Best Food Vacuum Sealer Reviews 2018

To take care of certain food well before you need them again, you need the best food vacuum sealer to help pump the air out and let it stay fresh in the fridge. And, that is what this review is all about. It features the three best food vacuum sealer reviews for your consideration. After reviewing over many popular food vacuum sealers, the reviewed three below are more superior in terms of design and performance. At the same time, they are not as expensive. These makes them very interesting to closely examine if looking for one.

1. FoodSaver V2244 Vacuum Sealing System with Starter Kit

After dinner, what you have to do is storing your food in your clean and crystal-clear refrigerator. However, you might not believe you what have happened to your food at all especially just by your bare eyes. If you look at another angle when you store raw meat that full of bacteria and unpleasant smell, you would realize that you are carefree and open yourself to bacteria. So, what is the best solution to avoid yourself this issue? FoodSaver V2244 vacuum sealing system is the best solution for you. It is the most effective firewall in protect your food in refrigerator safe from bacteria and strong and awful smell from raw meat and fish.

1Key Features:

FoodSaver V2244 vacuum sealing system is ideal for all type of foods storage. No matter it is raw meat, cooked meat, or delicate foods, this food vacuum sealer can offer you 5 times longer food preservation and without causing any damage on (delicate) food inside. Thank to its CrushFree Instant Seal, you now can send delicious home-made to your child working in other region or country. Moreover, with its high-technology, it has embraced with accessory port vacuum seals canisters is capable to marinates food just in minutes. Its compact size is also another important part making this the top wanted food vacuum sealer as it can easily fit in tight space. Also, it is lightweight that you can change its position with ease and it is really important for housewives who have to save their energy for other household chores. This food vacuum sealer is strongly recommended to use with FoodSaver bags and rolls.

Customer Satisfaction over the Item:

Many customers seem to be very satisfied with its high quality sealer that effectively preserves quality of food especially when they put in freezer. They continue claimed that they can have fresh meat from their freezer although it is in working day. More importantly, some other customers also asserted that the preservation would last longer than a month. It produces less sound as well when in operation.

What that isn’t great about this item:

However, there are users who have encountered difficulty with this food vacuum sealer claiming it is not durable. They said after about nine months the unit did not vacuum out air but it completed the process. Moreover, few others even claimed that it stopped working after several months of use.

2. FoodSaver 4840 2-in-1 Automatic Vacuum Sealing System

Why you have to choose FoodSaver 4840 vacuum sealing system by FoodSaver? There are few things you still do not quite know about high-quality food vacuum sealer. Today, let’s FoodSaver showed you the real food vacuum sealer that would make your eyes wide open. FoodSaver 4840 vacuum sealing system has distinctive features that allow you to keep your meat fresh all the time and without spoiling its taste. Meanwhile, it is the cleanest way to keep your refrigerator clean and avoid making acrid smell caused by raw meat and fish. If you are a meat lover, you would love this one at max as if would keep the original taste of your food for a long period of time.

Key Features:


Sealing food is no longer one of the hardest chores anymore with FoodSaver 4840 vacuum sealing system. At first, what you have to do is spending few minutes go through its manual. Do not be surprised because what you have to do is putting food into bag and place the open end into the appliance. Nothing more? Yes, this food vacuum sealer makes use of plastic detection technology that allows it to work automatically to seal the bag when you insert the open end into it. What’s more special is when it sucks air and moisture from foods in the bag, it stores them in drip tray that does not cause any problem to the sealer as well as to maintain hygiene for you all the time. It has drip tray drawer that can be drew out effortlessly and it is dishwasher-safe.

Customer Satisfaction over the Item:

More than 90% of customers strongly expressed their satisfaction on this food vacuum sealer. The first thing they have talked about is its flexible sealing function. They can choose when they want to heat seal the bags. In addition to that, it completely removes air from the bag drawing it get closer to surface and thus able to preserve food for long time. Moreover, some customers also satisfy with its auto-sealing function that it can swiftly detach plastic when they insert the bag into the slot.

What that isn’t great about this item:

However, many customers have faced difficulty in putting bags in right position and thus they have to take time learning and putting in right position. Or otherwise, sealing process would not operate. On the other hand, there are few customers claimed that they have to go through vacuum process for several times to suck the air out.

3. FoodSaver V3240 Automatic Vacuum Sealing System with Starter Kit

Imagine how embarrassed you are when your friends or guests come to your house and open your refrigerator to get a bottle of water, however, they would smell overpowering raw meat and fish instead. There is nothing ashamed more than this. No matter how great effort you have made to clean your refrigerator, you still cannot get rid of that smell and that is because you do not have a proper way to keep those meats. Therefore, the new invention of FoodSaver V3240 automatic vacuum sealing system would bring you modern and comfortable lifestyle.

best food vacuum sealerKey Features:

While many food vacuum sealers have been introduced in market and with contemporary technology, they remain inferior to FoodSaver V3240 automatic vacuum sealing system. In comparison, this food vacuum sealer by has many similar essential features like others. For example, it has loose sealing strap that works perfectly in securing air tight and preserve food flavor. In additional, it also has removable drip tray that has no problem with dishwasher, and accessory port and hose that are perfect for vacuum process. Plus, it also incorporates CrushFree Instant Seal that guarantee 100% protection on delicate food. However, the distinguished features of this food vacuum sealer are its speed, and moist/dry food settings that allow users to adjust vacuum speed as well as moist or dry seal in compliance with food types.

Customer Satisfaction over the Item:

One feature that many customers have talked about is its vacuum setting. They can stop the process at a point they like. Hence, they can make sure their cookie and muffin safe. More importantly, during either vacuum or sealing process, it operates quietly and customers can do it at night without walking their children. Last but not least, it has cutter tool that many customers claimed makes the sealing process more convenient.

What that isn’t great about this item:

However, there are few customers have encountered problems with this food vacuum sealer as well. First, they claimed it stopped sucking air after months of use. Second of all, there are customers who claimed that the button is a bit hard to press and it got slow and not responding.