Best Extra Long Shower Curtain Reviews 2018

Best extra long shower curtain reviews are now here. If you are searching for the beautiful ones for your bath room, you are recommended to check these out. They are beautifully designed, high in quality, and quite affordable to bring some home. Even better, they are made with very good materials to ensure you good durability. You may check out further details of each one below, and you will be able to decide.

1. InterDesign 96-Inch Carlton Spa Long Shower Curtain

Why have to bother bringing more burdens for yourself if it is just a shower curtain. Different from many others, this InterDesign shower curtain will not only serve as water proof wall to prevent water splash out from the shower. On the other hand, you can keep it clean simply with washing machine and go to do other household chores. I believe that your still have tons of work to do, so order this shower curtain now to free yourself from this tedious task.

extra long shower curtainKey Features:

If you are looking for long luxury shower curtain, you better spend your few minutes reading this InterDesign shower curtain features and customer review. You will not regret spend your little. It has wide and long size that you can completely cover bath. Specifically, it has 0.3 inches widths, 72 inches lengths and 72 inches heights. This InterDesign shower curtain is manufactured with 12 reinforced button holes allowing you easy to install and hang it. More importantly, its fabric is made of 100% polyester that works well with water and quickly dry. In addition to that, it will less mold and mildew growing on the curtains as well. You do not have to bother give yourself more work since this shower curtain is machine washable. Enjoy your bath!

Customer Satisfaction over the Item:

One thing that many customers cannot deny to compliment it is its extra big size that can cover their bath. Some other customers have mentioned about its solid white color and texture saying it make their bathroom like a spa salon. Lastly, another thing that customers love about this shower curtain is its lightweight. They said that it is made of polyester, so it is soft and light to be touch.

What That Isn’t Great about This Item:

Nevertheless, there are customers who have voiced their dissatisfaction on this shower curtain. They said that it is quite thin and bright making them feel insecure taking bath. Few of them said it would be a problem if your house has bright light. Besides, some customers claimed that this shower curtain is easy to snag as well.

2. Shower Curtain, Extra Long Shower Curtain Set Paisley Shower

Searching for shower curtain is not a difficult task, what you have to do is going to Google. Yet, the hardest thing is choosing the right shower curtain with awesome texture and color. I think you are lucky today to bump into this shower curtain by Welwo. It has embraced with eye-catching texture and color, and thus making your bathroom look like a bathroom in five star hotel. You might not be able to resist coming home and enjoying your luxurious and peaceful bath every time you think of this shower curtain.

Key Features:

extra long shower curtain

This Welwo shower curtain is designed with 78 inches widths and 84 inches heights that is wide enough to cover you when you enjoy your bath. It is completely made of polyester making it reliable in preventing shower from splashing on the floor. In addition to that, polyester fabric is quick dry making this shower curtain free from bacteria, mold and mildew. Its designed has been widely acknowledged as premium level because it is featured with paisley printed texture and 4 colors (white, grey, or brown). Do not worry, this shower curtain is machine washable and its texture will not be removed simply by washing. In the same package, you can find a shower curtain, a plastic bag, and plastic shower curtain ring-hooks.

Customer Satisfaction over the Item:

Almost everyone who has bought this shower curtain has expressed their great satisfaction on this shower curtain giving reason it has beautiful picture and color. They admitted that they sometimes forget they are having bath in their own house. In addition to that, customers also added that polyester fabric and its texture is a great wall. It is effectively prevent water splashing out to the floor. Also, they can peacefully enjoy their bath and sing in the bathroom.

What That Isn’t Great about This Item:

However, there are few customers have complained about this shower curtain, yet it seems like it is not a big matter to other customers. One of them said that the curtain snags easily. It has been 3 months and they have to find a new one. Another couple of customers asserted that it is plastic-made instead of fabric. Yet, a lot of customers do not feel so.

3. InterDesign Leaves Long Shower Curtain

Having a high quality and eye-catching curtain is of important? It can keep your privacy as well as to maximize your peace with its beautiful texture. However, did you know that shower curtain is the best place of bacteria, mold and mildew? Perhaps you have never paid attention on it. InterDesign Leaves Long shower curtain will guarantee that bacteria and mold will not easily stay on this shower curtain. If you are wondering why, let’s check it together!

extra long shower curtainKey Features:

To begin with, let’s start from its very basic features, but important information that customers always look at. This shower curtain has 72 inches widths and 84 inches heights that allows you to cover your bath no matter your bath is king-size bath. With its extra wide size, it has decorated itself with green leave texture making the surrounding environment look natural and relaxed. You can also choose your favorite color as well since it has up to 10 different colors (black and grey, black and red, gray and coral, grey and mint, grey and yellow, turquoise and green, slate blue, purple, brown, and green). In combination with polyester fabric, it is a great curtain to keep you secret. In addition to that, its polyester fabric also serves another important role in elevating bacteria, mold and mildew, because it dries very quickly.

Customer Satisfaction over the Item:

In average, there are more than 95 % of its customers have written good reviews about this shower curtain. First thing they have mentioned about is its design and variety of color that they can choose to fit with their bathroom environment as well as their color preference. Other customers said with specific evidence that it dry fast and thus it does not cause any smell or mildew.

What That Isn’t Great about This Item:

No matter what, there are several customers have written comments reporting their problems they have encountered with this shower curtain. Few customers said that they have received shower curtain with 2 or 3 spots on the curtain and thus spoiling its image. Some others added that it is a bit light making them feel uncomfortable. Some customers on the other hand said that it is a bit short too.