Buying Guides and Best Beer Pong Table Reviews 2018

Beer pong table has become a need for party now. As you are here, you know this even clearer than me. And, for sure, this post is going to bring you the 5 best beer pong table reviews. They are the very nice design ones with good durable frame as well as sturdy design. In addition, to make it even more useful, we have the buying guides for best beer pong table you might want to scan through for extra information.

1. GoPong 8-Foot Portable Beer Pong



  • The maximum dimensions of L,W and H are 8 feet by 2 feet by 27.5 inches
  • Waterproof surface with durable melamine
  • Classic design with tournament regulation size
  • Lightweight of just 25 pounds
  • Including 6 Ping-Pong balls

If you looking for a good designed with affordable price of beer pong, this GoPong table is really the one particular product for you. First of all, it comes with its modern design of just 8 feet tall with the maximum dimensions of its L and W of 2 feet by 27.5 inches. Second of all, this product has a waterproof surface which attached with the durable melamine to provide user with comfort and duration of using it. Moreover, you do not have to worry about how to install it because this product is a classic portable design for easy customizing and storage while its weight is just about 25 pounds. Finally, buying this product, you will get 6 ping pong balls for free as well.


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2. Professional Beer Pong Table


  • Designed with latest technology of Holes & Blue Glow Lights
  • Required Glow Lights Speed Settings with two AA batteries per side
  • Batteries are required to buy separately
  • Actual holes to prevent sliding and spilling of game cups
  • Including Bluetooth speaker to connect phones and play music from the table

This beer pong table is a product of Party Pong, one of the well-known trademarks in producing professional ping pong tables in the markets nowadays. If you are looking for an affordable, portable beer pong table with latest technology custom design, then you have chosen the right one. Come with black aluminum framing and blue glow lights along sides, these make this 8 feet table a best durable beer pong ones. Also, with its requirement of glow lights speed settings with two AA batteries per side, this table is capable of bringing to any parties to play for an optimal game event. Most importantly, it includes wireless so that you can connect phones and play music from this table as well, making this table is an electroluminescent Beer Pong Table of your choice.


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3. Portable Beer Pong Table Black 8 FEET


  • Designed for portable beer pong
  • Portable carrying case with handles
  • Featuring regulation size for convenient storage
  • Easy to clean with design surface that can avoids warping and resists spills
  • Lightweight of only 24-Pounds with durability
  • High quality to withstand tough and extremely physical abuse while playing

Produced by Red Cup Pong, this particular beer pong table is specially designed for being a portable one with its professional outlooks of 8 by 2 feet dimensions. Not only is that it featuring regulation size for convenient storage, this table is also enable you to folds up into 2 by 2 surface just under a minute for transport this table easily with its portable handles carrying case. In addition to this, its surface is designed for playing your balls game that can avoid warping and can resist spilling as well. More importantly, this 24 ponds beer pong table is guaranteed for its durable for long term usage as it is designed with high quality materials to withstand highly pressure of physical abuse while playing your game on this table.


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4. Best Choice Products Portable Beer Pong Table


  • Foldable into small carrying case for outdoor game set
  • Its surface is easy to clean
  • Durability designed with aluminum frame
  • Specifications: 8ft (L), 2ft (W) &27.5in (H) that allow you to play up to 10 cups
  • Protects against scratches, color fading by sun and beer spills

This beautiful beer game table is exclusively designed by Best Choice Products, so there is no doubt for this particular product’s quality. First, this table has its unique design with melamine-coated color exclusive designed which not only enable you to clean easily, but also can protects your table against scratches, color fading by the sun and beer spills during any activities of game events. Second, this official tournament table allows you to fold your table into 2ft x 2ft size of briefcase for carrying to anywhere of your outdoor playing. Finally, with its durability designed by aluminum frame and adjustable height up to 8 feet, this regulation tournament table is a perfect choice for you of both indoor and outdoor beer pong game.


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5. Seattle Seahawks Beer Pong Table with Cup Holes


  • Having the pre-drilled holes for easy re-racking
  • Comes with hole covers for occasionally playing around children
  • Specially designed for Seattle Seahawks fan with heavy duty
  • Design to be lightweight of just about 20lbs
  • Tables are 8 (L) feet; 2 feet (W); 2.5 feet (H)
  • Folds 2 x 2 foot with carrying handle
  • Its legs are telescopic to be able to pull to extend and push to put away

If you are a huge fan of Seattle Seahawks, then this beer pong table is really the best one for you. First, it is designed for heavy-duty beer pong game, so the durability of this table is insured. Furthermore, it has the pre-drilled holes to prevent sliding and spilling of your playing cups in order for easy re-racking and helping you in case you are playing your game on windy days to prevent your cups knocking over. What is more, despite its lightweight of just about 20lbs, this table’s legs are designed to be telescopic so that they will allow you to pull to extend or push to put away as your wish. Finally, this table has its stunning design for allowing your ping pong balls bouncing to the holes conveniently as well.


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