3 Best Power Tower Reviews 2018

When it comes to working out either at home or at the gym, many would want to play around with the power tower. That is a lot of fun building our body around the equipment. However, if we look into the market, there are quite many best power tower designs, and if you are looking for one, you might be spending a lot of time checking each one. As to help you choose better and quick, here are the three best power tower reviews you can see over. They are the good ones many have liked.

1. Weider Power Tower

To all those who care about their body and wish to own a home based exercise tower at home, here we would like to introduce you to the power tower by Weider. This power tower is specifically designed for a variety of strength building exercises. If you really get tired of going to the gym, this would be the very best product you could have at home. What are so great about this product?

1Key Features:

The power tower by Weider offers a range of exercises that help building up the core strength and body in which it has been designed to be push-up and pull-up stations. Firstly, there is a hand grips for push-ups with many motions and extra stability, and it is better than doing it on the floor. The hand grips also allow you to do the pull up and chin-ups to strengthen your arms, shoulders and core. You could also build your chest and triceps with the dip station. Moreover, the cushioned arm rests and padded hand grips later on could be combined as vertical knee raise station. Users could work for to improve your sculpted abdominal muscles. Additionally, the power tower is built with durable materials with a vinyl cushions that generate comfort while using. The power tower is ideal for those have short time, yet would like to have intense workout. With its weighing capacity of over 200 pounds, its quality has been recognized if compared to other towers displayed in the market.

Customer Satisfaction on this Item:

A lot of customers love the fact that the power tower by Weider is so heavy and sturdy as it could hold heavy weight. Other customers really like the look and quality of constructed materials because they are all solid and effectively enable them to strengthen their workout overall. Surprisingly, a customer said this could be recycled to be the clothes hanger after it becomes old. Such a great idea it is.

What That Isn’t So Great about This Item:

A user expresses his disappointment with the powder coating which leaves black stain on the palm after holding it for a while. However, the paints are not coming off from the machine. He wishes the company would find the solution for this.

2. Body Vision PT600 Power Tower

Like the very first product, this Power Tower model PT600 from the Body Max has been one of the best-selling towers and known as an independent standing tower. So if you are looking for ideal equipment that you can exercise to improve your upper and lower body, the PT600 power tower could be one on your list of selection. There is no better thing than having this equipment at home; thus, you could enjoy all of it by yourself and anytime you’d like to.

Key Features:

best power tower

The PT600 power tower by Body Max creates a multi-station workout tower for abs crunching and upper body strengthening. This is claimed to be used by professional athletes and other users who love to take care of their body. It features multi-grip chin and pull-up bar which is for back and triceps. Unlike a simple pull-up bar, the dip station feature is designed for a leg raise station where you could improve your lower abdominals and quads. Also, the palm grips are adjustable and this is used as a push-up bars. Besides, the tower is equipped with pads on the back so you could relax during your workouts. Additionally, the frame is constructed with heavy-duty steel with a box of style cushions, so please have no worries on slipping off and hurt yourself while performing your favorite activity. Finally, this tower could hold up to 250 pounds, extra 50 pounds than the first tower.

Customer Satisfaction on this Item:

A few customers really like how easy it is to assemble. Furthermore, a customer said that he choose this tower besides a pool of towers at the market because it is the only model that comes with a straight pull-up bar. Many others said they really enjoy having this PT600 power tower at home, as it does efficiently help them to strengthen targeted areas of their bodies. The push-up bar does magically work well and offers a powerful blast on the chest.

What That Isn’t So Great about This Item:

One user has expressed their dissatisfaction over the length of the arm bars as it is too far and is not adjustable. Thus, it is a bit uncomfortable whenever they do the workout. Still, it is a sturdy and safe power tower overall.

3. Stamina 1690 Power Tower

Because our health is vital than any other thing, taking a good care of it is the best investment for a long life expectancy. Why waste time going to the gym when you can save a few hours treating yourself to a long lasting fitness at home? If you have been searching for workout equipment that you could do a variety of exercises, we would like to introduce you to the 1690 power tower by Stamina, a leading company for exercise equipment manufacturing.

3Key Features:

Like the above power towers, the 1690 power tower from Stamina has the foam hand-grips which is exclusively designed for better chin ups, pull ups, and push-ups. In addition to the arms, shoulders and chest, it is also designed for other core muscle groups strengthening along with its feature of vertical knee lifts and dips. Like the above two products, the company has claimed that this is a well-built and strong tower as the bottom ends are constructed with plastic caps staying to prevent it from falling down. This power tower model could hold the maximum weight of 295 pounds that is perfectly fit for those who are well-built or big people. Moreover, it could stand alone and need no wall to back it up. The dip bar handles are made to effortlessly pull ups and push-ups. For the push up bars, there is a slight angle for users to turn out their elbows and getting rid of the pressure on their shoulders. Therefore, it would not give them pain after the workout. Furthermore, its special feature lies on the support bar. Its support bar is six inches off the ground which enables users to stand on the tower without needing to climb up or jump.

Customer Satisfaction on this Item:

A few customers said they really love the clear instruction in the packaging. It takes them less time to putting all the pieces together. Moreover, they have no problem with their sweaty hand holding up the handle grips. It is very well-constructed. Plus, the price is matched with the quality it offers. A lot of customers said they highly recommend this power tower to their friends and people who love intense workouts.

What That Isn’t So Great about This Item:

Apart from the good sides, this has been reviewed as a bit bigger and space consuming. As a result, this is not for a home with low ceiling as the height is almost seven feet already. Some users wish that the curve at the top of two verticals poles shall be equipped with neoprene grips for an efficient pull ups.