choose the adjustable air massage setting with its multiple levels of intensity attached to this chair as well. Finally, you can enjoy using this product for a whole year with full coverage of all parts warranty too.

How users are satisfied with this item

It has been agreed that this massage chair type is of a great value for money since it has been designed with great functionality as well as the features. More importantly, it helps users feel relax and release body pain to an extent. Also, some others have marked the quality of this massage chair as brilliant, and it should have been a more expensive chair, they thought. A few other users like the fact that it does full body massage, and the heat gets them to feel relaxed.

What users think need to improve for this item

Very few people though find this massage chair not working properly even on the first day, and for Bart, he rated the massage chair less because his one was broke after less than a year. These are very rare cases that happened to this item as we have gone through most of the comments.

5. New Full Body Massage Chair Recliner Bed EC-69


Product Features in Brief:

  • Flexible rolling up and down
  • Can provide direct and effective massage effect
  • Help reduces muscle pain
  • Relaxing your muscle stress and rejuvenating your mind and body
  • Ultra-long range massage

Seat designed with soft polyester fabric and polyurethane foam
This is the last product for you to consider in our list of best massage chair available in markets for you. First of all, this is designed with high power vibration motor, meaning that it can provide you the wide range of massaging areas to you whole body with a more effective way. Secondly, it is manufactured with compression and percussion for its flexibility and mobility in order to give you the muscles soreness free and fasten your aches away. More importantly, with its upgraded range of motion, this will allow the chair to reach up to the tailbone areas while its upper part could reach up high enough aiming your neck section simultaneously. Finally, this chair also attached with air pressure massage that can relieve your thighs and relax your stiff muscles while your nerves can be stimulated as well.

How users are satisfied with this item

Some users when told this massage chair is brilliant, they said the price is too low to be true. However, when having the actual experience with it, it surprises them. From Newana Lawhon who said to have her back and injuries, she found out this is her massage chair, and it helps her greatly to relieve the pain. Likewise, some other users have been impressed by the variety of the massages it could serve, and they feel just great after having those.

What users think need to improve for this item

For a few who experienced terrible things with the chair, they have mentioned the issue of comfort, and they feel this massage chair is not comfortable enough. Additionally, Maryam has commented her massage chair of this model has been delivered and damage upon arrival while Dennis S. said her one broke after just three days.