Buying Guides and Best Acoustic Guitars for Sale 2018

If you are new to playing guitar, you had better check out the buying guides before buying any guitar. That is so tricky in getting a guitar, learning to play, and your skills. If that is the case for you, there is no worries. We have buying guides for best acoustic guitars for sale in this to help you. The buying guides contain plenty of information to help you learn around getting the right guitar for your play. You will see the types of guitars available, the features to look in a guitar and more. In the meantime, 5 best acoustic guitars for sale have been brought to review for your consideration.

1. Epiphone DR-100 Acoustic Guitar


  • Constructed from rosewood
  • Has 25.5 scale with top selected spruce
  • Featuring a 14-degree headstock
  • Color available in natural, ebony, and vintage sunburst
  • Designed as a mahogany body

This guitar is made under the name and model from Epiphone which can assure for the most revered instrument for every style of music. Firstly, it is manufactured from rosewood that has 25.5 scale a top selected spruce, meaning that this premier acoustic guitar is brought to you with a new generation of modern musical device. Moreover, This DR-100 series is made as one of the most affordable acoustic item with top quality sound and appearance that everyone could expect to have. Also, it is featuring a 14-degree headstock with three different colors available, namely natural, ebony, and vintage sunburst which are a plus point for your choice.

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2. Fender Squier Acoustic Guitar Bundle with Gig Bag


  • A complete package including clip-on tuner, extra strings, strap, and picks
  • Full-size polishing cloth body style
  • Offering full and vibrant tone
  • Suitable for all genres of music
  • Other accessories consisting of a gig bag, and Instructional DVD
  • Ready to play out-of-the box

For this Fender Squier, you will have everything you need to start your acoustic playing right away. To start with, it is one of the best selling acoustic guitar that is designed for both first time players and professional ones. In addition to this, using this guitar will enable you to perform your music the way you would expected due to the fact that this highly versatile dreadnought instrument is rich in tunes, ranging from bluegrass and folk to everything in-between rock and country. Furthermore, this acoustic Fender is accompanied by complete accessories including a gig bag, clip-on tuner, extra strings, instructional DVD, strap, and picks, making this item is convenient choice for you.

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3. Crescent MG38-CF 38″ Acoustic Guitar


  • Including a Crescent TM digital e-tuner in a package
  • Total size of 38 inches
  • Specifically designed for starters
  • Attached with steel strings for durability and frame made from wood
  • Constructed with geared tuning and linden binding
  • Comes with full set accessories, such as extra strings, gig bag, and strap

Another product in our list of best acoustic guitars is Crescent MG38-CF. To begin with, this particular instrument is specifically designed to include everything the beginning students’ needs for becoming the professional ones in no time. For a bonus point, it is also constructed with geared tuning and linden binding in order to help you as a new guitarist having a handy music instrument to learn with on the right track. On top of that, due to the full functional capacity of its steel string, this acoustic guitar can deliver to you the bright with loud and clear ringing tones to listen to so that it would be a perfect tool for performing any genre of modern music in this New Age.

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4. Jasmine S35 Acoustic Guitar


  • Featuring with a spruce top
  • Satin finished designed with chrome covered
  • Made of rosewood fretboard
  • Practical music instrument for the beginning guitarist
  • Designed as a great-looking dreadnought guitar
  • Provide optimal sound quality with exceptional value

This Jasmine S35 is an advanced bold sound with excellent featuring for you yet in the present day. Firstly, it is made for any music player seeker who look for a well-built and easy-playing guitar in which suitable for beginning guitarist. In addition to that, this S-35 is equipped with a select spruce top with satin finished designed and chrome covered back and sides, making this music instrument comes to your hands with an attractive physical appearance. Likewise, Comes with an affordable price, this slim neck item has a 25 and a half inches scale length in order to provide you a smooth playability resonance that can produce the best sound quality in the digital music world.

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5. 38″ Black Acoustic Guitar Starter Package

acoustic guitars for sale

  • Constructed of rosewood with extra set of strings
  • Comes with great gloss finish a carrying case
  • 38 inches in length with steel strings
  • Most versatile and common guitar type
  • Perfectly suited for all types people who love a try a new hobby

This music instrument has all its bundles designed for those who are looking for a top quality and inexpensive acoustic guitar either for teens or adults. Firstly, its dreadnought is considered the classic go-to shape for all kind of genres sound in demands. Additionally, with its balanced sound volume producing, you will be able to hear it yourself clearly while playing your guitar. Thirdly, its mahogany and the bridge of this guitar body are from carved rosewood with selected spruce top, making this music instrument has a rich and complex tone wood for performing along the way. Last but not least, the detailed appointments of this acoustic tones are excellently crafted for all around solution for any style of music which is not only perfect for beginners, but is also suitable for players who practice with dedication.

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