Buying Guides and Best Digital Piano for Sale 2018

♥ January 2016 Review

Many people enjoy learning and playing piano. And, when one has not decided to go for the grand piano, digital piano is actually a cheaper and more portable solution. To those who have had much experienced with playing piano and the digital piano, they seem to have very good opinion about the digital piano as for the choice because a good digital piano still could have many features and a great sound quality to perform while it is much easier to find one and have it in your room. Nonetheless, the issue is how to buy the best digital piano for sale, and that is the only question the rest of this has the answers for you. Besides the buying guides and tips to find a good digital piano, top picks of the piano have been reviewed afterward.

How to Buy the Best Digital Piano for Sale

I assume you might have already decided to buy the digital piano instead one the grand real piano when coming here, and I also assume you know you the difference. Real grand pianos are extremely expensive, and it is not irreplaceable need when you are a beginner or intermediate player. Meanwhile, some digital pianos have been surprisingly seen as having very high quality for the features as well as the sound. Many have said they are just like real pianos. However, what that matters most to some people is the fact that digital pianos are more affordable and portable. Thus, many of them have gone for it. But, the one issue is how to find the best digital piano to own. The buying guides below will leave you some valuable tips.

Key Features in a Digital Piano

Suzuki MDG-300 Micro Grand Digital Piano

Certain features in a digital piano are more important, and you really have to check them out, understand what you need, and understand what the digital pianos you are looking at could do. Those include number of keys, number of tones and sounds, Polyphony, and Keyboard and the touch response.

From the availability, a digital piano could be found at different number of keys such as the 61 key piano and 88 key piano. However, for full basic functions of a piano you might need in most cases, many expert recommended that you pick up the 88 key piano. That is the safest choice when you do not exactly know which number to find. Another feature in a digital piano you should also consider is the number of tones and sounds it could produce. Often, the more the better for your flexibility when playing. However, it is also recommended that you should make sure too about the sound quality of dozens of sounds in a digital piano that you are going to use the most.

Polyphony and its maximum number in a digital piano also worth considering. Polyphony is actually the tones and notes a digital piano is made to perform at once. Many people have recommended that you go around finding the digital piano with 33 notes, 64 notes or 128 notes. Either one of these should be good for you while the more, the better.

The last main feature in a digital piano you should never overlook is the keyboard and the touch response. That is one of the big difference between digital pianos, and that is one of the main elements that differentiate a good digital piano. Basically, it is how the players feel about the piano keys and the resistance to response when a key is pressed. The touch response has so much to do with the quality of the sound. Commonly, the best touch response lies in the so-called “Weighted Keys”. Basically, the more weighted the keys are, the more it is real like grand piano, and that is the ultimate result and digital piano has tried to do. Also, in the description of the digital pianos you want to buy, it would note something like “Fully Weighted Keys” or “Semi-Weighted keys”. There you go, and if other things else the same, find the full weighted key ones.

All these mentioned features are to make a digital piano good. On the other hand, it is about the sound quality it finally produces. If you are going to buy it at a store, try testing it and see how you feel. You could also check out the customers’ reviews if you are going to buy it online. That will help you decide which one to pick up. Other than that, if you have times, please go and look for a few more features such as the amplifier and speaker, the audio jack, the recording function.

More often, when one needs a digital piano, he or she wants to use it at home, so having a good quality speaker and amplifier built-in is quite a necessity. As long as it makes pleasant sounds with high enough volume. That would be good. In certain situations, you might not want to disturb others. So, if your digital piano has the audio jack, you can plug one in and enjoy that for your own. Even more, there are people who want to record their playing and see if they have improved.  In this, having a recording function in the digital piano makes things even more beautiful like you want. If any of these features might interest you, turn some of your attentions to looking for them.

1. Yamaha P Series P35B 88-Key Digital Piano


Product Features in Brief:

  • Designed as being an advanced wave memory sampling tool
  • Operating by simple one-button
  • Being lightweight and compacted
  • Weighted by graded hammer standard
  • Two voices layering mode

This is one of the first digital pianos brought to you by Yamaha. First this model is designed as being an advanced wave memory sampling tool in order to meet the demand of real sound of music industry. Secondly, this item is established as a compacted and lightweight piano to enable to operate with just simple buttons. Thirdly, with its two voices layering mode, you will be able to differentiate between the real best sound and a fake ones. Finally, this Yamaha P35 digital is weighted by graded hammer standard piano, meaning that you will get a full set of the world-famous action keys that you must have to produce the best sound from your piano.

How users are satisfied with this item

This is a highly recommended digital piano, and it gets rated 5 out of 5 stars from the users. The majority of the buyers are extremely delighted with the performance and functionality of this item. Generally, many of them have mentioned a few features that they like to the max. For one, it is the compact and lightweight design of the piano. Users feel so good about the fact that it could fit it in to many places in their room. A user has also added he could even hold it with one hand and put into the car. Some others expressed their satisfaction over the simplicity and ease of use with this piano while it produces great sound. Importantly, it is an economical digital piano, but you can feel more like a real piano.

What users think need to improve for this item

A few comments for more development of the piano are also expressed. A user agreed that this is a great choice as a digital piano, but they would want more from the piano such the recording function and a better make of gummy. However, among those, one user rated this piano only one star, and that is because their piano arrived not working, no sound at all, and it was returned for refund according to the comment.

2. Williams Legato 88-Key Digital Piano


Product Features in Brief:

  • Including 8 different semi-weighted keys
  • Have 5 rich sounds of electric piano, synth, organ, bass and piano itself
  • Run by 6 of 1.5V batteries
  • Conveniently built-in metronome
  • Attached with speakers and stereo line out jacks
  • Additional USB MIDI connections, AC power adapter

This Williams Legato Digital Piano is including everything of the best sounds keynotes that every pianist is looking for. First of all, it has included totally 8 different semi-weighted keys to allow you playing, practicing, and performing at your best with it. In addition to this, this affordable piece piano is equipped with a great grab-and-go piano for gigs with 5 rich sounds of electric piano, synth, organ, bass and piano itself which is another plus point for you to consider. Moreover, this is also featuring a split/layer function of built-in speakers and stereo line out jacks in order to help combining sounds in metronome for you too.

How users are satisfied with this item

For the second alternative been reviewed here, it is the Williams Legato. Actually, Williams Legato of this design is the best selling digital piano for the moment. Many users considered their purchase of this as their amazing deal. In that, they are extremely happy with the convenience to practice in this piano. Light weight for easy movement is another. Aside from that, extra items are added such as pedal, power cord and the headphone. In general, many users have marked this as the awesome keyboard with great sound at such a price.

What users think need to improve for this item

One user has left this comment, and he said if you are looking for the 88-key piano at and affordable price, this is strongly suggested. However, it is not the piano with endless possibility. A few other users have thought the volume of this piano is not loud enough, and they need headphone to help. Another said they did not like this piano too much since they feel like a toy using it.

3. Suzuki MDG-300 Micro Grand Digital Piano


Product Features in Brief:

  • Suitable for performing and practicing with 5 built-in voices
  • Comfortably fits any sized room or decor
  • Technically advanced features combine with simulated maple inner board
  • Wireless connection to any device for a complete stereo entertainment center
  • Featuring total 88 keys, velocity sensitive graded hammer notes.

This Suzuki Digital Piano is your excellent choice for both small attracting appearance with perfectly professional functions. Firstly, this today’s trend digital piano is designed with traditional elegance look yet has proportioned educational sound notes to the owners. Moreover, with its powerful 6 speaker stereo sound delivery system, this tool is more than enough to create endless musical possibilities. In addition to that, it is equipped with total 88 keys and velocity sensitive graded hammer notes in order to help you to discover a full range of musical expression while you practicing and performing. Finally, you can also connect this item with wireless compatible in order to access music lessons from the internet too.

How users are satisfied with this item

Among the rest, this Suzuki digital piano is most expensive. However, it still has been marked the very favorable digital piano to recommend. Many users have said this item has been made with so many high tech features as well as a lot of sounds to enjoy with. Even more, it has a good shape and beautiful design, and it weighs only about 200 pounds, very easy to move around if you need to. At such a price, this has been marked as recommended digital piano.

What users think need to improve for this item

There are a few features though some users find them not quite interesting. For one, it is the leg design. A user commented that it is not for sliding. Another user has mentioned he was not happy with the pedal that it creates lousy noise during the play which affects the performance. No dong-dong-dong sound is another issue for this user.

4. Williams Allegro 2 88-Key Digital Piano


Product Features in Brief:

  • 88 hammer-action weighted keys
  • Full after touch with velocity sensitive type keys
  • 10 Polyphony with different 64-note layers
  • AUX input connectivity
  • Extra headphone jacks with 1 pedal inputs
  • Recommended the essentials pack for the Allegro 2 lesson

Another best digital product in our review list is this Williams Allegro 2 full-size digital piano. First of all, equipped with 88 brilliant new customized sound, it will let you enjoy the real sound of music produced by itself liberally. In addition to this, there will be 10 great polyphony samples of both classical and modern favorite electronic keyboards attached to this with highly versatile reverb and chorus effects for you to learn as well. Furthermore, with the split point of this tool, you will be able to adjust and changed the sound you produced as you desire. Finally, this Allegro 2 is offering the easily portable solution for you in case you need a simple yet convenient instrument for play or practice your music lessons.

How users are satisfied with this item

This is another model from Williams Allegro. Between the two, there are many similarities. However, this is also a top pick by the users. The sound quality, the weighted keys, and the general performance of this have been impressive to users’ experience. A user has mentioned that they are extremely joyful to have bought this and even are willing to pay twice. Another couple of users have expressed similar like by saying they bought this for practice with headphones, and everything works just wanted. Of course, this piano is basically designed more for the beginners.

What users think need to improve for this item

Still, a few have had unhappy comments for this digital piano. One said their item arrived without the charging cord. Another has complained about the sound quality and added that they expected more from the piano. Similar issue, one user who rated this piano 3 out of 5 stars was upset that the design does not include the audio jack which they need.

5. Yamaha DGX650B Digital Piano


Product Features in Brief:

  • Smaller physical size for more efficient use of space
  • Being a complete entertainment center with hi-tech features
  • Attached with versatile performances of 128 keynote polyphony
  • Equipped with 88-note with heavier touch of low end and lighter highs
  • An acoustic piano for professional player

In case you want to start learning music lessons and performing songs via piano like musical artists such as Taylor Swift, Elton John, or Adele, then you may want to choose this Williams Allegro Digital Piano. First of all, it has the hi-tech grand piano voices that generally could produce 122 selectable voices with 100 different rhythm styles for you. Furthermore, as being a complete entertainment center of digital sound world, this piano is attached with versatile performances of 128 keynote polyphony with the different volumes which can be independently adjusted while playing with your left and right hands. In addition to this educational importance, there are also totally 88-notes with heavier touch of low end and lighter highs sound equipped with this music tool so that you will be able to notice the reverb and chorus effects to each voice individually.

How users are satisfied with this item

This is a Yamaha item, and many people have trusted their band before purchasing it. However, what they have found out in their playing experience is even more interesting. The majority of the comments have expressed this is a gorgeous digital piano to own. The sound quality is great, and it is really fun to play with. A few users like this even more when they found out that there are so many voices available in this digital piano. Additionally, the built-in speaker is also said to have high quality.

What users think need to improve for this item

A few comments of this piano are not quite positive, and it is because they feel different. That is also the voices you should hear. From a user, they felt that this digital piano has had problem with the keys which are said to be slightly out of tune while heavy and large size is also what they wish it were not. Another issue a user has mentioned they do not like is the fact that the internal speaker of this design is not made adjustable.