3 Best Leg Press Machine Reviews 2018

Basically, these are the best leg press machine reviews. They are the top three choices of the item. If you are looking for it, you might be very interested to check these out. According to our review and comparison of them against many others, these appear to be outstanding. They are designed great for the training, and many people have reviewed them great from their actual training experience. Thus, we believe these are enough to be also your favorite leg press machine. You can enjoy scanning and going around with the details of each down here.

1. Body-Solid Leg Press & Hack Squat

Today, slender legs do not come to you only with nature. Yet, you can build yourself and have it as well. For men, aside from building their upper body and to have six packs, toning up leg’s muscle is another crucial step. Have you ever imagine how bad a guy look when he has bigger upper body while his legs are quite thin. Body-Solid leg press & hack squat by ironcompan.com can help you getting out of this nightmare. You can have increase your training step by step to get the body especially a pair of legs that everyone jealous of.

1Key Features:

Why you should order this Body-Solid leg press & hack squat by ironcompan.com? Here are the reasons. It is specially featured with quad track roller system to make balance and distribute weight equally. In addition to that, it also serves as stimulator to induce speed and smoothness of your training as well. Another distinguished feature that you have to learn about is its diamond plate foot platforms that are made of heavy duty material to make it sturdy and stable. On the other hand, its back and shoulder pads have utilized advanced technology of ultra tough and double stitched durafirm. To be more detail, its pads are made in 4 inches thick and contoured shape that are best to support lower back and shoulders. Lastly, it has three lock positions allowing users to lock in any level they want. Also, it is the best locking system to keep you safe.

Customer Satisfaction over the Item:

It is not kidding that almost every customers who have bought this leg press turned out with great satisfaction. Most of them claimed that its plate is easy to adjust and its movement has never stuck at all since they use it. Some other customers on the other hand claimed that its seat is comfortable enough and its seat design really support their back and shoulder. They continued that they do not feel backache after training.

What That Isn’t So Great about This Item:

However, few users complained that its foot plate is narrow. They claimed that it is a factor that limits their training. More than that, users who are a bit tall also complained that it is not a standard size leg press.

2. Leg Press Machine

Leg press machine industries normally compete with one another by its comfort, quality, and capacity building. However, they miss something that customers always wish to have. It is safety and flexibility. Body Solid leg press machine can offer you those things without leaving any one. It is well-build and each weight increment is a catalyst to help you with your training. What distinguishes it from other is its design that makes you feel safe all the time. Plus, can you flexibly adjust difficult without moving anywhere from the seat.

Key Features:


Let’s get to know this Body Solid leg press machine by getting to know its dimensions that are believed suitable for tight space. It has 75 inches lengths, 32 inches widths, and 72 inches heights. Featured with adjustable 310 pounds stack, it allows users to adjust workout difficulty in accordance to their preference. In addition to that, its weight stack is put at the left hand side making the adjustment much easier. Its ultra-wide two positions press plate is embedded allowing users to put their foot on plate with ease and in position they want. Also, such design does not discriminate any size of users. Last to mention. It is also featured with adjustable DuraFirm back pad with ergonomic shape to completely useful in supporting your lower back and shoulders.

Customer Satisfaction over the Item:

Almost every customer has admitted its high quality material used to assemble this leg press. They claimed that it is very sturdy especially the foot press. After they have used it for almost a year, nothing has changed and it is the same stable. They added that its movement is very smooth as well. Some other customers said that its seat is sturdy and comfortable as well.

What That Isn’t So Great about This Item:

In contrast, some customers seem to have headache since the beginning. They claimed that it is a bit hard to assemble. It wasted them a lot of time and energy. On the one hand, some customers laid blame on its instruction saying it is not clear enough. Moreover, some customers suggested that it should have something at bottom to support and prevent their legs from slipping off.

3. XMark Leg Press Hack Squat XM-7616

You might not take it seriously to consider which leg press you should buy, because you normally see people use different brand of leg press at gym. However, if you use to try it or if you are an athlete, choosing leg press is very important. Some leg presses may offer you comfort while its quality is suck, or vice versa. However, XMark leg press hack squat XM-7616 will impress you by both of its quality and comfort. It will shorten you dream and have you realize your dream just within few weeks.

best leg press machineKey Features:

If you want a real leg press, XMark leg press hack squat XM-7616 would be your best selection. It is featured with 3 inches duracraft cushions that offers you soft and comfortable lying. Its foot plate is ultra-wide, and thus offers you more freedom to position your leg as well as to adjust with your workout. In addition to that its foot plate is designed with bolted-on skid resistant that is the best way in preventing your legs from slipping off. Last but not least, Embraced with 11 gauges frame, this leg press will offer you ultimate stability that you find nowhere on other leg press. Also, it will help to make the machine durable although you have intense workout with it every day.

Customer Satisfaction over the Item:

Customers who have bought this leg press could not deny giving it a medal. They have acknowledged that it is well-build and very sturdy that they can put all their effort in workout. They continued that with this reason they can get better result from their workout. One last thing that customers have talked about is its attractive price. They furthered that it is the best to have high quality produce with this price.

What That Isn’t So Great about This Item:

Still, there are few flaws that upset customers. One is that the seat has no part for supporting shoulders, so that it makes their workout a bit difficult. Another thing that customers have talked about, but it is not a real matter, is that its instruction is not quite clear, so it makes the assemble process a bit hard.