3 Best Pull Up Bar Reviews 2018

If you are looking forward to your own training at home with the pull up bar, you are going to enjoy these three best pull up bar choices. They have simple but interesting designs, and importantly, a lot of buyers are happy with their training with these best pull up bars. If you too are looking for one, you are strongly recommended to check these designs out. They are going to be your best pull up bar choices too to have. You will like them and could have your pull up training any time you want.

1. ProSource Multi-Grip Chin-Up/Pull-Up Bar for Home Gym

Are you looking to develop the body of a builder but are too occupied? We understand that going to gym can take a lot of time, and it only gets worse when you have to wait in lines just to utilize the tools you are aiming for. ProSource Doorway Trainer for Home Gym will facilitate your fitness routines and ease your life towards a builder looking and healthy life style.

1Key Features:

Prosource Doorway Trainer for Home Gym offers the multi-functional tools for exercising. To begin with, it has 12 comfortable grips and holders that allow a wider and safer space. Also, fitness lovers can choose different exercises and practices simply basing on those grips and handles to pull ups, sit up, push up, and legs and thigh practices. This can help strengthen the targeted area and sustain the energy to last the days. Moreover, the pro source has a size of 24” to 36” that is preferable for house with limited space as it fits the standard doorways. Additionally, it is very easy to install and assemble and very durable because it is made of high grade steel and build to last. It has the capacity to hold up to 300 Lbs and it has a portable design that makes it easy to squeeze in workouts and stay fit at home.

Customer Satisfaction over This Item:

Customers’ especially male customers’ shared the love of the Prosource Trainer in the public. They particularly love it that the tools can withstand the chin-up and push-up challenge pretty well, and they still feel pretty sturdy. They are impressed by the quality of the tools and the steels that the tools are made from. Some of the customers said that it is friendly to their home based utilization, and it is easy to assemble and move as it fits the doorway. They are especially thankful for what the Prosource Trainer has to offer.

What That Isn’t So Great about This Item:

Even though there are many great reviews made for the Prosource Trainer, a few customers have shared their difficulties in using the trainer. One of the customers said that the pieces did not line correctly for her, that she is only able to get together with a lot of work and still it is not symmetrical.

2. Iron Gym Upper Body Workout

If you are looking for the workout equipment that works effectively and is home friendly, you are definitely looking at the right item. Iron Gym Upper Body Workout is all that you need to work on your muscles, triceps, biceps, abs and a healthy looking body. Taking care of your body by choosing the right workout equipment is definitely a gaining investment and especially when now you can gym from home.

Key Features:


Just like the Prosource Trainer, this Iron Gym Upper Body Workout is ideal for various functions. It is great for Pull-up, Chin-up, and Push-up and so on. Even more, the exterior color is grey and black constructed with steel tube and rubber cover. Additionally, the unit comes on assembled and with screws to put together, and the assembling is quite easy to do. The exterior features offer close and wide neutral grip position, that around different way of practices. Also, the pull-up bar is securely held by the door frame, and it does not require any drooling or screwing onto the door frame; therefore, it will not cause any damages to the doors or its frames. In addition to this, this unit fits the inner door frame from 24” wide to 32” wide, making it fits perfectly and very safe and secure to use, and you will sturdy while chinning up or pulling up. Users can also lay it flat on the ground and do the push-up, it pretty much serves many purposes. This product is exclusive perfect for people who are looking to work out muscles, triceps and biceps from home.

Customer Satisfaction over This Item:

Customers like it because it works great and was so easy to set up especially when they are looking for something that takes minimal time to put together and could easily get set up or taken down. Once it’s put together, it can be put in the door frame for a variety of arm and abs workouts or taken down for a few other workouts on the ground. Almost all the great reviews stress their interest on the various functions it offers be it held securely on the door frame or just lay flat on the floor. They find the Iron Gym Workout a great investment.

What That Isn’t So Great about This Item:

Almost all the reviews gives a like on the quality of the Iron Gym except that a few customers find it hard to fit the door frame with Iron Gym because it fits to only limited size of the door frame, and a few other customers find a bit of scratches from the Iron Gym on their door after a long time of using.

3. Joist Mounted Pull Up Bar with Neutral Grip Handles

Just like the upper equipment, if you are looking to widen your choice and you are an occupied person who would like to work out from home without having to make a trip to a gym, while maintain your fitness and body of a builder, you may also would like to try Joist Mounted Pull Up Bar with Neutral Grip Handles, while gives differences aims and purposes from the previous two. Let’s check out its features for further help in choosing.

best pull up barKey Features:

The Joist Mounted Pull Up Bar is well built and the main horizontal bar is welded to the vertical upright brackets, so that the unit (with the exception of the neutral grip handles) comes as a single piece, and it does not require a screw to attach them in the middle. The installation takes shorter time, and it also comes with installation instruction. All you need to assemble are by simply using a step-ladder, a drill, 11/16” wrench and a 11/16” socket. Plus, this bar is designed to amount to an exposed joist to which users will have access on both sides using the included bolts, washers, and lock nuts. Additionally, the neutral grip handles mount separately, but they are installed using the included zinc hardware. Each of the handles mounts to the front of one of the vertical upright bracket, with a flat mental plate mounting to the rear of the vertical brackets. Furthermore, the “grab points” on the handles, middle, and outside (wide-grip) edges of the bar have a shallow diamond-pattern texture engraved — presumably to increase grip. As a result, it’s so convenient to grip.

Customer Satisfaction over This Item:

Joist Mounted Pull Up Bar has received many great reviews just like the previous two athletic tools. Customers love it so much especially that this unit is durable and as good as it is advertised to be. One of the customers said that he has been using this piece of equipment consistently for a number of years and it does not show signs of wear, no wiggles or wobbles. Even though this takes longer time to assemble comparing to the previous two, this unit is still very easy to set up, and customers are thankful for the instruction that comes with it.

What That Isn’t So Great about This Item:

The only problem with Joist Mounted Pull Up bar that the customers are not happy about is that the grip can cause a bit of pain when using and also the main unit is powder coated black while all the included hardware is silver-colored zinc.