3 Best Workout Bench and Weight Bench Reviews 2018

Particularly, if you are searching for some best workout bench or weight bench, these will be the reviews you want to see. We have gone for the available workout bench and weight bench online, reviewed and compared them. As a result, three have been outstanding for the design, quality and price. As so, we decide to bring them up here. You might like the three much too. This could be your favorite ones in a second. For the details of each, you may go down here and enjoy.

1. Universal 5 Position Weight Bench

Is it dumbbells are enough for you to train and get your dream body? Perhaps it might be, yet it is the matter of time. In addition, do you feel bored doing the same lifting dumbbell up and down every day? If yes, I would like to recommend you to this weight bench by Universal by Nautilus. It will help make your workout more interest more options and more effective. You will be fired up when you have multiple options and you must not get bored since you may change your workout style daily. With this reason, you will get your desirable result in no time.

1Key Features:

Allow me to begin with product dimensions of this workout bench by Universal by Nautilus. This workout bench has 51 inches depths, 17 inches widths, 21.5 inches heights; with total weight is only 21.5 pounds that is easy for moving around. It can support up to 430 pounds maximum weight. What make this workout bench well known is its 5 adjustable positions that users can adjust according to their preference. It can be adjusted in -10, 0, 15, 30, and 45 degrees effortless. In regarding to its design, it is made with contoured shape to support your body and secure safety of trainer while its ultra 5 inches thick foam are used to make users feel comfort during their workout. The last thing that we should not miss is its stabilizer technology that makes this workout bench stable and suitable for all types of surface.

Customer Satisfaction over the Item:

After customers have used this workout bench for a while, they cannot deny offering great satisfaction citing reason that it is light easy to move around while it is not flimsy. They also added that its size is a standard one. They feel comfort just laying on it. What we should not miss is its 5 adjustable positions. Almost every customer claimed that this design helps them to have wider exercise options.

What That Isn’t So Great about This Item:

In contradiction, some customers who are a bit tall claimed that this workout bench is not their type. They also end up having their head unsupported and thus it makes them have backache or pain on neck after workout. In addition to that, some other customers claimed that its cushion is not that soft and comfortable.

2. CAP Barbell Flat/Incline/Decline Bench

Do get angry with yourself if you have invested on wrong workout bench many times. Choosing a good workout bench, I admitted, is a hard task to do. However, you will no longer get lose and struggle finding workout bench with high standard. CAP Barbell workout bench will help you solving all your problems. Quality, effectiveness, and fashion, are all in one. Just pick up your phone and ring us, it will be there in front of your house.

Key Features:


CAP Barbell has never let you down with its produce. Today, CAP Barbell will introduce you to its new workout bench that has been received enormous admiration. It is featured with 4 adjustable positions including decline, flat, incline, and upright. With this multiple position options, it allows users to do variety workout just in one unit. Aside from this, this CAP Barbell uses soft foam to cover its handgrips to offer comfort when trainers do leg raise exercise. This weight bench is also sturdy as well since it is manufactured with heavy duty steel frame. It can endure up to 250 user weight capacity. You do not have to worry about assemble as it has assembly instruction attached with.

Customer Satisfaction over the Item:

Customers claimed that this weight bench is not only durable, but stable as well. They added that although they are a bit big and heavy, but they feel no shake when they do workout with dumbbells. Its 4 adjustable positions are also impressive as it allows them more training options. In addition to that, some customers also praise its innovative design to include dumbbell hook. They can keep as well as to get dumbbell with ease for their workout.

What That Isn’t So Great about This Item:

However, some customers have experienced worse result with it. They claimed that it is not durable especially when they frequently adjust its position. They continued that they heard a cracking sound from it and then the bench started producing squawking sound.

3. CAP Strength Standard Bench

Have you ever heard of CAP Barbell? It is a company famous for its fitness equipments and today it has already introduced approximately 600 products into market. CAP Barbell Strength Standard Bench is one of the leading products that has received huge demand due to its life-long durability. Yet, it does not own famous and many likes only with its sturdiness and durability. Its design has enormously contributed to its success. To know it better, let’s check its features together. You will be clear that why it can successfully compete in lively market.

best workout benchKey Features:

CAP strength standard bench is featured with interesting features including its dimension size, adjustable position, construction material, high density foam, and more. Let’s get through its detail one by one. This CAP weight bench is featured with 3 adjustable positions such as decline, flat and incline position allowing trainer to do chest press, leg raise, and other various exercise. To make this weight bench sturdy and last for age, CAP has embedded with three advanced technology including heavy duty steel frame construction, powder coated finish, and 14 durable gauges. Last but not least, CAP does not ignore the important of comfort. It has used high density cushion to make their training more comfortable. Also, it serves as catalyst to inspire your training.

Customer Satisfaction over the Item:

Customers since the beginning claimed that it is easy to install and its instruction is easy to follow as well. Other customers claimed that it is very sturdy. A customer said he is about 180 pounds but he can lie on this bench without any concern. Some other customers praised its size saying it does not consume many space in the room. They are indeed among the best workout bench designs.

What That Isn’t So Great about This Item:

Some other customers instead claimed that it is poorly designed. They wrote review complaining that its leg raise post is not wide enough for bigger guy, they found it very difficult to use and if they did manage to put their legs in, the whole machine would be wobble when they do exercise. Few other customers do not satisfy with its durability citing reason that it got cracked after they have used it several times.