3 Best Workout Sandbags 2017

When you do your training persistently, you would need persistent challenge to keep you up with your workout. Here we pick up three best workout sandbags for your check. In case, that is the kind of tougher challenge you are looking for, these best workout sandbags are great to have. As well, they are not expensive to bring some home. For the details of the sandbag choices, you can go through the little reviews of them down here. Many people have liked the sandbags.

1. SKLZ Super Sandbag – Heavy Duty Training Weight Bag

Do not be surprised when you are unintentionally lift this bag, you must wonder what thing I put inside. It is heavy duty materials. I am not stupid, but it is a part of my training. Actually, it is a SKLZ workout sandbag which is a fitness equipment to help you build up your body. Of course, I am not surprised if you ask me what are the differences between this sandbag and dumbbells since both of them are heavy and almost used for the same purpose. The answer is simple, sandbags will offer you more workout options and desirable result. Let’s check its detail features together!

1Key Features:

SKLZ Super Sandbag is featured with durable outer shells that can endure weighty effectively and also ensure you life-long use. Its handle grips are designed with soft comfortable materials to avoid leaving red mark or calluses on your hands after workout. Four weight bags (4 x 10 inches) with handle are attached with allowing you to fill with heavy duty material. You can use those four little weight bags separately for more variety training styles. Each weight bag can hold up to 40 pounds weight. Different from dumbbells, you can adjust its weight effortlessly by removing heavy material inside to fit with your workout style or your own capacity. You will be happy with its result after just after few weeks.

Customer Satisfaction over the Item:

Its toughness has been received wider acknowledgement from customers. Yet, what attract customers than its toughness is its design particularly its comfy handles. They claimed that its 6 handles are easy to grip and does not hurt their hands. In addition to that, customers also love its small yellow weight bags giving reason that it is tough and more importantly it have Velcro to secure metal things inside from slipping out or flapping over.

What That Isn’t Great about This Item:

Some customers on the other hand claimed that why they fill in sand in the bag, the sand leaks out. Other customers on the other hand claimed that they cannot fit in all 4 weight bags inside. Few added that they even went a bit hard put it together and causing damage to its zipper.

2. Adjustable Extreme Sand Bag Set, 60-Pound by GoFit

If you are looking for heavy duty sand bag that last for ages, you are on the right place now. GoFit today will introduce to you its last technology sandbag that is amazingly versatile for workout. Many workout options can be chosen to improve your upper body including toning shoulders, hands and chest muscle. Its outer bag is very tough that you do not have to worry how many weight you keep inside or how intense your workout is? Just focus on your workout and you will have favorable result sooner or later. Order it today and get your dream body you are wishing for.

Key Features:


GoFit workout sandbag is featured with a big handle bag with 3 small canvas sand bags. Let’s get start with its big handle bag. It is manufactured with tough canvas body that can endure intense training and last for years. In addition to that it is featured with zipper and snap closures with perfect stitching. More importantly, the handle bag is designed with 4 webbing handle positions allowing you to shift to now workout effortlessly and also its comfy handles will accelerate your training to get faster result. On the other hand, in regarding to its 3 little sand bags, they are designed with different size, 10 pounds, 20 pounds and 30 pounds, making it convenient for you to adjust weighty and difficulty you want. Also, it plays a part in make your workout more colorful and interesting. To add more on this, the handle bag and its 3 little sand bags are embedded with Velcro closure to guarantee no leak and easy filling and removing. Also, it also provides safety to you as well.

Customer Satisfaction over the Item:

Many customers have written good reviews about this sandbag saying it is very convenient for their training. Particularly, its 3 size sandbags can be adjust without wasting many efforts. In addition to that, other customers claimed that it is very sturdy and durable. They said that they cannot find even a tiny sign or tearing after they have used it for almost a half year. Lastly, few other customers praised its handles saying they do not need gloves for workout anymore.

What That Isn’t Great about This Item:

Surprisingly, few customers complained that this workout sandbag is nothing but ordinary bag. They continued with clarification that the handle bag ripped just after they have used it for 3 weeks intensive workout. Other customers on the other hand claimed that sand leaks out from the bag easily. It makes their room like a dissert right now.

3. Ultimate Sandbag Packages

When I first bought this Ultimate Sandbag packages and brought it home? You know what was my dad expression? Nothing but angry and he kept complaining that I wasted my money on something that is neither a bag nor a fitness machine. I was quite disappointed at the moment. Yet, everything completely reversed just a couple of weeks after. I tried to follow every workout step like displaying in advertisement and I did improve my physical condition and apparent. I am not kidding but my dad now uses it too. I think I am lucky to have invested on a real quality sandbag on my first time. Ultimate Sandbag Package is the best.

3Key Features:

Ultimate Sandbag packages will not let you down. Its handle bag is made of heavy-grade canvas body making this sandbag perfect for weight endurance. Its dimension sizes are 19 inches lengths and 5 inches widths. It can store up to 20 pounds weight. In addition to that, manufactured with 7-position handles, it allows you to do various exercises including throwing, passing, straightening, and more to build up both your upper and abdominal body parts. What is more important about its handles is that it is designed to merge with your hands and make your training goes smooth until the end. You do not have to worry that you have your hands with callus. Moreover, you can also select any color you like since this workout sandbag can offer you up to 8 different colors. Color perhaps a good motivation for your training as well. Lastly, if you are a beginner training, you do not have to worry because you will find DVD and instruction booklet attached along with it to guide you how to get effective result.

Customer Satisfaction over the Item:

Perhaps this is the best sandbag in this decade since almost every of its customers vote yes for its quality. Customers give it a big applause due to its durability and sturdiness. A customer shared his experience that he has this bag stored up to about 70 pounds in total since it is his desire weight. It is about 5 months until now but it remains sturdy and no leak, claimed the customer. Other customers also admired its comfortable handles as well.

What That Isn’t Great about This Item:

It seems like there is nothing much when it comes to complaint. Only few customers have encountered bitter experience that is completely different from many others. They claimed that their sandbag was flimsy and was ripped after they have used it for few times.

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