Buying Guides and Best Facial Steamer Reviews 2018

♥ January 2016 Review

Very often, when one needs to steam their face or hair, they would need to go to the salon for the service. Many people though find this very time consuming and inconvenient. Sometimes, it is quite hard to find time going to the salon and have it steamed. However, real solution does exist, and it is to have a good facial steamer and do it yourself at home. Many facial steamers are available online and off at such reasonable price. But, you want need to know is how to buy the best facial steamer to bring home. The rest of the article is for that, and it will tell you what you need to consider before buying a facial steamer while a few of the items have also been selected to review for your check.

How to Buy the Best Facial Steamer

More and more women now tend to have a facial steamer at home simply because you want a more convenient way to steam and take care of their face skin, and that happens only when they have their own facial steamer at home. For many people, they schedule to steam their face 3 to 5 times per week. That is quite often, and it, thus, needs you to find a high quality facial steamer to deal with the workload. Below will be some tips you can take to buy a good facial steamer.

Types and Sizes of a facial steamer

Revlon Facial Sauna

For the availability, facial steamer, like hair steamer, have two common designs. One is the small portable one, and the others is the design with a stand which commonly its height is made highly adjustable. If you care for the space, you may like to consider the smaller design like Revlon Facial Sauna. It still could do a great steaming job for your face while it looks quite small you can bring with without an problem. However, if you seriously need to use it very often with more features and functions needed, you might consider the adjustable height facial steamer like Esthology Salon Facial Steamer.

Key Features to Consider in a Facial Steamer

All facial steamers are to steam the face. They have many similarities in features. However, for convenient use and durable performance, there are certain functionalities you may want to make sure they exist in the facial steamers you are interested, and those perform brilliant. In that, auto shutoff, timer, cone design, water reservoir, steam temperature control, and height are strongly recommended to examine carefully.

Though not all, many facial steamers are designed with auto shutoff as one of its important feature. This functionality is for convenient as well as safety use. There are always certain problems in electric products, and it could happen at any time. Thus, auto shutoff is a nice feature to automatically stop the steamer when there is a problem such as it becomes too hot or you forget to turn it off after use. It, at the same time, saves your electricity having this feature in your facial steamer.

As well necessary, it is the timer feature. Many people know how much time they want to spend each time steaming their face like 15 minutes or 20 minutes. Thus, if the facial steamer comes with timer, you can set it like you want and just enjoy steaming your face. If not, you will have to keep thinking about time and may not have such a relax face steaming.

Meanwhile, the cone design is also to check out. A nice cone design makes the whole presentation of the facial steamer look also great. Even more important, it will help to direct the steam to all area of your face. Additionally, it worth noticing that some facial steamer has also had the nasal cone added which you could use it to steam or spray your nose. Moreover, another feature that you have to make sure it exists is the steam temperature control. That is necessary when you need different amount of steam air at a different temperature. For small portable facial steamer, they often have a low and high steam switch.

Meanwhile, if instead you like to have the facial steamer with base and stand, in addition to the above mentioned key features, adjustable height and water reservoir are the two more features to consider. Adjustable height is important to fit your steaming and space in any situation you have at home, and different people would feel different need for the height. So, the adjustment should be needed. As well, it is the reservoir. The bigger it is, the less time you need to refill especially when you want to have a long steaming. In this, some users have experienced leakage of the reservoir of their facial steamer. Therefore, it worth checking out the review of the facial steamer you want to buy too about the issue.

Lastly, it is a warning to let you know. All the available facial steamer uses hot air for the water you refill, and because of unknown product error, there are cases that the hot water could somehow spatter over the face, causing some burn and injuries. Though it is rare, you had better know it, and if you feel something wrong with the facial steamer you might be using, take it away from your face immediately. Get back to it only if you feel safe using it.

Nevertheless, many users have expressed their good satisfaction after starting to steam their face, and the common likes are on softer facial skin while it is said to help clean up dirt and oil very well in addition to getting rid of the sinuses.

1. Revlon Facial Sauna


Product Features in Brief:

  • Being a complete 2 steps of facial steamer
  • Including 2 cones for facial and nasal
  • Comes with measuring cup
  • Run by AC powered
  • Temperature controlled thermostatically

This facial steamer is the product of Revlon that can bring to you the feeling of fresh and renewed facial skin all the time. First of all, this product is a complete two steps item for you in order to have a soothing facial sauna to both of your facial and nasal cone. In addition to this, it will help you have a deep cleansing regimen due to its facial cone pores. Moreover, the nasal cone will assist you to clean nasal passages with a relaxing way for providing an extra comfort. Finally, its measuring cup with temperature controlled thermostatically will enable you to enjoy the hot soothing mist and moisturizing to soften your skin and restore the natural radiance as well.

How users are satisfied with this item

I believe if you have searched online for the best facial steamers, Revlon Facial Sauna would be one of the items you will find. This is quite a popular product with extremely positive customer review. Generally, many users have realized that this facial steamer has done its task great, making tones of steam and go over your face nicely. Even more important, the experience says it helps make the facial skin look nicer. Some others have instead praised the item for it heats up quick for their facial steam while the price is so reasonable. These are only some but more comments from users have also shared the similar satisfaction over this face steamer.

What users think need to improve for this item

Particularly, a user said this facial steamer is not the best and also not the worse. They simply could not find it working great for them. Another user is doubtful if their face skin gets better by times since there was nothing happening after the steaming.

2. Secura Nano Ionic NanoCare Facial Steamer


Product Features in Brief:

  • Has the capacity to create superfine hot steam in seconds
  • Designed to easily absorb and moisturize skin more quickly
  • Help removing dirt, oil and grime from your skin
  • Can be alternatively used as an exfoliating scrubs
  • Can be used for interior humidifying your skin
  • Comes along with user’s manual
  • Backed by one year warranty

Secura Nao is another facial steamer introduced in this review list for you. First of all, This NanoCare Facial Steamer has the capacity to create superfine hot steam in seconds as it was produced by USA Electrical Standards to run with 120V AC power. Secondly, this product is designed as an easily tool to help absorb and moisturize your skin more quickly that sometimes you can even alternatively use as an exfoliating scrubs to assist your removing dirt, oil and grime from your facial skin too. Furthermore, due to the user’s manual, the steamer can also be used for interior humidifying your skin in order to allow yours pores opened and unclogs in an efficient way as well.

How users are satisfied with this item

Rated 4.5 stars out of 5, this facial steamer has proven good satisfaction also in their customers’ experience. Among all those who like this facial steamer, the majority seem to be quite delighted with its performance and effectiveness. A user has said the product got rid of many sinuses from their facial skin, and she is absolutely happy with that and recommended this product for a try. Another user has expressed similar like over the reason that this little steamer helps her face skin to be healthier when it was dry before. If you read over more and more comments from the users, you would still see something like “it makes my skin soft and smooth, and I like it.”

What users think need to improve for this item

Very few has had issue with this facial steamer so far. However, it may be good to hear from them too. One user has had his facial steamer broken after two months of use, and she rated it only a star. Another complain we have seen is on the smell of the steam coming out of the steamer, and it is said to be like “the smell of the chemicals”.

3. Conair Facial Sauna System with Timer


Product Features in Brief:

  • The cone that help moisturizing your face
  • Smart power button with auto on/off with timer
  • Comes with extra facial brush tool for applying moisturizer
  • Has a water cylinder for accurate filling
  • Limited product with one year warranty

This Conair Facial Sauna System is another home used product to help you clean your facial skin with little effort and less time consuming. Firstly, this is the cone that designed to help moisturizing your face with the nasal and sinus passages to unclog your pores and rejuvenate your skin. Secondly, this product is containing additional 2 attachments of gentle exfoliating brush and sponge to assist applying moisturizer on your face. Another case in point, with its timer and automatic auto on/off power button, it will enable you to have accurate water filling to the cylinder for having a safe customize length of your facial treatment anytime.

How users are satisfied with this item

The result has proven great, and many users like this facial steamer. A couple of users have bought and used this for awhile, and they realize that this little steamer is amazing. It makes their facial skin look very fantastic after about 8 times of use. Additionally, it has also been said as a easy to use steamer which everyone can do it themselves at home. A few more comments have stressed on its handy design that allows home spa a lot easier.  Also to notice, quite many have shared the same comment saying that it takes very little time to heat up and ready to steam, 2 ot 4 minutes only.

What users think need to improve for this item

To some instead, this is not an effective one. From a users, she mentioned to get this facial steamer to clear up the sinuses on her face but it does not seem to work well. Another complain is on the functioning of this facial steamer, and it is said to never turn on since the beginning.

4. Esthology Salon Facial Steamer


Product Features in Brief:

  • Comes along with ozone and aromatherapy
  • Used with tap water in general
  • Have 22-ounce of water reservoir
  • Run with 750 watts of heating power
  • Designed as a sterile UV ozone protection
  • Has flexible height for rolling and rotating the nozzle

This Esthology Salon Facial Steamer is one of the modern facial skin care product available in the markets. First of all, this is a portable facial steamer that has two steps of steaming process, steam only or steam with ozone due to its ozone and aromatherapy steamer features. In addition, this facial machine is a premium sterile ultraviolet bulb to provide heating superb steam results for curved and venture-shaped of even misting to you face during the operation. Moreover, it is equipped with funnel-shaped water inlet at the top of the unit to make sure that your water steamer will be filled with accurate amount of 22 ounce reservoir. Finally, this unit has the flexible height for rolling and rotating the nozzle so that you can have smooth-rolling swivel with the proper height from the floor to your steamer arm.

How users are satisfied with this item

Overall this item has got rated 3.5 stars over 5. However, it has been one of the amazing options so far when it comes to best facial steamer. For some users, they believe that this is a professional facial steamer which its cost is quite affordable. Though it has many parts, assembling has not been the problem by many. It took around 8 minutes, and it is done and ready for use. Another good feature users like is the alarm sound which lets you know when the water level is low and need refilling.

What users think need to improve for this item

However, for a comment problem that happened and dropped a few stars away from many users is the fact that the plastic body of this facial steamer is said to be fragile and easily broken up. For a user, she said her one stopped working after two months and another experienced crack in the reservoir after a few months of use.

5. Profiles Professional Wide Mask Facial Sauna


Product Features in Brief:

  • Designed with extra-wide and high-impact facial steamer
  • Attached with facial mask lock and unlock latch
  • Comes along with steam bowl
  • Providing warm steam for eep-pore cleansing
  • Has the nasal and sinus passages
  • Act as respiratory therapy to restore your skin’s natural beauty

Why don’t you give yourself a facial spa at home with this Professional Wide Mask Facial Sauna? First of all, it has the contours to your face, chin and neck in order to help providing a soothing steam pampers to your facial skin. In addition, it comes along with steam bowl for assisting you to clean and moisturize your face, resulting the absorption and disinfection that kills most micro-organisms which clog your pore facial skin. More importantly, this lightweight tool, yet loaded with professional functions can used as your respiratory therapy to restore your skin’s natural beauty due to its extra-wide and high-impact facial steamer and nasal and sinus passages to accommodate your facial cleansing at all time.

How users are satisfied with this item

Among all best facial steamers listed here, this item is the cheapest. However, most users like their experience having their faces steamed with the product. For a couple of the users, they have said this facial steamers have solved their problem of dry skin off very well, especially during the winter. Some others have liked the fact that this facial steamer has a very simply but cut design while it heats up quite quick, less than a minute for their face steaming. Generally, many have expressed their like over this item as from their experiences. That is a good reflection on the overall quality and effectiveness of this facial steamer.

What users think need to improve for this item

Instead like a few other facial steamers, this one has had problems with their packaging and shipping. Some users received their product with the missing part. However, for the use, a couple of users find the steam producing from the item is not enough to their need. Another complain is over the wide shield which means this facial steamer is great for those with bigger head.