Best Veggie Steamer Reviews 2018

The easiest way to steam the food is to own the best veggie steamer. Many of them could do the work great, quick and easy. If you have no idea what best veggie steamer to choose, we recommend you checking the three below. These three best veggie steamer choices have been selected from many of the available food steamers, and most interestingly, they have superior features, nicer design, as well as good durability. Many users have rated them quite positive as they like their experience using the veggie steamer. This is likely to be your experience too. That is why they are suggested her for your consideration.

1. Oster CKSTSTMD5-W 5-Quart Food Steamer

Eating is easy but eating healthily has never been easy. However, it does not mean there is no way out. Today, you are very lucky to meet Oster CKSTSTMD5-W food steamer. It is a key to make a part of your life more meaningful. It has 5 quarts large bowls that have legendary ability in storing more food and retaining nutrient in your food while making your food tastier. From now on, you can treat your family and friend with high nutrient food such as vegetables, rice and more. Love your family, love your friends, and love yourself, but this steamer and have healthy food every day.

1Key Features:

Oster CKSTSTMD5-W food steamer has been featured with two tiers 5-quart bowl that allows you to steam more vegetables at the same time, so you do not have to worry going through steaming process again and again when you have to have a family reunion. The bowl is designed with transparent allowing users to check the veggies with the safest and easiest way. You do not have to open its lid to check it. Moreover, it has 60 minutes timer that offers more convenient for cooker. After it completed or when water is empty from the bowl, the steamer will automatically turn off to guarantee safe and sound cooking. Power indicator light also contributes an important part in informing users whether the steamer has accessed to power.

Customer Satisfaction over the Item:

Many customers claimed that it is easy to use. What they have to do it filling water, putting vegetable and other foods in the bowl, and setting timer. Many housewives also claimed that it saves them a lot of time doing other things as well. The other point important to note is its large bowls. Many customers really satisfy with it as they can steam many veggies at the same time to serve for many people.

What that isn’t great about this item:

Nevertheless, other customers wrote reviews expressing their great dissatisfaction on this steamer saying the bottom part will be soaked with water and mess the food. Therefore, it would be no longer eatable. On the other hand, one or two customers said it leaks water on the floor and they have to use piece of cloth or tissue to prevent it.

2. Oster 5712 Electronic 2-Tier 6.1-Quart Food Steamer

Do you know how important it is to eat vegetable today? Some people might deny the fast that food especially meat manufactured in factories today causes grave impacts to health such as cancer, heart disease, fat, irregular blood circulation flow. Prevention is better than cure. What you have to do is buying this Oster 5712 Electronic food steamer and making delicious steam vegetable for yourself every day. According to researchers, steaming is the best way to keep nutrient in food specifically vegetables. If you find it hard having fresh vegetable, try this one and you would thank it for a whole life.

Key Features:


Comparing to other food steamer, Oster 5712 Electronic food steamer is much larger. Specifically, it has two tiers 6.1 quarts capacity. Therefore, you do not have to chop your vegetables or food into very small pieces to fit it this steamer. Oster has embedded with outstanding timer that is capable to delay cooking up to 12 hours. With its auto keep-warm setting, you can enjoy warm food and vegetable every hour and every day. LCD display is an important part in making users easy to read number and anticipate next cooking. See-through steamer allows users to check the food whether it meets their desire. Egg-holder is also included. Therefore, you would get perfect boiled eggs effortlessly.

Customer Satisfaction over the Item:

A number of customers cannot deny writing good reviews about this steamer claiming it is portable and large enough for a family size. They can store in easily in tight place. In addition to that, they continued that it is easy to clean even with a sponge or a piece of cloth. Water level indicator also deserved a lot of good comments. Users claimed that they can measure and know when they have to add more water.

What that isn’t great about this item:

However, there are some customers do not really like this Oster steamer. They said it took them longer than other steamer to finish. Furthermore, some customers complained that it is a bit small and not sufficient to serve food for a whole family. Lastly, customers asserted that it is made of plastic and less or most it would send out BPA that is not really good for health.

3. Farberware Classic Covered Stack ‘n’ Steam Saucepot and Best Veggie Steamer

If you are searching for steamer that can prepare many plate of meal in less than 30 minutes, you may consider this Farberware Classic food steamer. It is not advertisement but you can read reviews by its customers who have used it before. First, it has a large room to keep many foods at once. However, there is one other secret recipe that you should know. You might not believe but I strongly recommend you to read its features below and you would understand why it is capable to deliver a fast and perfect service.

best veggie steamerKey Features:

Farberware Classic food steamer can quickly finish its steaming process just in minute and at the same time making all foods evenly cooked. It is manufactured with heavy duty stainless steel and aluminum base that make a special combo and are more effective in retaining heat and distribute in evenly to the whole pot. In addition to that, it can endure up to 350 degree and thus allows you to finish cooking quicker than usual. Everyone in your family would be surprised because they thought you know magic. It is also designed with special tight lid that would stimulate heat and maintain temperature inside the steamer.

Customer Satisfaction over the Item:

This Farberwave steamer has earned a lot of good reviews from customers. They claimed that it is mostly made of stainless steel (except its handle), and therefore it is sturdy and durable. What is more special is that customers feel safe because it does not emit BPA that causes adverse impact on health. Other customers also claimed that it is dishwasher safe saying they have tested it and did it many time already. Its heavy bottom also provided even cook as well.

What that isn’t great about this item:

The only problem that customers have complained about is it plastic handles. They said it is getting loose after several months. Some other customers added that there is steam emitted out from the bowl making handles hot and melt. Hence, it produces smell that affects health as well.