Best Window Curtains 2018

If you need some best window curtains quick for your window at home, you can find them online. Many are beautifully made and placed for sale. That is cheaper, easier and quicker. In case you have no ideas where to start from, we have gone through many best window curtains available online, and we have brought in some suggestions you can check. The below reviews will be the best window curtains at different colors and sizes you can check out.

1. 2 Piece Solid White Sheer Window Curtains/drape/panels/treatment

Perhaps you do not really pay attention on your window curtain in your house, yet it plays many roles in our daily life. You must think that it is only used for decoration to make you house more attractive. Indeed, it is just a part that it helps you. Aside from it, window curtain is a soft shield to protect you from exposing to direct sunlight from window in the morning. For those whose bed is placed near window, they must well understand the feeling when sunlight shines on their face in early morning during weekend. With this reason, Elegant Comfort has created a snow-white curtain that will help you with both decoration and light protection.

best window curtainsKey Features:

Solid white sheer window curtains by Elegant Comfort is the best curtain to keep your house out off strong sunlight, while avoiding making your house dark like a zombie house. The curtain is totally made of polyester that is capable to trap and limit sunlight and heat to penetrate into your house. It has 2 pieces sheer curtain to make your decoration more fantastic. Each of them has 60 inches widths by 84 inches lengths that is large enough to cover many window sizes. With white color, it will make your room looks elegant and relaxed. Its white color also plays another role in evading your room from darkness as well. Last but not least, this curtain is safe with machine waste. Curtain is no longer your housewife burden anymore.

Customer Satisfaction over the Item:

A lot of customers claimed that two pieces curtain is fashionable and suitable for room decoration, especially with its white color. Customers also supported that it allows moderate sunlight to shine inside in the morning making their morning fresh and shine bright. Another group of customers also praised its price saying it is affordable and they can afford many set to cover all windows in their house.

What That Isn’t Great About This Item:

The main problem of this window curtain is that it can see through during night time. Customers added that they do not feel comfort when their activities can be seen publicly. Few other customers claimed that its fabric is not durable. When it tips with something or when it is scratched by their pets, the fabric is ripped off.

2. Elegant Comfort Penelopie Jacquard Look Curtain Panel Set

It is very painful to realize that your previous window curtain is not completely made of polyester. And especially, you have been cheated more than one. Calm down and let’s spend your few minutes reading this Elegant Comfort Penelopie Jacquard Look curtain and its customer’s review, you will be clear that this window curtain is a real polyester that will serve your purpose in preventing light to get inside as well as to hide your indoor activities from exposing to public. Hurry up and get your phone now, you must not want to wait another arrival.

Key Features:


Elegant Comfort will make add color to your life making it more colorful and interesting. This Elegant Comfort Penelopie Jacquard Look curtain is made of 100% polyester giving this curtain potential effectiveness in safeguarding you from sunlight in the morning and heat for the rest of the day. Moreover, as you may see in the displayed pictures, this curtain has fashionable style that will excite your guests and even you yourself when you come into the house. In this connection, this window curtain is designed with 2 panels and the panels are bonuses to make this curtain suitable for many types of windows. To be exact, each panel has 54 inches widths and 84 inches lengths. Thus, you do not have to worry if your window is too big. Last but not least, this window curtain is safe with machine waste. Therefore, it will ease your household chores difficulty.

Customer Satisfaction over the Item:

A lot of its customers have expressed their great satisfaction on this window curtain saying it is very effective in preventing sunlight going inside their house. Customers said that it has multiple colors that they can choose to fit with their room and environment and thus making their house the best place to enjoy and relax. Last but not least, customers also added that this machine waste safe. Therefore, they do not have to put lot of effort for cleaning.

What That Isn’t Great About This Item:

Unfortunately, there are customers who claimed that this curtain is not durable giving reason that its fabric is poor and torn apart easily. Some customers claimed that after they washed it, the curtain started to shred and it makes the curtain looks awful.

3. Stylemaster Hudson 55 by 84-Inch Embroidered Faux Silk Brass Grommet Panel

Did you change washing powder just because you believe it causes your window curtain shredding? Did it works? Well, perhaps some of you have a good assumption, or perhaps some others found it is useless to prevent their curtain from shredding. The problem might be because of the fabric itself. Stylemaster Hudson Embroidered Faux Silk Brass Grommet Panel window curtain will stay with you forever. It is made of high quality fabric with attractive design to make your house the best place for living. Enjoy your fashionable daily life with this fashionable window curtain!

best window curtainsKey Features:

Life-long quality, only Stylemaster Hudson Embroidered Faux Silk Brass Grommet Panel window curtain can give you this special offer. This window curtain is featured with 8 different eye-catching colors including vanilla, turquoise, spa, truffle, fuchsia, espresso, crimson, and amethyst. Its fabric is completely made of polyester and embroidered with faux silk fabric as a bonus to make this curtain outstanding. In addition to that, its grommet, instead of cheap plastic, is made of heavy duty iron. Hence, it will serve you for years or perhaps decades long. Another thing to mention is that it is designed two panels, each of which has 55 inches widths and 84 inches heights. Also, two panels is a best way to make beauty decoration on your window. Your guests will sure be impressed once they go inside your house.

Customer Satisfaction over the Item:

A lot of customers cannot deny its design including color and grommet panel. They said that they can choose the color they like or to fit with their house environment, and therefore it enormously contribute to better house decoration. Another group of customers satisfy with its high quality fabric saying it does not ripped after washing.

What That Isn’t Great About This Item:

It seem like there are only few customers who have problems with this window curtain. They commented in the review that its embroidery is loose in some part and since the beginning they received it. Customers also complained about its terrible smell as well.