3 Best Weight Lifting Gloves 2018

There are many who sharply attempt to build up their body to the fitness they like. Weight lifting is often the choice. If weight lifting is what you have been doing, you know you need the best weight lifting gloves for your training. That is what this review is all about. Three best weight lifting gloves have been selected from the many available. These weight lifting gloves are not only designed nice, but they own great quality and comfort for the use. You may check out the reviews below for the details of each.

1. Fit Active Sports Gripper Weight Lifting Gloves

You always go to gym every day, aren’t you? If so, I believe you have the same problem with your palms like others too. Do your palms callused, ripped, and pain? Of course, I believe it does and you have already looking for help from gloves, yet it does not help much. No worry, these issue no longer a nightmare for every trainer. Fit Active Sports gripper weight lifting gloves will help you. Let’s check its features together for more detail. I am sure you will love it and wear it every day.

1Key Features:

Keep calm and let go through its features one by one. First, let’s get to start with its design. It is designed with wrist wraps that is widely recognized as a smart design to ease difficulty and support weight lifting. In addition, you do not have to worry it would slip off from your hands. At the back, different from common gloves, it is designed with open space allowing air to penetrate and suitable for intense workout. Above and beyond, this weight lifting gloves are featured with extra thick padding to guarantee that calluses and ripped skin do not appear on your palms and fingers. To be more specific, these gloves are made of Neoprene and silicone which are the best combo to protect your hands. Another layer of silicone is added for extra thickness.

Customer Satisfaction over the Item:

Some customers claimed that it does help them a lot in alleviating calluses. They can do intense workout every day without worrying about their palms. Above and beyond, it helps them a lot with pushing workout. Customers also claimed that it is big enough to cover the whole palm;

What That Isn’t So Great about This Item:

With different thought, some customers claimed that it is a bit weird in design citing reason that its extra thick padding helps nothing instead. They claimed that it is quick thick and thus a bit hard to grip and reduce grip strength. Few other customers added that its extra thick layer is like wearing plain rubber. It does not help at all.

2. New Ventilated Weight Lifting Gloves

New ventilated weight lifting gloves by Fit Active Sports is ideal for heavy lifting. If you love workout with heavy things like dumbbell or pull up, you better invest your little money on this legend gloves that will help you escape from calluses and pain although you have daily intense workout. We guarantee that just a couple of week you would see desirable result. Call us now before your skin turning into a rough thick surface.

Key Features:


Hello, today Fit Active Sports would like to introduce you to this new ventilated weight lifting gloves that has never failed to be the leading product in market. It is featured neoprene with thickness is up to 3 to 4 mm. The neoprene is not only embedded to serve as protection but to make the glove light and comfort for users to use during their workout. More importantly, to ensure 100% no calluses and ripped hands, these gloves by Fit Active Sports has featured with silicon neoprene print to ensure no grip strength is reduced but induced instead. In addition to that, these gloves are designed not only to cover your whole palm but your fingers as well. Last but not least, it is designed with built-in wrist wrap to protect your wrist when you lift something heavy like dumbbell. Also, it serves as a tight rope to prevent the gloves getting loose and slipping off your hand.

Customer Satisfaction over the Item:

In average, customers give these gloves 4 out of 5 star review. They claimed that it is sturdy and comfortable particularly on the palm and wrist part. They continued that its pad is extra thick and is effective in protecting their hands when they do workout. On the other hand, its wrist wrap does support the lifting capacity and those who have wrist problem. For instance, a customer who claimed that he used to have wrist surgery said that this gloves support him to lift thing from little. Now he can even lift thing and do workout almost like normal people.

What That Isn’t So Great about This Item:

However, some customers seem to have problem with its finger parts. Customers claimed that it is not longer enough to fit protect their fingers, and meanwhile they also admitted that they are a bit tall as well. Similarly, some other customers claimed that the finger cloth got loose very often and they have to adjust it every time.

3. Meister Wrist Wrap Weight Lifting Gloves

Do not get confused by its look. Well, it does look awesome like football gloves, yet it is used to support weight lift instead. Meister wrist wrap weight lifting gloves will offer you both desirable result and fashion. These lifting gloves are designed with ultra thick pad that helps you lifting weighty thing easily and without causing any harm or calluses on your palm. At the same time, its design will make you one of the most attractive trainers in gym. Do not wear it outside the gym, because you might not be able to evade from ladies’ praying eyes.

best weight lifting glovesKey Features:

What make this Meister wrist wrap weight lifting gloves outstanding from others and suitable to your hand guardian? Let’s check its features together. This weight lifting gloves are designed with dual Velcro straps on your hands and wrist. For those who used to buy weight lifting gloves must be well aware that many gloves have only one wrist strap to protect their wrist as well as for adjustment. However, for this weight lifting gloves by Meister MMA, it has addition strap on your hands allowing you to adjust size and comfort and to tighten the finger parts preventing it from slipping off. In regarding to its padding, it has combined gel and foam for ultra thickness to protect your whole palms and fingers. More than that, it has permeable mesh at back allowing air to go inside and thus perfect for intense workout. Last to mention, these gloves are fashionable and will make you shine in gym. Aside from its design, it has two color options grey with Neon green and black and red. Man’s color, isn’t it?

Customer Satisfaction over the Item:

A large number of customers offered effusive praise for these gloves. They claimed that these gloves are durable and remains new even after they have used it for a couple of months. Other customers acknowledged its adjustable straps saying they do not have to worry their hands size. Therefore, they can share it with other family member. Lastly, customers also love it attractive price as well.

What That Isn’t So Great about This Item:

Different from majority views, few customers are pissed off with this weight lifting gloves give reason that it is not durable. They claimed that no more than a week, these gloves specifically its finger panels ripped. Some customers claimed that its gel padding only covers a small part on the bottom of the palm, so it is not very useful.