Best Hand Coffee Grinder Reviews 2018

If it is the best hand coffee grinder you are looking for your kitchen, you are good to go with this review. Three of the best hand coffee grinder products have been compiled after many of them have been dropped down in our review and comparison. Interestingly, we find the best coffee grinder options below very good for your durable and convenient use. That is why we finally decide doubtlessly to bring them here as for your consideration. You can learn about their details below.

1. Hario Ceramic Coffee Mill Skerton Storage Capacity

Having Turkish coffee or other high quality and expensive coffee does not mean you would have a cup of coffee that has wonderful aroma that could be smelled miles away. You need to carefully crush it into fine particles that are capable to offer maximum taste and smell. If you are looking for hand coffee grinder for yourself or your family, Hario Ceramic Coffee Mill Skerton is very suitable to serve you and people in your family. You can get fine coffee with less effort in every morning. I believe your house in every morning would be filled with coffee aroma.

1Key Features:

Hario Ceramic Coffee Mill Skerton is a user-friendly coffee grinder that has become the top pick grinder in the market. First to begin with, it is portable and light weight that you can move or take it with you when you have trip. In fact, its compact size is 16 x 11 x 13 inches (L x W x H) and its total weight is only 1.2 pounds. Aside, this coffee grinder is designed with smooth and comfortable handle that make users convenient when they grind coffee in every morning. In combination with its high quality blade, it can make your coffee consistent and look more professional. It is also important to note that Hario is a well-known company in manufacturing high quality glassware.

Customer Satisfaction over the Item:

Many customers claimed that it is easy to clean and they do not have to waste it many times. There is no coffee mark stick on the jar or motor. What is more interesting about customer’s review is that most people said they can adjust fine or bigger grind as what they want. In addition to that, they can handle grinding with ease.

What that isn’t great about this item:

However, some other customers have different view on this Hario Ceramic Coffee Mill Skerton. Firstly, some of them complained about its position and movement. They said the coffee grinder wobbled after several times of use. Few even said after a minute of grind, there are many coffee beans remain in the upper chamber.

2. Manual Coffee Grinder with Ceramic Burr

People especially office stuff loves to have coffee in every morning to keep them awake for a whole day. However, most of them seem do not care about its smell and taste. However, we cannot generalize that they do not want to have a nice cup of coffee. They are very busy that they have no time to think of it. Today, we have good news for you. Cozyna coffee grinder has been upgraded itself and makes it unique and more useful for users particularly those busy people who have no time to stop at coffee shop. Its slim and portable body allows users to keep it by the side of your backpack like bottle of water. You can grind it when you sit on the bus. Enjoy your coffee and do not forget to bring sugar with you.

Key Features:


Rarely has a person walks pass this Cozyna coffee grinder without taking a look and most of them cannot deny to buy it for themselves due to its slim and portable size. With this size and design, it takes minimal space and thus allows users to carry it easily when they have trip. Moreover, it makes them feel more luxurious and more civilized with its high quality stainless steel body. More important than eye-catching purpose, its stainless steel design allows this coffee grinder to serve your longer than others. What is more special about this coffee grinder is that it can grind more coffee in a minute comparing to other portable coffee grinders. Last but not least, it also has special function allowing users to adjust grinding size with few simple steps.

Customer Satisfaction over the Item:

It is very interesting reading positive reviews from its customers because less than 10% of customers seem to have problems with this coffee grinder and less than 7% that has serious problems with it. Most customers claimed that it is eye-catching as well as easy to carry. They can bring it along their trip or camping. On the other hand, the grinder is easy and goes smoothly. They just have to fill coffee on the top and attached the handle to grind. Moreover, grinding is effortless.

What that isn’t great about this item:

Some customers reported that it is not durable after several months. Few claimed it got loose and fell apart while some others claimed that it is flimsy particularly its spinning part. Few other customers complained that it took long time to grind or even does not grind at all.

3. Hario “Canister” Ceramic Coffee Mill

A hybrid traditional and modern design hand coffee grinder by Hario would make you feel like you are on the coffee field and cultivating fresh coffee beans. Nothing would be more peaceful and cheerful than a cup of hot sweet coffee with unforgettable aroma. You would find drinking coffee in the morning more enjoyable and relaxed. It is no longer just to keep your eyes open but it is also to make you more cheerful and more productive with you work just because of its strong pleasant smell. Hario “Canister” coffee mill can bring you such glorious feeling that no other grinder can offer.

best hand coffee grinderKey Features:

You must not surprise to hear that this Hario “Canister” coffee mill runs out of stock because Hario is one of the most popular Japanese company in manufacturing glassware. This Hario coffee grinder is designed with simple but innovative design and with its brown color, it makes this coffee grinder ideal for home or office use. This coffee can serve you for a whole day or whole family members thank to its large capacity that is capable to load 125g. Different from others, it has no slip rubber cover at bottom that makes cleaning hard or affects your coffee taste. Last but not least, its open top filter makes users more convenient in refilling coffee when they want more. Enjoy your coffee!

Customer Satisfaction over the Item:

Just a few pages of reading, I see no negative view toward this coffee grinder. As I proceed until the end, there are only few noticeable negative reviews that will be elaborated in subsequence part. Now, let’s hear its positive side first. Many customers claimed that is sturdy, and the handle and rotation is easy and comfortable. They can get more fine coffee in minutes.

What that isn’t great about this item:

Some customers have expressed their disappointment on this coffee grinder saying it is hard to adjust the grind size and it produces uneven grind as well. In addition to that, few others added that when they tried adjusting the grind, it got broken and no longer usable.