Buying Guides and Best Dive Computer Reviews 2018

If you are to look for the best dive computer, you are right to come here. This article is mainly about the buying guides and tips for best dive computer as well as the dive computer reviews. They are brought up together in one to help you find the right dive computer you are looking for. If you have time, we recommend you go through the buying guides first before checking the best dive computer reviews because there are certain information there that will help you decide right with the one you are going to order.

1. Oceanic VT 4.1 Scuba Diving Computer with Transmitter


  • Made for stronger and durable by Oceanic’s Exclusive Dual Algorithm
  • Best suit for diving needs with safety
  • Powered algorithm with countdown timer
  • Can connect up to 4 independent wireless transmitters
  • Designed by 3-Axis Digital Compassion

This Oceanic Diving Computer is a full function tool for any diver who love to explore in deep ocean water. First of all, it is created with an improved user-interface in order to allow you settings and viewing the menus. In addition to this, it is designed with 3-Axis Digital Compassion with advancements that change the face of dive computers to look even more attractive. Moreover, this diving device has a good reputation of ruggedness and reliability due to its Oceanic’s Exclusive Dual Algorithm technology. On top of that, with its stop countdown timer and its ability to connect up to 4 independent wireless transmitters, it will enable you to monitor gas pressure from the cylinders so that you can enjoy diving in the water without having to compromise you own safety.

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2. Cressi Giotto Wrist Computer


  • A new model of wrist diving computer from Cressi Giotto
  • There is digital online class available
  • Designed-and-built entirely as first mixed gas diving device
  • Has three buttons user interface
  • High-definition screen technology
  • Displays large numerical in screen

Cressi Giotto is taking another step yet in continuous making advancements in build-up a cutting-edge tech diving computer for you. To start with, this diving device is using new dual-mixture algorithm model in order to insure for safe decompression calculations for divers. Additionally, it is equipped with three buttons user interface for users to programme their air pressure during the diving for safety mood. Furthermore, the device is designed with backlit displays of calendar and clock that can allow you to save your diving logs up to 60 times profiles which will be helpful for you to review your history with repetitive multi-day dives. Finally, you can also review some lessons with the digital class online to give you some good ideas and safety guidelines before taking your diving journey.

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3. Mares Puck Wrist Dive Computer


  • Allowed you to go as deep as 492 feet
  • Designed with Reduced Gradient Bubble Model algorithm
  • Fully control functions for both air and Nitrox tank
  • Diving device with precautionary program
  • Easy access to smoothly scroll settings

With this effortless Mares Puck dive computer, you will be able to experience a new level of professional diving program throughout your entire diving exploration. To begin with, it is made for ready to use right away from its package, so that you can enjoy your advancement in diving immediately without any delay. In addition to this, it is equipped with advanced wireless transmitter in order to allow the diver to have full control in checking on air pressure in the cylinders during the diving for safety reason. Moreover, this particular dive computer has a single button for all menu options, making it convenient enough for usability and easy function on demand.

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4. Suunto Core Wrist-Top Computer Watch


  • A complete package of altimeter, barometer, and compassion
  • Attached with depth measurement
  • Made of Aluminum materials for durability and deep water resistance
  • 24-hour memory for reviewing your journey log
  • Accurate time display
  • Has a capacity to go as deep as 30 meters under water
  • Run by CR2032 battery

Suunto Core is an ideal type of diving computer for being both the technical and recreational device for you due to the following reasons. Firstly, it is a complete package device that include the altimeter, barometer, and compassion. Secondly, it is designed by Aluminum materials for durability and deep water resistance so that you can use this item for years to come. Thirdly, its built-in all-in one technology will allow to you to start your exploration by keeping the accurate records elevation of your whole journey, such as diving, mountaineering, water skiing, hiking, and biking. Finally, this computer watch is designed to have a display function in four languages, including English, Spanish, German and French while it is also made available in variety of colors with 2 years warranty on carries.

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5. Cressi Leonardo Scuba Dive Computer Wrist Watch

best dive computer

  • A dive computer with a complete RGBM programme
  • Portable for both air and nitrox modes
  • Designed as a simplest single button
  • Equipped with audible alarm

The last product in our list is one of the most tremendous companions for outdoor enthusiasts of all kind of diving. First of all, it is an accurate tool for keep tracking your log while it is also can display your current status of diving activities on a large screen display. Second of all, it is attached with several intelligent applications in order to indicate battery life, air pressure, and critical information with audible alarm so that you can feel secure during your diving in deep water. For a bonus point, it is designed as simplest single button option with a unique start-from-zero function, meaning that it is a friendly-device for both professional divers and even the beginner ones. Likewise, due to its traveler-friendly user’s interface for programming this computer watch effortlessly, making this Cressi Leonardo a must-have device for all diving exploration enthusiasts.

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