Best Portable Air Conditioner Sale 2018

For many of the times, when looking for the air conditioner for sale, people want it portable as well. That is a convenient feature that helps. It takes quite a bit of technical knowledge to find the best portable air conditioner. However, you have come here, and it has been sort out for you. In the following reviews, three of the best portable air conditioner sale for your consideration. They have been performed very well with good durability for users so far.

1. Honeywell MN10CESWW 10,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner with Remote Control

Why have to bother spending lots of money installing Air-Con in one room? If you have many rooms in your house, that would be a big problem. You must not want to spend all your monthly salary for Air-Con. Other than that, to install AC on your wall, you have to drill in several holds and thus worsening your house condition and looks. But what can we do as the weather is so hot and if there is a heat wave? We are not suggesting you should stop using AC, but we would like to recommend a new smart way to save your money as well as to make your simple and comfortable. With this Honeywell MN10CESWW air conditioner, you will be happy all days in summer.

1Key Features:

Honeywell MN10CESWW air conditioner can serve in every type of room including living room, dining room, bed room, and more. This portable air conditioner allows you move it around to where you like and from room to room and thus you do not have to worry buying many air conditioners at one time unless you have to run it simultaneously. It is just small piece information you know about this AC. Aside from its portability, this AC has up to 10,000 BTU capacities that can offer cooling environment up to 350 sq ft. Auto-Evaporation system has been incorporated in this AC allowing this to serve you best service in absorbing moisture and send it outside through air exhaust hose. Also, it does not have drainage tank to make you worried emptying it every time. To be more specific, this AC can remove moisture up to 79.2 pints per day. You can easily control this AC just with your finger tip. Its remote control is super sensitive that you can take control of the AC in large range.

Customer Satisfaction over the Item:

After scanning through thousand of customer’s review, almost every of its customer has given a big medal to both design and quality of this AC. They claimed that it is portable and movable that they can move it to every corner of the room with ease. Moreover, this portable air conditioner is reportedly special with its 3 functions, AC, fan, and humidifier. Another thing that customers have talked about it is assembly. They claimed that it is very easy and they can do it without any help.

What That Isn’t Great About This Item:

However, there are also some problems that customers have encountered. First, they claimed that this AC is not durable. They continued that just after few months of using, this AC stopped working with no reason. On the other hand, other customers claimed that it dripped water and they are pissed off cleaning their house every day.

2. Whynter 14,000 BTU Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner

Whynter air conditioner is very popular by its cooling and dehumidifying system that offer perfect service to make its customers happy and enjoy their comfortable life. Whynter has incorporated modern technology that allowing this portable air conditioner to serve different functions in one unit, particularly cooling, fan and dehumidifying. Whynter is pretty clear that cooling system is very simple and many other products can serve the same purpose as well. Yet, what make it different from other is its dehumidifying system that operate in a singer AC. You do not have to worry buying two different things now!

Key Features:

air conditioner sale

This Whynter air conditioner can control weather in your room like a magic. It is featured with three different functions including air conditioner, fan, and dehumidifying system that these functions can be operated according to weather and your preference. Thermostat can be controlled in between 61 to 89 Fahrenheit. Also, you can read thermostat with ease through its digital LCD screen. In additionally, this portable AC also has 24 programmable timer allowing to save energy as well. Talking about its dehumidifying system, this AC has larger capacity in storing drip if comparing with others. To be specific, this AC can store up to 101 pints per day. Fan system, on the other hand, has three speeds that will effectively support room temperature.

Customer Satisfaction over the Item:

Customers who have bought this portable air conditioner have always wrote comment praising its great quality. They claimed that its cooling system and fan speed is chill. They continue that dual hose exhaust plays a great part in air flowing process as well as to enhance cooling quality. Other customers claimed that it is also easy to install and move as well.

What That Isn’t Great About This Item:

Few customers on the other hand claimed that the air conditioner does not perform a good job as description. They said that cooling system is very poor and slow, and thus it does not change room temperature much. On the other hand, few other claimed that it makes sound like big engine.

3. LG Electronics LP0814WNR 115-volt Portable Air Conditioner Sale with Remote Control

Summer is coming and everywhere is hot even in your house. Do you want to lock yourself and stay only in your room with AC? Exactly not, I believe. You must want to enjoy your movie in living room or having lunch in kitchen. Good news! Outside your bedroom now are no longer hells. You can feel cool as well and without wasting much money and energy installing AC in every room of your house. This portable LG Electronics LP0814WNR air conditioner is chill wind following you all time. You can easily move it around from room to room effortlessly. Save money, save energy, save environment!

air conditioner saleKey Features:

Do not waste your money busy many air conditioners, you should shift to this portable LG Electronics LP0814WNR air conditioner. It is featured with 8,000 BTU capacity that is capable to cool down temperature in a room up to 200 sq ft. 2 cooling and fan speeds allowing you to adjust to you like. You can also easily read the speed and temperature through its LED display screen. Aside from that, it dehumidification is legendary. It can handle up to 2 pints per hour. Other than that, it has auto-restart function allowing you to save and restore setting as you wish. Last but not least, this portable air conditioner uses standard 115 volts electrical outlet that is very convenient for every household and apartment.

Customer Satisfaction over the Item:

A lot of customers claimed that it is very easy to use and quickly to change temperature in the room as well. Customers added that while it produces chill wind in the whole room, it produces less sound when it is in peak operation. Thus, it does not disturb them. Customers also claimed that it is portable and easy keep in a tight space. Moreover, it is easy to clean as well.

What That Isn’t Great About This Item:

However, customers found that its drip tank is not very useful since they have to empty it frequently. The air hose on the other hand reportedly gets got very easily and thus it costs a lot of energy and have risks as well, claimed customers. One more thing customers have complained about is its low quality cooling air, yet there are responses from other customers suggested that it might be used with large room.

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