Buying Guides and Best Knee Walker Review 2016

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Knee walker is actually an important tool for elders and those who could not walk well because of commonly the leg and ankle surgery. Some might need a knee walker for a long period of time while some need it for a few months until they recover. This is one of the points to consider when looking for a knee walker. Nonetheless, there are many things more to know about a knee walker and your needs before you could make the right decision on the right knee walker to buy. That is basically this article is all about to tell you. For next, the buying guides, tips and advises of the best knee walkers will be presented along with 5 best knee walker options you might want to see.

How to Buy the Best Knee Walker

When it comes to the knee walker or knee scooter, it is a medical device that supports and helps to reduce weight and pressure of the lower limp of the users. That simply means patients, with the knee walker, could move around without having to bother much to the injured knee. That keeps it safe and recover quick. However, what that matters is how you could choose the best knee walker or knee scooter to help. Below will be a short descriptions of the buying guides you might need to know to choose a great one to use.

HomCom Knee Walker Scooter

Why many choose the knee walker

When one is having a problem with their legs, they would need support, and in such a case, only the crutch and knee walker are the alternatives. These two are the answer. However, according to our reviews on the customers’ feedback, most of them experienced a greater help and convenience from the knee walker by its better stability, easy mobility as well as higher safety. This simply says knee walker has been a better solution to the situation. But, crutch is still an available alternative. You can still decide between the two. For the price range, a good knee walker could post around 150 US dollars up to several hundreds. Meanwhile, you could also find the knee walkers that cost under 100 dollars.

Rental Vs Buy

Regarding getting a knee walker to support your mobility during your recovering time, you have two options. You can either just by the knee walker or you can simply rent one of them. There are suppliers who are willing to rent you their knee walker as commonly, a knee walker is only a temporary need. For the decision, you could go check with your local knee walker suppliers about the rental fee as well as the conditions if you want to rent instead of buying one.

Key Features in the best knee walker

There are certain features in a knee walker that decide if it is a good one for you, and you thus should check them carefully in your interested knee walker. Those features include safety, easy mobility and comfort, and the service while the look of a knee walker could also be important to some. If it does to you too, you can collect more options and see if which design you like the most in a knee walker and could decide, accordingly.


Safety is the most important feature in a knee walker you can not take it for granted. It gives support to the mobility, and you have to make sure they are designed safest to use, meaning preventing you from falling down unnecessarily. But, how to know if a knee walker has the safest design? For one, you could look to its turning. A good knee walker could turn left and right smoothly and conveniently for the users without needing much of the strength. Also to notice, knee walkers with caster-like wheel are not recommended. This could possibly slide away from you easily, causing you to maybe fall down and hurt.

Another feature that ensures safety is its maneuverability over different kinds of surfaces such as carpets. And regarding this, the bigger the wheel, the more it moves great over even uneven surfaces. Knee walkers with big enough wheels allow patients to move outdoor safer. At the same time, offset knee platform and seat post are also important to examine. The best knee walkers must have designed their offset knee platform right to ensure the most stability for users when moving with. Related to the seat post, certain cheap designs of knee walkers could have the seat post protruding from the bottom. This could make a sudden stop and get users out of control, especially when moving in an uneven surface. The seat post design worth also checking.

Lastly, knee walker again is a medical device, so it has to be registered with the US Food and Drug Administration before it could be sold legally. And, the ones that do are likely to be checked for their safety make. This could also be another tip you can see if your interested knee walker deserves an order.

Easy mobility and comfort

For easy mobility and comfort, it goes around the adjusability of a knee walker and the padded seat. As users will be of different height and needs, a good adjustment in a knee walker could let them customize and feel most comfortable with the knee walker. When it comes to adjustment in the knee walker, it is about the pad adjustment as well as the handlebar flexibility. These would let users achieve balance and comfort at the same time.

As for some people they may need to transport the knee walker somewhere else for use, foldability of a knee walker design might as well a need. So, if that is also your case, you could look for a knee walker which could be folded small for easy storage and transporting. Even better, you might see some available knee walkers which come in with accessories such as the cup holder and basket in the front. These stuff gets your comfort and convenient use of a knee walker to another level. Likewise, there are knee walkers which do not require much for the installation.


This is about the product warranty and customer service. If a knee walker you are interested in has warranty in place to take care and ensure more of the confidence, then it surely is a better option. There may be times you will need helps from product experts too. So, it would be great if there are some people from the supplier side who are waiting to help you deal with your knee walker right. Free delivery is another common service you will find when ordering a knee walker.

1. HomCom Knee Walker Scooter


Product Features in Brief:

  • Contoured channel design for individuals recovering from foot or knee injury
  • Adjustable height of seat and handle
  • Deluxe braking system with locking handbrake and rear disc brake for maximum of safety and control
  • Foldable steering column for convenient transport
  • Detachable storage basket

HomCom knee walker scooter is designed perfectly with contoured channel to help people recently recovering from foot and knee injury to move comfortably and securely. It is constructed with heavy-duty steel frame for durability and stability. Moreover, the seat and handle height is adjustable, so it can be used with people of different height with ease. In addition, it features Deluxe braking system for the maximum of safety. It also comes with locking handbrake and rear disc brake that allow you to control your scooter efficiently and timely. Besides, the wheels are PU construction with 7-inch size that is perfect for indoor and outdoor use on the various tough surfaces. The steering column is foldable, making you easy in transport and storage. Last but not least, a detachable storage basket is included to help you carry your loose items perfectly.

How users are satisfied with this item

Seeing this knee walker getting rated 4 stars by the customers could ensure more that this is of a great choice when you are looking for one of this items. Yes, indeed. Generally, many customers of this have given very good comments over the products to show their satisfaction. Among many, a user who has had knee surgery has strongly recommended this and said that she was a big woman, and this knee walker could hold her perfectly. The basket design in the walker is also what she thinks is fantastic. Another customer has bought it for mom, and the comment is mom loved the knee walker badly. Additionally, many find assembling of this knee walker a piece of cake.

What users think need to improve for this item

Among a few who are not happy, one was having problem with the steering of this knee walker. And, also the issue that is demanded for the improvement is about the brake. It exists only on one of the wheels, and that is a user has warned others to be careful with that. Knee pad having cracks is another problem that has happened to a user.

2. Isokinetics Inc. Knee Walker/Scooter


Product Features in Brief:

  • Top-quality steel frame for maximum weight support up to 300 pounds
  • Adjustable knee height and steering column
  • 7.5-inch sturdy rubber wheels
  • Removable mesh basket provided
  • Advanced brake design for smoother slowing or stopping experience

Isokinetics Inc. Knee Walker is engineered with strong and durable steel frame, which is able to support the maximum weight of 300 pounds. The knee cushion channel is designed perfectly for greater stability and pain free. Furthermore, it comes with adjustable knee height and steering column for your high convenience and easy transport. Additionally, the rubber wheels measures 7.5 inches that enable you to move safely and effortlessly. Importantly, it is equipped with advanced brake, providing you smoother slowing experience for high safety. The seat is large enough and it is padded for your comfort. Plus, the removable mesh basket is also provided to help you store your personal stuff while traveling. Finally, this product comes with variety of colors like purple, blue, or black for your choice.

How users are satisfied with this item

Of course, the more we get through the comments, the more we have seen customer satisfaction over this. For one reason, a lot of users find this knee walker having a very sturdy stand which helps their position a lot. Another user has said he had his foot surgery and have got to need a knee walker. He finally got this one, and it has helped him get through his 6 week recovery very well. The knee walker is as well said to be strong, smooth to move and come with a fantastic design. These are only some, and the overall has rated it 4.5 stars out of 5. That is a terrific satisfaction.

What users think need to improve for this item

For certain designs to improve, a user has a comment on the handle bars which he found it very short, so is the wheel base at the back. Some other users have said this knee walker is indeed perfect but only when it runs on smooth surface. However, when there are cracks on the surface, you have go to be careful. It could throw you off. Portability is as well as concern for some on this.

3. All Terrain KneeRover Knee Walker


Product Features in Brief:

  • 12-inch pneumatic tires ideal for outdoor and indoor use
  • 3-inch thick contoured knee platform for your convenience and comfort
  • Non-slip soft rubber hand grips
  • Double bar construction for strength and endeavor
  • Lightweight and portable feature

This mode of KneeRover is designed ergonomically to provide you the lightweight yet durable product to help individuals with leg or knee injury to move comfortably and securely. The contoured knee platform comes with 3-inch thickness for high convenience and comfort. The handgrip is non-slip soft rubber that allows you to control this mini vehicle properly. In addition, it is designed with double bar to ensure balance and strength. The advanced brake is added to help you slow down your speed and stop effectively. Plus, the frame is built with strong steel and coated with blue finish for durability and stunning outlook. Last but not least, it is able to support up to 400 lbs.

How users are satisfied with this item

Similarly, this option gets rated 4.5 stars. That is a terrific satisfaction it has got from the customers. Most users argued that the item has enough of the value to be the highly recommended knee walker. For one feature a couple of users have mentioned they like, it is the bigger tires in this knee walker. It helps to move in a sturdy and smooth way. For Rosemarry, she was having her ankle operated and needed a few months to recover. She had experienced with this knee walker, and she also agreed this is a great design knee walker.

What users think need to improve for this item

It is so hard to find the negative comments for this item, and when we do, it is about the turning radius which some think should be improved. Other than that, we have seen a user complaining about the problem of their knee walker’s rear brake which took them hours to get home.

4. Turning Leg Walker Knee Walker


Product Features in Brief:

  • Strong dual bar frame
  • 7.5-inch sturdy rubber wheels
  • Folding mechanism for convenient transport and storage
  • Premium brake system for high safety
  • Removable storage basket

Turning Leg walker knee walker comes with strong dual bar to increase stability and strength. The handgrip is equipped with non-slip rubber, so you can control your vehicle properly. It is designed with 7.5-inch rubber wheels to help you to use indoor and outdoor perfectly on different surfaces. It includes the advanced technology brake system to help you drive safely. In addition, the kneepad is soft and breathable for you to move easily; it measures 6.5-inch width and 12.5-inch length, so you can put your knee on comfortably. The mesh storage basket is provided for your high convenience. Finally, it is designed with easy folding mechanism that enables you to transport and store this product with ease.

How users are satisfied with this item

Over almost 500 reviews, this has been a 4.5 star knee walker. Terribly good, the majority of the users are extremely delightful with their experience on this knee walker. One user has stressed that they felt very secure and safe having this knee walker with them on the move. The built-in basket has been praised for its good helpfulness by many users, at the same time. For Sandra Russell, she said she had her foot surgery in December 2, the doctor has asked her to get one of the knee walker. She decided to order this one home, and it works great for her.

What users think need to improve for this item

Some users instead find this knee walker bulky and awkward to move around with. Braking seems to be also a complain by a few. And, it is said that it is not effective to keep the knee walker park immobile. Likewise, one user wish the knee platform in their knee walker could be adjusted to low enough for the comfort reason.

5. Drive Medical DV8 Knee Walker


Product Features in Brief:

  • Steerable for better maneuverability
  • Leg pad designed channel for maximum of stability
  • Adjustable height of seat and handle
  • Deluxe hand brake for safe immediate stopping
  • 8-inch wheels for most surface types
  • Knee pad side: 14.25-inch by 7.25-inch by 17.5-inch to 21.5-inch (Length by Width by Height)

Drive Medical DV8 knee walker is steerable for greater maneuverability, so people recently recovering from knee, leg, or ankle injured can move conveniently. The kneepad comes with channel to help you to position your leg properly with high stability and safety, and it measures 14.25-inch length and 7.25-inch width. Furthermore, the height of seat can be adjusted from 17.5 to 21.5 inches without any tools required to enable people to move with the maximum comfort. The deluxe hand brake is constructed perfectly for smooth slowing down and safe immediate stopping. The wheel size is 8 inches that can be use outdoor and indoor with ease. Finally, the frame is engineered with heavy-duty steel with black coated finish to ensure strength and durability.

How users are satisfied with this item

Let’s me start this with a couple of users who mentioned easy and smooth riding are the main features they like most in this knee walker design. They highly recommend this knee walker if others have had similar ankle or foot problems like them. To some other users, they are as well delightful with this knee walker simply because they had foot surgery, and this has been a great help for them to move during the recovery time. Even better, the stability of this design is as well outstanding, mentioned by many users.

What users think need to improve for this item

For a few points that the company should consider for the improvement of this, they are the assembling difficulty and brake. To a few users, they shared the same comment on difficult assembling since the knee walkers come in different parts and even worse, there was no instruction. Brake is also an issue for some.