Buying Guides and Best Hoyer Lift Reviews 2018

If you have a need for the best hoyer lift, you have come right. In this, we have the buying guides, including things to consider  and features to check out in a hoyer lift you may be interesting, to present. These buying guides and tips will help you to find a right hoyer lift that fits to your need. At the same time, there are 5 best hoyer lift reviews to come next. If you have time, you might also go through the reviews. You could find your best hoyer lift quick and soon so.

1. Advance Hoyer Lift from Complete Medical


  • Easy transport and storage
  • Extra-big handle for better control
  • Swan neck leg design
  • Adjustable pedal at the rear base
  • Four easy-to-move caster wheels

Complete Medical hoyer lift is built with heavy-duty stainless steel for longevity, and rust resistance. It is designed perfectly for easy storage and transport. Furthermore, the handle is extra big for easy control and movement. The leg is designed with swan neck for easy adjustment. Plus, the pedal is located at the rear of the base to help you to open the legs upward. It comes with four caster wheels, so you can move patients conveniently and effortlessly. Its overall dimension is 31-inch length, 41-inch height, and 22-inch width, with 69-pound weight. The compact and lightweight design allows you to move with ease. Finally, the price is not expensive, so you can afford it for safe and comfortable patient caregiving.

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2. Drive Medical Patient Lift


  • Heavy-duty stainless steel with silver vein finish
  • 6-point cradle feature
  • Hydraulics raising and lowering
  • Four top-quality casters brakes added for high safety
  • 1-year limited warranty

Drive Medical lift is constructed with heavy-duty stainless steel for high durability and rust resistance. It is also coated with silver vein finish for stunning outlook. Furthermore, it is designed with 6-point cradle for better adjustment to ensure stability. It also comes with hydraulics to help you to raise and lower individuals safely from stationary position. Plus, base width can be adjusted to help you to carry individuals properly and comfortably. Besides, four high-quality casters are added for mobility. The casters are equipped with brakes for extra safety. Importantly, its design is easily assemble and release to help you lift the patient fast. This product is backed with 1-year limited warranty to ensure its high quality. Finally, the price is attractive, so you can try it to help patients to move safely and securely.

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3. Drive Medical New Style Patient Lift


  • Chrome-coated steel for strength and high performance
  • 6-point cradle feature
  • Hydraulics raising or lowering individuals
  • Sling chains included
  • Easy-to-move casters with safe brakes
  • 450-pound maximum weight support

Drive Medical lift is constructed with chrome-coated steel for durability and high performance. This product looks brilliant and strong to secure the maximum weight support of 450 pounds. In addition, it features the 6-point cradle with easy adjustment for high support. The lift is used with hydraulics to lower or raise patients in safe and gradual movement. Moreover, the sling chain is included, so you can use this product to carry individual with high confidence of safety. Four easy-to-move casters are provided with brakes for the maximum of safety; importantly, it ensures stability while transferring. Finally, you will be offered lifetime warranty for frame and one-year limited frame for pump.

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4. Medline Hydraulic Patient Lifts


  • Full body sling package
  • 6-point cradle type
  • Lift up to 400-pound weight capacity
  • Adjustable U-base with hand lever
  • Base dimension: 42-inch length and 23 to 73-inch width

Medline patient lift features the full body sling package to ensure that you will lift the patients easily and comfortably. It comes with 6-point cradle for adjustment for safety and stability. Additionally, it features lever to lift the patients carefully and stably, and you can use switch release option to slowly lower person to the chair or bed. Furthermore, the U-base is adjustable with easy-to-control hand lever that enables you to make any adjustment with ease. The base dimension is 42-inch length and 23 to 73-inch width, so you can make adjustment to help carry the patients perfectly. This product is constructed with stainless steel, which is long-lasting, and rust-resistant. Besides, it can support the maximum weight up to 400 pounds. Finally, its price is not expensive if you compare with other similar-quality product in the market.

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5. Invacare 9805P Body Lift

best hoyer lift

  • 360-degree rotation without side-to-side move
  • Lightweight construction for easy mobility
  • Padded swivel bar and pump handle
  • Six-point swivel bar for all sling styles and positions
  • 450-pound weight capacity

Invacare 9805P body lift is designed perfectly for the safety, and comfort. It can be rotated in 360 degrees without side-to-side movement. In addition, it comes with padded swivel bar and pump handle for patient high comfort. The bar is designed in six points to allow you to sling the patients in all styles and positions. It goes low enough to lift the patient on the bed, so you can take care the patients easily even staying alone. Plus, the construction is very lightweight yet strong and durable for easy mobility. It is built with sturdy stainless steel for strength and balance. Its design is very great for quick setup and disassembly. It is able to support maximum weight up to 450 pounds. Last but not least, if you are looking for the helpful device for patients, please do not look over this affordable product.

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