3 Best Table Tennis Table and Ping Pong Table 2018

Tennis has been a popular sport. It sweats you out a lot, and it is an enjoyable sport. As so, more and more people start to want to have the table tennis table or ping pong table at home. In here, we have brought three best table tennis table and ping pong table for your consideration. These are the nice designs with very good durability. Additionally, they have been rated high from their previous buyers. This should confirm more that it is more than likely the right choice. You can have a look at the pictures and details below for each recommended ping pong table.

1. JOOLA Inside Table Tennis Table

Doing exercise is the most effective way to balance your diet and your overall health. Choosing the right sport would enhance your exercising quality. If table tennis is your favorite sport, here we would like to introduce you to JOOLA table tennis, one of the leading table tennis brands for decades. This table tennis is suitable for your play ground at home or any empty space you wish to create your own fitness centre. Below are details of the key features and the good aspects of this JOOLA tennis table.

1Key Features:

JOOLA tennis table has been famous for its high quality and affordable price, and is used among professional players. This is perfectly suitable for any families who want to create a simple daily recreation. The table surface is the first thing buyers generally need to speculate in the first place. In addition to this, the JOOLA inside table tennis is made of medium density fiberboard, a very good quality for weather resistant. Its surface is thicker on the top with a consistent and better bounce. Moreover, the undercarriage is coated with powder steel to prevent from rust; plus, there are halves that could be used as two free standing multiuse tables. For less consumed space, the two separate halves could be fold together. On the other hand, JOOLA inside tennis table offers a thick frame and legs for stability and durability. Lastly, its feet are adjustable, offering a great support for uneven floor while the wheels are designed to be movable for convenient transference.

Customer Satisfaction on this Item:

Many customers praised how convenient and fast to assemble this JOOLA inside table tennis. It is highly recommended for both quality and the price. Moreover, the bouncing quality is so good, one customer commented. A few others also love the fact that they could easily fold it for storage. In addition, they also like the design of two separated tables which enables the mobility even more convenient. They also stress that it is so good for family recreation sport or to have one in the office.

What That Isn’t So Great about This Item:

Users are disappointed with the net as it is difficult to get used to. Additionally, they also upset with the instruction attached with. They said the video instruction on the website is far better. Moreover, other users wish that this table tennis comes with a few balls and paddles.

2. JOOLA Midsize Table Tennis Table

Do you like to play table tennis regularly and wish to set up a tournament with your sisters/brothers or even friends? This is also a line product of JOOLA, the midsize table tennis. Unlike the first one, this is specifically designed for the less space available, yet it offers a real experience of table tennis sport.

Key Features:


The JOOLA midsize table tennis is standardized made at 76 cm, a regular height and 36 inches wide. Thus, this is super cool for those who have smaller home or office’ space. Like the first table tennis, it is manufactured with two separated tables that could be nested together for storage. Besides, the two sections size is about 3 x 3 feet which claims to be strong and sturdy. The table top is so flawless for a good bouncing. On the other hand, there are clamps attached with the premium quality net to the table, which hold the two tables sections together. In addition, the cloth tubes sewn with the net makes it easy for the clamps to fit in perfectly. There are corner bumpers which prevent kids getting hurt when accidently hitting the corner. Additionally, this tennis table could be a multi-functioned table. It could be used as card tables, board games, puzzles or it could be used as dining table whenever necessary. This midsize is so popular among family.

Customer Satisfaction on this Item:

A lot of users expressed their contentment over this tennis table. They marked that this would be the best tool for table tennis training. Furthermore, they really love as it is a less consumed space tennis table and easy to move anywhere. Unlike the first product, a few customers really love the instruction video, as they could assemble it fast. Most importantly, they said it is so affordable and they highly recommend this to friends and amateurs in tennis table.

What That Isn’t So Great about This Item:

Few customers offer opinion that this is a little too small for adult. They prefer larger table than this one. However, a customer said the surface part is delicate and easily worn out. Yet, this is much more suitable for family who has little space for recreation equipment.

3. JOOLA Nova Outdoor Best Table Tennis Table

This Nova Outdoor table tennis table is also designed by JOOLA, a leading company who sells sport equipments. If you only have the outdoor space for keeping this tennis table, this Nova would be the best one for you. JOOLA guarantees that the quality is as good as both of its above products.

best table tennis tableKey Features:

The unique point of Nova outdoor tennis table model is that it is particularly made to be water and rust proof. You would never be worried of the changing weather as you place it outside uncovered. The aluminum plastic (6mm) creates a waterproof quality to the table, while the multi-layer paint process enhance the bouncing and smooth surface for continuous rounds of your plays. Like the first two products, the frame is made from powder coated steel providing a sturdy structure. Additionally, this comes with two separated tables with each half of the table has its own trundle system designed to ease the transport and to secure its balance standing alone. Besides, it is also easy for the storage as it is automatically folded together. The height of the table could be adjusted with the lockable casters and anti-tilting device for security. It is also equipped with the playback mode, allowing for solo play, so you could now enjoy playing table tennis without companion. You can now kill all of your stress with this tennis table model.

Customer Satisfaction on this Item:

A lot of customers are so happy with the perfect surface and they never get tired to play table tennis regularly for a long period of time. They also love the fact that most of the parts come pre-assembled, so it lessens a lot of hard-work and saves a lot of time to fully assemble it. A customer praised how much they like the low profile storage and its two separate pieces of table. A few other commented that the quality is guaranteed as an outdoor tennis table.

What That Isn’t So Great about This Item:

There haven’t been a lot negative reviews with the product. They wish the company would improve the nest as it is not well designed to be that sturdy as expected. Moreover, a few others said despite its good quality, it is heavy.