3 Best Proform Hybrid Trainer Reviews 2018

For many, they have made the decision to get the hybrid trainer home for their indoor exercise. Of course, that is one among the many home gym equipment that are available. However, if we particularly look at only the hybrid trainer, Proform hybrid trainer products would b among the very popular deals. By this reason, three of the best proform hybrid trainer reviews have been presented here. Provided that you are searching for one, you may check the reviews out for information.

1. ProForm Hybrid Trainer

When life is trying to knock you down, you have to be strong both physical and mental to prove that you are worriers who are undefeatable. People choose different way to get themselves back and go forward. If you still cannot find one, I suggest sport or exercise would be the best since most people have fallen into this category. On the other hand, doing exercise is like a stone with two birds that you can build up your body and health while freshening your mind. Indeed, ProForm will help you grow strongly with its modern and fascinating features that you may not find it other exercise machines. I believe after a week you would love this machine and cannot resist not to do workout in every morning.

Best ProForm Hybrid TrainerKey Features:

ProForm Hybrid Trainer is an exercise machine that can serve two different functions in one machine: cardio recumbent bike and toning Elliptical program. It is specially featured with 16 workout apps that you can choose whichever you want and start whenever you want effortlessly. It will guide you from very easy beginner step to advanced tough training to build up your body. Such extensive range of exercise, I believe, suitable for people of all ages. On the other hand, it is made of heavy duty frame making its sturdy and capable to hold up to 350 pounds. With water bottle holder, you can keep yourself hydrated all the time. Lastly, this ProForm Hybrid Trainer would make you fresh and enjoy your workout as it is built up with plug in that supports with ipod or other music mp3 players. Therefore, you can choose your favorite songs or songs with fast rhythm to make yourself more energetic.

Customer Satisfaction over the Item:

Many customers really satisfy with this ProForm Hybrid Trainer and they have written positive reviews about it. The first thing that many people wrote is its bi-functions saying they can choose different style workouts just in one tool. On the other hand, it is cheaper than buying two different tools. Other customers even claimed that it is sturdy and stable. Few of them admitted that they are a bit large but they can do workouts easily and smoothly like normal slim people do.

What that isn’t great about this item:

Some customers have complained about it assembled process saying it is a bit hard. They have spent hours just to make it ready and they even teased that it is their first workout. Some other customers said that after they used it for few months, the machine starts to make sound, so they do not really love doing exercise with it anymore.

2. Best ProForm Hybrid Trainer Elliptical Machine

This decade is the era of ProForm. ProForm at present time is a leading brand in regarding to exercise equipment and design. In fact, today it has introduced ProForm hybrid elliptical trainer that is capable to perform two different functions in one unit while its quality is unbelievably awesome as two separate tools.

Key Features:


You might not believe this ProForm hybrid elliptical trainer because you have had bitter experiences with previous fitness machine. However, you would not suffer from nightmare again this ProForm hybrid elliptical trainer. It has 90 days parts and labor warranty which is the best thing to make you feel relaxed after you purchase it. This is just a simple thing of it. Many distinguished features are described as follow. First to begin with, it is featured with 14 workout apps and 14 digital resistance levels that are ready for you to start your workout anytime you like. If you are not a small guy, you can rely on this machine as it can hold up to 350 pounds capacity without making a slight vibration. Its wide digital LCD monitor is added to make you easy to read and follow up your workout and keep progress your hard work and achieve your goal. There are also many other interesting features that you should aware of such as adjustable leveling feet, target pacer, RPM meter, dual grip EKG Heart rate monitor, water bottle holder and many others.

Customer Satisfaction over the Item:

Many customers give it a big applause saying it is an exercise machine that saves them a lot of money. They do not have pay for gym anymore since two exercises is enough to bring them out in heavy sweat. They added that this unit saves them more space as well if comparing to buying two separate exercise machines. In addition to that, some customers said they can adjust foot level to fit with their height and preference.

What that isn’t great about this item:

Only few customers have encountered difficulties and complained about this fitness machine. Those customers claimed that Proform fitness machines are pretty hard to assemble including this new one. Some other customers, on the other hand, asserted that its 15 inches stride is too short for their demand and height.

3. Best ProForm Hybrid Trainer Pro Elliptical Machine

After I purchased this ProForm hybrid trainer pro elliptical machine, I do not have to waste my time traveling to gym as well as my money paying for service every month. I am quite busy and I rarely go to gym although I love to. However, since I owned this machine, everything has changed. I can do it peacefully at my own house and enjoying my favorite music. Also, I do not have to worry that I could not go to gym when the weather is awful. Two different exercises in one tool is another way that makes me free to enjoy anyone I love. I strongly recommend this one. Let’s go and have it in your house.

3Key Features:

ProForm hybrid trainer pro elliptical machine is built up with great innovative design to offer users ultimate comfort that they have never experienced. It is well-known by its superior resistance that trainer can enhance their workout as tough as they want to get achieve their goal. Meanwhile, it is a silencer that does not produce any noise that will wake everyone in your house up in the morning. Its upper body grips is covered with soft touch foam that allows you to hold it for hours without leaving any mark or pain on your palm. Oversized and comfy pedals are used to fit with every type of users. It also has a water bottle holder that allows you to keep bottled water and keeps you hydrated every minute. Last to mention but quite important, this ProForm hybrid trainer pro elliptical machine is capable to support 300 pounds user capacity.

Customer Satisfaction over the Item:

Many customers admitted that it is a bit hard at first but not after they read the instruction. They claimed that its quality is suitable with its price giving reason that it does not make squawking noise. In addition, its resistance is legendary. They can enjoy their workout and growing the level they want. Its adjustable incline between 3 to 30 degree is another feature that customers love about because it offered them comfortable feeling during their workout.

What that isn’t great about this item:

Tall customers seem to have problem with this fitness machine saying it does not fit their height. They find it hard to straighten their leg. In addition, some other customers have complained about its hard assemble saying they have broken into heavy sweat since they very beginning when they assemble it. It is no doubt that many customers have complained about its price.

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