Buying Guides and Best Cheap Smart Watches 2018

Having and wearing a smart watch has been the favorite things of many people. Actually, it looks great, stylish, and it is very helpful for its functionality. On the other hand, if we have a look at the smart watch on the market, we have seen many brands and designs available we could compare and consider. To our team’s search and review, we have found some interesting cheap smart watches to check out. Though their prices are low, but many previous users have expressed great satisfaction over the choices while saying their quality is great. Also to add in more of the value information you may need, we have some buying guides for the best smart watches coming along with the review below.

1. Black Bluetooth Android Smart Wrist Watch


  • Run with IOS of iPhone and Samsung or LG
  • Suitable for both men and women
  • Android 2.3 version to receive sms for social many networks
  • Allow to hands-free calls or answer from wrist
  • Can play the music via Bluetooth paring
  • Synced with android phone

This Prime Smart Watch is one of the best item yet providing to you by Fixing DIY. To start with, it can be programmed to get control you cellphones for shooting a photos for you. More than that, this smart tool is not just a watch with full functional display, but also a tool can play music for you via the Bluetooth pairing. Thirdly, this product is baked with manufacturer`s limited warranty for defective items as well. Finally, with its 3 hours charging time, this watch can have the capacity to play music for an hour and standby for about 6 hours while its spectrum display is can be used either for English or Chinese language based on your preference.

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2. GeekEra U Watch Smart Watch Bluetooth Watch


  • Work properly with Android smartphones and iPhone
  • Comes with 1.22 inches of screen with 240×240 pixels resolution
  • Attached with 3 pixels digital camera
  • Has memory capacity of 128MB and can add 64MB more
  • Bluetooth version 3.0

GeekEra U Watch is one of the best looking smart watch that you can expect to enjoy with its cutting-edge technology that this item can bring to you. Firstly, it is equipped with wireless distance capacity up to 5m while it can be also synchronized with your Android smartphones and iPhone. Secondly, it comes with Bluetooth version 3.0 that can be connected to receive sms from social networks, such as Wechat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype, Twitter, and the like. Moreover, it comes with a handful functions, including reminder, alarm clock, calendar, thermometer, recording sound or video, and stopwatch while it screen display is made as HD with Nano glass steel metallic body as well. What more so you need?

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3. JideTech U8 Bluetooth Smart Watch


  • Changeable bands and Answer or Dial a call functions
  • Waterproof with digital camera,
  • Has the power saving mode
  • Portable for using with Samsung, LG , Sony, Motorola, iPhone
  • Capacitive touch screen with Bluetooth 3.0

This JideTech U8 Smart Watch is another modern stylish designed wrist watch that is not just a smart watch. To begin with, you can view several outline from most apps notifications, such as Facebook, Skype, and Twitter. Additionally, it is equipped with a nice display screen for you to be able to review the time and date with your battery status as well. Another case in point, you can also access the Internet by installing a SIM card with data in this watch too if you like. Finally, about the special capacity designed in this watch: it can be fully charged for one hour to its 230mAh rechargeable battery so that you might have your talking time with it for about 3 hours, playing your music for about 6 hours and having your standby time for about 160 hours.

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4. VIGICA Steel Bluetooth Smartwatch Wrist


  • Designed as a wrap watch with 1.5 inch screen
  • 2.0 Megapixels Camera
  • Can support to use with SIM card
  • Touch screen technology with high sensitive capacitive
  • Bluetooth technology with speedy transmission
  • Data consolidation with mobile phone for interactive communication
  • Accurate time display and efficient operation

This VIGICA is the top world trending smart watch with leading German CSR imported chips technology so that you can a new level of experience while using this latest product in the markets. First of all, it is designed as a wrap watch with 1.5 inch screen and HD display function in which you can see your information clearly on this watch. In addition, this watch can be unlocked to support Single SIM Card for you to access to the Internet accordingly. Moreover, with its touch screen technology, you can also set some functional options from this watch, such as dialing or answering call, message reminder, fitness tracker, alarm clock, just to name a few. Finally, this high sensitive capacitive technology will ensure you to always have the accurate time display with efficient and effective operations to all the function that this watch can provide.

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5. ANDROSET Universal Bluetooth Smartwatch


  • Applicable to use with Android Smart Phone
  • Equipped with touch screen and waterproof materials
  • Synced to your phone book or SMS from your phone
  • Can be set to dial and answer calls from your wrist
  • Remotely taking photo option
  • Has automatically alarm function

This Androset Universal Bluetooth Smartwatch is the final product offering to you in our list of the best affordable, cheap smart watches. Firstly, it is designed to work only with Android smart phones while you can enjoy wide-range of smart functions of this watch can deliver to you. Additionally, this item is equipped with touch screen and waterproof materials when it can be synced to your phone book or SMS from your phone. Furthermore, you can also set your watch to be a reminder for receive a call or sms with a ringing alarm. Likewise, you can set it to display the number or name of any incoming call on the its touch screen too. Last but not least, since this smart watch is compatible Bluetooth 2.0, you will be able to control your cellphone to take pictures or play you’re the music while it can set for certain distance range to avoid losing your phones as well.

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