Best Executive Desk Reviews 2018

Though working happens in the office, many people still need to bring it home. That comes to a need for an office room at home. By the way, either it is an office at home or at workplace, there is a need for the nice, comfortable and best executive desk so that it creates a good comfort for your working. In this, three best executive desk reviews have been selected to recommend. They are the very popular executive desks with very good quality and price. They are just the ones.

1. Sauder Edge Water Executive Desk, Estate Black Finish

Your office plays an important role in defining you, including your characteristic and your status. In fact, this Sauder Edge Water executive desk is made for executive or director range. It will indirectly show your counterpart about your status and power once they sit in front of the desk and discuss issues with you. On the other hand, such superior design will help you grow your confident to talk with your counterpart and that will bring you success in your business and career.

best executive deskKey Features:

This Sauder Edge Water executive desk is manufactured with 5.56 inches height, 30.56 inches widths, and 70.37 inches lengths, that is big and convenience enough to keep and arrange your document and stationary. In addition to that, it will reflect your position and power in the company as well. In addition to that if you intend to place a desktop or laptop on the desk, this Sauder executive desk would be your smartest solution, because it is featured with flip-down panel to handle keyboard and mouse. On the other hand, this executive desk also has two file drawers and two small drawers for easy and more items storage. More importantly, its movement is perfectly smooth that you can handle it effortless and without interrupting your working speed. Last but not least, it is also embedded with grommet hole to allow cord to run into only one hole and make your desk neat.

Customer Satisfaction over the Item:

Many customers have expressed their immense satisfaction on this executive desk due to many reasons. First, they claimed that its two big drawers are truly big. They said that they can store many things although it is quite large in the drawers. In addition to that, they can quickly put thing into drawers since its movement is pretty smooth. Another group of customers claimed that this desk is durable. They have used it for almost a year, but after they polish it, it is still new and sturdy like a new one.

What That Isn’t Great About This Item:

Some customers, on the other hand, claimed that it is a big hard to assemble and also it is not durable as other customers have claimed. They asserted that they found it hard to assemble it and especially to find screws that fit with its bolts or otherwise it would get loosen because the table is made of recycled material. Few others claimed that the desk wobbles when they reassembled it.

2. Coaster Oval Shaped Executive Desk

If you are looking for executive desk to place in your office for your new manager position or to put in your house for personal use and convenient, you should consider this Coaster executive desk. It has classic mixed with modern design making this executive desk standing out from normal executive desk design. More importantly, its size and style will make you look more powerful. Have you ever imagined what will your staff going to see when they go into your room? It must be your big powerful desk. Go ahead! Enhance you confident with this executive desk.

Key Features:


Comparing to other executive desks you have seen in advertisement with low price, this Coaster executive desk is more special, more reliable and more stylish. It is made of hardwood solids to make this desk last for ages. You do not have to worry it would be wobbled or crumble. On the other hand, the desk is featured with dark color and veneer construction making it looks smooth and elegant. In addition to its design, this executive desk is designed with fluted moldings making it looks a bit classic but fashionable and suitable for modern lifestyle. 7 drawers including keyboard drawer is very amazing. You can install desktop and laptop on the desk without spending more space with keyboard and mouse. Also, the rest 6 drawers allow you to keep many things and arrange folders as your desire.

Customer Satisfaction over the Item:

One thing of this executive desk that received great admiration from customers is its sturdiness and durability. They claimed that it is made of read wood. They continued that they have used it for about a year, but this desk does not wobble like other previous desk they have. Furthermore, some other customers have admired its design saying they feel superior just looking at it. It makes them feel more confident when they discuss with their staff or business counterpart.

What That Isn’t Great About This Item:

It is very difficult to jot down weakness of this executive desk by Coaster. So far, there is only a couple of customers who have complained little thing about this desk. While they are admiring the quality and design of the desk, they said that there is one thing that makes this desk not a perfect desk. It is the veneer that does not smooth is some part of the desk.

3. Sauder Shoal Creek Executive Desk, Jamocha Wood

Most executive desks look amazing and are able to grasp your heart just in a minute you look at it. However, brace you because you would have a last long wobbled journey with it or perhaps your journey will last only a month or two. Sauder Shoal Creek executive desk is completely different from the crowd. Not only professional and attractive design it has, this executive desk will serve you years to come without giving you a bit feeling of shaking.

best executive deskKey Features:

If you really care about brand, this executive desk by Sauder perhaps is your best choice. It is made of USA that most people expected high quality product from this country. This Sauder Shoal Creek executive desk is made of real wood that is a perfect material for construction as well as design. In total, it has 215 pounds weight and you do not have to worry it would be wobbled. In regarding to its drawer, it has center drawer with flip down panel design allowing you to put keyboard and mouse easily. In this connection, its other drawers are rather large that can hold European size hanging files as well. Last but not least, talking about its size, this desk is suitable for every boss. Its dimension size is 5.43 x 30.37 x 70.25 inches (H x W x L).

Customer Satisfaction over the Item:

A lot of customers praised that this executive desk has a good design. It has solid dark color that is suitable for office environment. In addition to that, customers said that its drawers are useful and reliable to keep items and documents since it can be moved smoothly. Some other customers also mentioned about its heavy and sturdiness saying it does not wobble and reliable although they have used it for many years.

What That Isn’t Great About This Item:

Some other customers expressed their disappointment about this desk saying its assembling is the hardest. They claimed that they have spent more than an hour to understand its instruction and assemble it. Also, there are few customers asserted that after they unscrewed this desk to move it to another place, some parts near bolts crumble and it started wobbling when they reassemble it in new room.