Buying Guides and Best Hair Steamer Review 2018

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Like facial steaming, hair steaming is a very common hair care activity for women. While many used to go to salon and have their hair steamed, it is a lot more convenient now that people can just find a good hair steamer, and they then could do the steaming themselves. It is easier, cheaper and not time consuming while many hair steamers on the market are reliable with good performance and effectiveness. To know know which one is so, you would need some tips and guides, and that is all what the rest of the article is about. You will find buying guides of the best hair steamer below.

How to Buy the Best Hair Steamer:

To find the best hair steamer, you might need to know a few things about your needs as well as the availability of the products you could find online and off line. If you do not have time going to the shop, we recommend you purchase it online. Many people have done it, and they have no problem so. To get to find the right hair steamer, you would need to know what types of hair steamer you will want as well as the feature and overall quality of the products.

Types of a Hair Steamer

Deluxe Hair Steamer

Basically, a hair steamer could be a steamer cap, handheld steamer, or tabletop steamer. For home use, many people decide to get the handheld steamer and steamer cap because they are more portable, less space consuming, and affordable. However, if you want a more intense performance, you might instead go for the tabletop steamer type.

Steamer cap is quit popular for its affordable price and small design while the performance is acceptable to many people’s need. Also, because it is small, people tend to bring it around the house and somewhere away very conveniently. If you want to have a clearer look into the design of a steamer cap, you might see Giantex Mini Hair Portable Steamer. It is one of the good quality hair steamer which many have rated top for.

Another type is the handheld steamer. Of course, like the name says, this type of hair steamer would need you to carry it and spray the steam air all over your air. Talking about the size, it is even smaller in design than the steamer cap. For those who like to have their hair steamed during their trip also, they would tend to find something like this to order while the performance of this type of hair steamer is quite good.

The last type of a hair steamer is the tabletop steamer. Unlike the first two, this type has a base as well as the hood and the cap. They are generally more powerful to produce steam air and have more features to serve regarding steaming the hair. However, it needs space to store and steam your hair at home.

Key Features to Consider in a Hair Steamer

When buying a hair steamer, there are important features you need to look for in the item you might be interested in. Those features are often design, auto shutoff and timer, height adjustment, water reservoir, and warranty.  Plenty of best hair steamers are available. This means there are plenty of designs you could choose. And, the below reviewed hair steamers are very popular, you could check them also. They have good design, indeed. Besides the appearance of the hair steamer, you would need the auto shutoff and timer function in a hair steamer. Auto shutoff is more a feature for safety use. There are times people forget to turn their hair steamer off after use, and it could cause fire if something goes wrong. Actually an auto shutoff features would also help save the energy.

Timer is quite a need too. Many people have a schedule and time to steam their hair, so if a steamer has a timer, you can conveniently set it like you want and enjoyably lay down for the hair steaming until it automatically turns off. Many hair steamers have a timer function which could be set up to 60 minutes. In case you are going to get a tabletop hair steamer, you would need to check the adjust ability of its hood. That is important to let you conveniently set up for your comfortable hair steaming at home. You would feel awkward if the hood is not adjustable.

Other than that, there are water reservoir and warranty in a hair steamer to check out. Water reservoir in a hair steamer will decide how long it can run before you have to refill it. The bigger the tank, the more favorable choice it is since it reduces your refilling time, especially you could have a long hair steaming if you need to. Most of the hair steamers, at the same time, include one year warranty for their products to ensure the confidence and worry free purchase for the users. You may check and find a good hair steamer with warranty too. That makes you feel safer.

This is basically it for some information you need to know before purchasing a good hair steamer. However, there is an issue to be careful with. That is the water reservoir leakage. For some users, they experienced this with their hair steamer. So, when you look for a hair steamer, check out the reviews and make sure its water tank is great so that you will not have to suffer from the water spatter over your face during the hair steaming.

1. Giantex Mini Hair Portable Steamer


Product Features in Brief:

  • Designed as being an advanced tool for both hair and face
  • Being and electrical device to run with 110 V AC
  • Lightweight of just 5.5 pounds
  • Help provide valuable nutrients to your hair
  • Easy to use

This Giantex is the first product introduced in our list of best hair steamer for you. First of all, this item is designed as the two in one home use steamer for both your face and hair conveniently. Second of all, as an ideal type for steaming your hair, this particular product is able to treat brittle and unhealthy hair to become clean and tidy at all time. Moreover, as it is equipped with sprayer to functionally generating proper steam water and mist, this will help valuable nutrients to your hair in a rotatable comfortable at every angle. Finally, it is made a mini size lightweight object for you to carry easily.

How users are satisfied with this item

For easy portability and great price, many users have gone for this Giantex. And, they are not disappointed with this hair steamer. Many have said they realized their hairs become healthier after using it. Another has said the hair steamer is quite durable. It fell off the table by accident, and it survived to still work great. While easy assembling has also been a like, some users thought his hair steamer is small but well built for sturdy stand. By and large, it performs what is supposed to very well, to what many have commented.

What users think need to improve for this item

Certain issues still happened that make a few upset. Some have found the hair steamer is not working properly and never turn on after unpacking. Some has experienced it stopped working after a few months. This should be the technical errors in the particular hair steamers. However, it should not be too many.

2. Salon Sundry Professional Hair Steamer


Product Features in Brief:

  • Designed with a rolling floor stand base
  • Provide a heating therapeutic steam vapor
  • Made of stainless steel materials
  • Run with 32-ounce of water reservoir
  • Flexible height from 37 inches to 49 inches

This hair steamer is a professional hair salon designed to provide you the best functional features that it can to your hair. First, it is manufactured as a lightweight and economical object with a rolling floor stand base in order for you to easily remove to fit your head at every angle. In addition to that, it is attached with a heavy duty water reservoir of 22 ounces to produce the proper amount of superb steam vapor. Furthermore, as it is located with a flexible height from around 37 inches to 49 inches this will make the steamer to be able positioned 90-degrees as desired for allowing smooth mobility to give an even steam distribution to your hair as well.

How users are satisfied with this item

Differently from the first, this hair steamer comes with a stand, and that is also favorite choice when one is looking for the hair steamer with great convenient to do the work at home. For one reason many like this option, it is for the two built-in container which let it runs for quite a long time for the hair steaming. 60 minute timer is as well a feature for good convenient to let users steam their hair without a worry. A couple of others have also been happy with the delivery and assembling. Additionally, they said the product works flawlessly with adjustable stand and high low settings.

What users think need to improve for this item

For a few users who are not lucky, they have found the issues with this hair steamer. One common issue is with its short life. A few users have said they have had this hair steamer. It works great, but after a few months, problems arrived and it no longer works. Another issue is the functionality. Some has experienced not working low steam button.

3. Deluxe Hair Steamer With Timer By Skin Act


Product Features in Brief:

  • Designed with adjustable height
  • Has a timer set up for a hour long
  • Run by 650W AC power
  • Attached with vented hood for steam level
  • Backed by 12 months warranty

This hair steamer product is brought to you by Skin Act, one of the best hair salon products in the market. First of all, this is designed as an easy-rolling item with flexible wheels in order to fit by all type of chairs for you. In addition to this, this CE certified product is made with 12 inches of hood dimensions from side to side with sensor integrated to provide the heat water element properly. Another case in point, it is accommodating with tank-style water reservoir, making it is easy to put water in by just removing the reservoir from the steamer. Finally, a timer equipped with this item is the tool for you to set up the adequate amount of steaming duration for your hair based on your wish, ranging from 15 minutes to 60 minutes maximum.

How users are satisfied with this item

When we checked through most reviews of customers over this particular hair steamer, we are overwhelmed by the positive comments and praise. This should mean so much to the quality and effectiveness of this hair steamer. In that, easy assembling and quick deliver is also a part that makes good satisfaction over the item. Some users said it arrived early and it took them about 10 minutes only to set up. What that is more impressive is this hair steamer has good adjustments such as the stand while its effectiveness is awesome to their hairs. Basically, it is good performance and affordable price that sell the item.

What users think need to improve for this item

Some users find this hair steamer powerful enough only when it is set to the high volume button, and the water is found to run out quite often at around every 20 minutes. Dripping is also an issue a few users have faced in their hair steamer of this model. Another complain is on the durability of the hair steamer. It is said to not last over a year.

4. Cayenne White Professional Salon Hair Steamer


Product Features in Brief:

  • To help process your hair professionally
  • Will seal in your hair treatments yet not drying it out
  • One hour timer
  • Multiple level settings with vent control
  • Run by 50 watts of heating power to produce therapeutic vapor

This Cayenne Professional Hair Steamer is another product that every professional hairdresser is looking for. First, being designed to meet the highest standards, this steamer will provide you the moisture to help process your hair professionally. Second, with one hour time setting, it will help prevent your hair from too much heat damage, yet give you the proper moisture seals in treatment for you unhealthy hair. Third, due to its multiple level setting, you will have full control of situation to process your hair without making it brittle. Finally, its adjustable height with the portable base will make you move the steamer easily without any difficulty.

How users are satisfied with this item

For the overall rating, this hair steamer gets 3.5 stars by the customer reviews. However, the majority of the comments have gone to praise this hair steamer for its effective hair steaming function as well as the convenient use. Many feel so satisfied with the hair steamer at such the price it sells. For a user who rated this 5 star, she said she experienced great steaming from this hair steamer for her natural hair, and she is so delighted for it. Easy moving is also a nice comment from users over this item as you too could see its base design.

What users think need to improve for this item

Very usual, like many hair steamers, some users have found something to improve in this hair steamer too. One very common complain is with the dripping of hot water from the tank, and many do not like it. Another issue is the fact that it does last long enough for certain uses. A few have said they have used it for a few weeks, and it stopped producing the steam. Some could use it up to a year.

5. Hair Steamer Beauty Salon Equipment Color Processing


Product Features in Brief:

  • Professionally designed to treat your damaged hair
  • Operation with the lowest noise
  • Has an On or Off wind button
  • Attached with a heat velocity switch
  • Time setting up to one hour long

Last but not least, this is the final product reviewed to you in the best list of hair steamer. First of all, this professional steamer is a hair machine that comes with adjustable height to provide you the best glowing hair possible at every angle of your sitting. Secondly, this object is designed to operate with the lowest noise that make you feel more comfortable and relaxing during your hair treatment process. In addition to this, with its stable standing wheels, this hair steamer will enable you to have your head blood circulated with the proper amount of steaming time in order to eliminate scurf and ensure your hair healthy, smooth and lustrous after your hair treatment. Finally, this product comes along with a hair dryer, four wheels, one water jug, and a user’s guide manual in English as well.

How users are satisfied with this item

From most of the reviews, the customers have agreed that this hair steamer has a great value, and it worth every single penny they have spent. In that, users are very excited with the performance of this hair steamer by saying the product could offer thorough and deep steam all over the head. Even more importantly, users have said this hair steamer has made their hair more moisturizing, more shining and more beautiful. Some of them even expressed their addiction to the item.

What users think need to improve for this item

A few bad moments of this hair steamer is the fact that some users find its tank leaking while some others said the tank is made from cheap plastic with poor quality to use. Other than that, it is a few users whose hair steamers stopped working too soon less than a year, and they are not happy with that while if it works, it does great.