Best Veggie Spiralizer Reviews 2018

If you love cooking, you will know there are times when you need the best veggie spiralizer to help you. With it, things are a lot easier. For the price, even the best spiralizers are cheap to get. But for performance, you will need to check out with their existing features and users’ experience. As to go against these criteria when reviewing many best veggie spiralizer options on the market, we have found three which are most interesting. If you are checking to find one of them too, you will love these 3 best sprailizer designs below.

1. All-New 4-in-1 enviHome Vegetable Spiralizer Super Zoodle Maker

Are you the one who is so cautious about your daily consumption? Are you a vegetarian or eating a lot of vegetables? Are you a mom who are so concern of your kids’ health and would want to lead them to a healthy lifestyle? The emergence of modern day technologies causes people to be so reckless with their food consumption. It is scientifically proofed that eating more vegetable would maintain a healthy body. Making a plate of vegetables is not that simple, if doing it right, you could have all the nutrition in your plate. This is a little secret I would like to pass it down to you.

1Key Features:

The enviHome Vegetable Spiralizer is the #1 Best Selling spiral slicer. It has been revolutionized to daily offer the proper way to eating vegetable so that everyone could have a healthy life. This set includes cleaning brush, ceramic peeler and four blades. This spiral slicer is stronger than other branding slicers about 150%. Moreover, the blades are Japanese ultra- sharp 304 stainless steel blades, which enable you to do so many various chips, curly fries, ribbons and noodle. The fruit and vegetable peeler is designed for you to create a beautiful vegetable shapes. In addition, the penetrating cap is a special feature for protecting fingers, while save from wasting vegetable by 50%. Moreover, there includes a flexible cleaning brush and a life time warranty. This vegetable spiralizer or super zoodle maker from enviHome will create a fun way to enjoy making vegetable dishes into a healthy meal. You could have a professional looking meals without needing to learn how to by using this model. The company promises the quality and durability of the product with its 100 percent customer satisfaction principle, meaning that customers will be refunded to those who are not convinced how important the veggie Spiralizer functions.

Customer Satisfaction on this Item:

Many customers have been so content with the fact that Spiralizer helps them to play with their vegetables design without creating a big mess in the kitchen. Additionally, it helps reduce their cooking time in half. Other customers really love how they could turn the vegetables into beautiful shapes. It is undeniable that this Spiralizer is so easy to clean, and easy to use. In addition, they are in awe of how the stainless steel blades are able to cut wild fruits and meals into different slicing designs. They simply satisfied of how they could lead a healthy life, for themselves and for family.

What that isn’t so great about this item:

Besides being intrigue by the Spiralizer’s quality and features, they do not like how time consuming it is for them. Besides, they are so taken a back as it is required a lot of wrist twisting. Other users dislike that the ceramic peeler is constructed by plastic.

2. Premium Vegetable Spiralizer Bundle – Spiral Slicer

It is a really important thing that people need to balance their diet right for a healthy body. As a lot of people know how to take care of their health, they become to prefer eating more vegetables and introduce this lifestyle to their family. If you cook a lot or like to make meals by yourself, this Home Vegetable Spiralizer would be the best one for you to consider in term of peeling and slicing nice vegetables.

Key Features:


The Vegetable Spiralizer Bundle by Premium V Slicer is also the #1 Best Selling bundle which comes with high quality storage bag, a recipe book and of course the cute cleansing brush. The low carb and a built in finger guard are designed to protect your fingers while slicing the best vegetables. Besides, this is really an easy to use and clean. These slicers are made from BPA-free. In addition, you know longer worry if you would waste vegetables with the cap, so when your vegetable is small enough. Moreover, the company designs this with the high quality stainless steel Japanese blades. You can style your vegetables ranging from salad or vegetable pasta. Additionally, this Spiralizer from Premium V Slicer is so convenient to use with the protected finger guard. Even more, like the first product, this also features the minimize wastage function.

Customer Satisfaction on this Item:

A few customers are so happy to have this at home. They admire how easy it is to cut the vegetable to their desire shapes. Moreover, other users are so satisfied with the quality since this Spiralizer could cut big vegetables easily and they have got good result after that. Besides, a few others love the fact that this is less time consuming to prepare a bowl of veggie noodles.

What that isn’t so great about this item:

A few customers are not so happy about the stabilizing grip, and it does not work effectively like they have expected. Additionally, they commented that the size of Spiralizer is a little bit small and they wish it could be bigger than this.

3. Spiralizer Tri-Blade Vegetable Spiral Slicer

Similar to the first and the second products, this Tri Blade Vegetable Spiral Slicer by Spiralizer is also the #1 Best Selling products. Yet, it has more customer reviews than the above two products. Let’s explore what are the different features this Tri-Blade has.

best veggie spiralizerKey Features:

The Tri-Blade vegetable is so popular because of its affordable price and great quality. Like the simple spiral slicer, this is able to cut, chips, and shred a lot of tough vegetables and fruits in just minutes. There are a large number of long spikes on the veg holder to place the vegetable firmly before slicing. It could hold up to 10 inches and 7 inches wide without them being cut into pieces. In addition, there are three 420 grade Japanese high carbon stainless steel blades in the package. It is constructed from the premium quality, durable ABS plastic and 100 percent BPA free. Furthermore, it is equipped with a strong suction cups for safe operation. This is non-electric, the blades could be easily washed and it is dishwasher safe. Let’s take some times to put art into dishes and create a healthy lifestyle for yourself and family.

Customer Satisfaction on this Item:

A few users have complimented the well-functioned suction cup grips. Moreover, they also praise how the blades are much stronger and sharper than other products displayed in the market. Few others love the fact that they do not worry about cutting their own finger as this spiral slicer will magically do its work. Plus, they said it produces consistent-sized slices of vegetables. Overall, it works just great and is so easy to clean.

What that isn’t so great about this item:

Very few customers have commented on the quality of the plastic made. Just one or two customers said the suction cups do not stay still during the course of slicing. Some other customers really wish this is much heavier.