Best Stainless Steel Trash Can Reviews 2018

Three best stainless steel trash can choices have been brought up here for your consideration. The three have been carefully selected from many, and after the review and comparison, they seem to be among the best ones you can rely on. These trash cans are not only nice looking, but also very good and convenient to use while the pricing is quite reasonable. Users who have bought and used the trash cans seem very satisfied with the three, additionally.

1. iTouchless Deodorizer Touch-Free Stainless-Steel Trash Can

Have you ever noticed trash can that you use in your home or trash can that is used in public? What problem you have encountered? I believe many answers must be fired back. Smell and flimsiness must be your big problem. More importantly, if this problem does exist in your kitchen, I believe you might prefer to spend money eating out instead. Therefore, choosing trash can is also of important for your daily life and healthy purpose. This iTouchless trash can will sure understand your difficulty and completely eliminate odor from your kitchen.

Best stainless steel trash canKey Features:

Let’s first start with its dimension size that is one important feature that customers always pay close attention on when they want to buy trash can. This iTouchless trash can has 13.9 lengths, 9 inches widths, and 27 inches heights that is large enough to store a lot of rubbish, 13 gallons in particular. In addition to that, this trash can is made of stainless steel making this trash can sturdy and durable. More importantly, this trash can is featured with built-in carbon filter allowing it to reliably reduce odor and nasty stink smell. Above and beyond, this trash can is manufactured with touchless infrared system that allows this trash can to identify debris or your hand within 6 inches range and open the lid for you. Hence, you do not have to bother touching it.

Customer Satisfaction over the Item:

Undeniably, a lot of customers gave a big applause to its auto lid system that they do not have to touch the trash directly and thus lessen possibility that they expose to bacteria. Another positive point that customers have talked about is its super close lid system and carbon filter that almost completely eliminate stink smell from spreading all around their house.

What That Isn’t Great about This Item:

Unfortunately, it seems like not all people experience the same thing. Some customers claimed that after they have used it for around 11 months, its auto function system stopped working. Few others experience similar problem with its auto lid function. They said that it opened and closed by itself although they have replace battery, cleansing sensor and changing surrounding object location.

2. simplehuman Round Step Trash Can, Stainless Steel, Plastic Lid

Your house is no longer a garbage field with this Simplehuman trash can. Do not let your house simply filled with odor resulted from few days garbage. You must not want your friend or your guest to walk out your house within 5 minutes because they cannot stand with the smell. I am convinced that you do not want such ashamed issue to circulate among your friend and your neighbor as well. Order this trash can by Simplehuman today, this little thing can be handled with ease.

Key Features:


This Simplehuman trash can is designed with stainless steel and steel pedal to make this trash can last for age. Also, its stainless design makes this trash can suitable for modern kitchen or house. Many hotels and restaurants have used this trash can as well. Its steel pedal on the other hand can endure up to 150,000steps or 20 years long. Furthermore, its lid is embraced with shox technology making this trash can to slowly close and without making any noise. In addition to its lid, it is designed with dent-proof plastic lid that will not leave any hold for space for stink to get out the trash can. Last but not least, changing plastic bag is no longer the ugliest and hardest thing of you. This stainless steel trash can has oversized rim around the can edge that can securely hold the bag.

Customer Satisfaction over the Item:

A lot of customers have expressed their great satisfaction on this stainless steel giving reason that it produces no noise when they open its lid. In addition, the lid will close by itself slowly and quietly when they let off the pedal. Another point that customers have frequently written in their review is its oversized rim. They said that changing and placing it over the ring is a cinch. The bag is neat and does not slip off.

What That Isn’t Great about This Item:

While over 90% of its customers have expressed their great satisfaction on this stainless steel trash can, there are some people do not satisfy with it. They claimed that liquid waste particularly dried liquid will leave mark on the can making it looks dirty. Few others complained that they still have odor problem with this trash can.

3. Nine Stars DZT-50-9 Infrared Touchless Stainless Steel Trash Can

You must be very sure that trash can is the best place for germs, fungus, bacteria and other dirty things that are not good for your health and skin. If you use to think of having trash can that do not require to touch while sealing odor inside the trash can, your imagination becomes real right not. This Nine Stars DZT-50-9 trash can allows you to put your garbage inside the trash can without touching it. Nine stars has never failed to introduce new technology to make your life much easier.

Best stainless steel trash canKey Features:

This Nine Stars DZT-50-9 trash can is manufactured with real stainless steel with compact size is 16.3 by 11.2 by 24.4 inches making it is big and durable that will be able to serve your for a decade long. In addition to that its stainless steel design is also a part to make this trash can elegant and suitable for living room or restaurant. More importantly, it is featured with auto functioning lid system that allows you to dump garbage in the trash can without making direct contact with its lid and therefore reducing tendency to expose to bacteria. The trash can on the other hand is also featured with garbage bag ring to hide the plastic bag from public as well as to prevent plastic from slipping off. Last but not least, it is also designed with energy saving technology that makes its battery last 20% longer than other touchless trash cans.

Customer Satisfaction over the Item:

This trash can has received immense satisfaction from customers giving reason that it has high sensor to detect debris and hand, so that you can easily and quickly throw waste into the garbage can. In addition to that, there are many customers claimed that this trash can battery is similar to permanent since it lasts very long. Last but not least, there are also few customers compliment its design saying it is suitable for many types of room.

What That Isn’t Great about This Item:

On the other hand, there are others customers have complained about this trash can. They acknowledged that although it is sturdy and durable by its stainless steel body, but its sensor function does not have the same quality. Few others claimed that its lid does not properly shut at all and thus allowing odor to spread all over the room.