Best Media Fireplace Reviews 2018

This will bring you the top three best media fireplace reviews for your sweet home. If that is the particular item you are searching for, you would enjoy checking out the three reviews. These best media fireplace choices are the popular ones according to the reviews. That comes along with extremely good satisfaction users have had over the products. Not surprisingly, that is the reason why they have been rated top. The media fireplaces come with different designs, and you can check those out down here.

1. 58 in. TV Stand with Fireplace Insert in Espresso Finish

What comes into your mind when winter is approaching? I believe most of you might think of jacket or fireplace to keep you warm. If you think of fireplace, I would suggest you should invest on something that is more special than a normal fireplace such as this media fireplace by Walker Edison. It is not only to offer you warm atmosphere during cool winter, but it also a part of house decoration. Just simply put TV on the top of it with several souvenirs or achievements on its shelves to make it elegant and suitable for modern life style.

best media fireplaceKey Features:

Featured with simple plug-in unit, this media fireplace by Walker Edison is built suitable for modern easy life style. What you have to do when you get this unit is simply plug in and then it is all there. It is wide enough to cover TV up to 60 inches and 250 pounds weight. Specifically, its compact size is 25 inches height, 58 inches widths and 16 inches lengths. With ample storage space and adjustable shelving, you can easily decorate the area to make it more attractive and elegant. Last but not least, its heating system is completely amazing that it makes the fire place look realistic and the heat as well makes them warm and enjoys their TV shows during cool weather.

Customer Satisfaction over the Item:

A lot of customers completely adore with its design. They said that it looks like a realistic fire due to its design. They can also turn the fire on with or without heat as well. One more positive point that customers frequently talked about it is the easy assemble. It is a bit funny that an old lady commented that even an old lady can do it with ease.

What That Isn’t Great about This Item:

However, there are customers who do not satisfy with this media fireplace. They said that its component cabinets are quite small to but their speaker and stereo receiver. One more thing that customers have complained about this unit is sturdiness. They said it does not last long since it is featured with cheap veneer. Few others even said that they could see its cracking mark.

2. Pleasant Hearth 248-44-34M Elliot Media Fireplace

Do not risk yourself using traditional fireplace with coal to warm indoor temperature during cool weather because it is not safe and it also cause your house dirty when the ash is blown by winter wind. In this modern day, fireplace has been designed and developed into media fireplace that could do more function in spite of a normal heat source. On the other hand, you will less likely to risk to lose your properties as well.

Key Features:


Pleasant Hearth 248-44-34M Elliot media fireplace is designed with medium large dimension size (47.8 x 15.5 x 35 inches) allowing you to have more ideas for decoration. The heater is featured with 1350 watt power with thermostat that is powerful enough to quickly heat up room up to 400 sq ft. Furthermore, it has manufactured with three levels of flame brightness and ten temperature options to make you easy for adjustment and to allow you adjust to your comfortable temperature. Timer is also included to offer you ultimate management on room temperature as well as for the purpose of energy saver. In addition to that, you can easily read its temperature and timer just simply by its LCD displayed screen. A remote control is included to make your adjustment much easier.

Customer Satisfaction over the Item:

According to reviews from customers who have bought this media fireplace, the result turned out that almost all of its customers love this media fireplace. One reason is that it operates quietly that they almost cannot believe that have turned it on. Many customers claimed that it heats the room quickly like a summer sun shining into their house. Every corner is filled with warm temperature. Few others also added that they enjoy the 10 temperature options as well that allow them to choose the one that fit their preference.

What That Isn’t Great about This Item:

Still, there are some problems making this media fireplace not perfect one. Some customers claimed that this thing is flimsy especially when they assemble. They furthered that some parts of it broken down. Some other customers complained about its heater saying it does not work at all since the very beginning.

3. Better Homes and Gardens Media Electric Fireplace Ashwood Road

Many of you might be very pissed off spending lots of money on fireplaces that broken down just in few months or even since its first arrival. Perhaps its price tells its quality. Why not spend a little more only on one high quality fireplace and enjoy it for years? It will sure save you a lot. In fact, this Better Homes and Gardens media electric fireplace will warranty its durability. Also, its design is undeniably perfect for modern house decoration. Treat yourself well and make your house elegant like a five star hotel.

best media fireplaceKey Features:

At first, let’s begin with its dimension size. It has 47 inches lengths, 30 inches heights, and 18 inches widths that is large enough to handle 45 inches TV or 100 pounds weight. In addition to that, it has media compartment for DVD player and speaker as well as front and sides shelves for items storage. Therefore, you can easily store and decorate the area making it the most attractive place in your living room. On the other hand, this Better Homes and Gardens media electric fireplace is embraced with 1400W with 4 flame level settings allowing you to heat up your room faster and adjust the heat to match with indoor weather. To make your life easier, this media fireplace also include a remote control that you can take control of the fireplace from distance.

Customer Satisfaction over the Item:

Not surprisingly, many customers have expressed their great satisfaction on this media fireplace giving reason that it gets warm faster and in large area. A medium size living is not a matter to this fireplace. Customers also added that they can adjust its heat settings easily with remote control to make the atmosphere in the room warm enough for good night sleep. One more point from customers we should not miss is its luxury design. Customers said that they have never hesitated to invite their friends or neighbor to have a cup of tea inside their house.

What That Isn’t Great about This Item:

Only few problems can be found in customer review. One said that its light log does not turn on. Another customer on the other hand said that it lighted only one log. Some customers said that it is a bit hard to assemble since they have spent hours to finish it. Undoubtedly, there are customers who have complained about its price as well.