3 Best Indoor Bike Trainer Reviews 2018

Basically, according to our review and comparison over many of the best indoor bike trainer choices available online, these are three of them which have been the good deals for users. They are simply designed great, and they are comfortably great for your training indoor. The bike trainers are as well very affordable to bring home if you like them. The reviews of each come along below, and if you like, you could spend a little bit of them scanning through all these below.

1. Magnet Steel Best Indoor Bike Bicycle Trainer Stand

Biking has been worldwide acknowledged as a sport that can offer both healthy and fun. It does not draw a distinction between young and old age. However, you must be sad staying at home and looking outside widow when it is raining or snowing. FDW today can make your biking happen everywhere either indoor or outdoor. With Magnet Steel Bike Bicycle indoor exercise trainer stand, your indoor biking is no longer an imagination. You can maintain your slim body, toned muscle, or good health even during rough weather.

best indoor bike trainerKey Features:

Magnet Steel Bike Bicycle indoor exercise trainer stand is portable that does not consume much space in your tiny room. Basically, its assembled dimensions are 21.4 inches lengths by 19.4 inches widths by 15.5 inches heights. It is made of heavy duty frame making it sturdy while its weight is light (20.9 pounds) if comparing with other bike indoor exercise stand. In addition to that, featured with foldable feature, it allows users to carry it around with ease or to bring it along when they have long vacation trip. Five internal resistance settings is embraced and it also allows you to change it effortlessly through handle bars. Last but not least, it is quiet but it does not hamper speed and smoothness.

Customer Satisfaction over the Item:

Many users who have used it for months wrote reviews claiming it does not make loud squawking sound. They added that they can do workout even in early morning without waking anyone up. On the other hand, some other customers claimed that it is sturdy. A customer spoke with evidence that he is 240 pounds but he can do workout with ease and without any worry. He has used it for almost a year now and it is still stable.

What that isn’t great about this item:

Some customers seem to encounter bitter experience with this Magnet Steel Bike Bicycle indoor exercise trainer stand. They claimed that they have experienced completely different from other users. It makes noise that sound like scratching mirror since the very beginning and it vibrates as well.

2. Conquer Best Indoor Bike Trainer Portable Exercise Bicycle Magnetic Stand

Many people have spent their time and money searching for the best exercise bicycle stands that is stable and does not emit loud annoying sound that wake them their family members as well as upset their neighbors. Let’s save you time and money and choose this Conquer indoor bike trainer exercise bicycle magnetic stand that has been widely accepted. Not only its quality, but its white-orange color design is another way to make this exercise bicycle stand the most fashionable one in this age.

Key Features:


Conquer indoor bike trainer exercise bicycle magnetic stand is manufactured with heavy duty frame for stability and durability. However, its total weight is unbelievable, which is only 20 pounds. It is easy to be folded and carry around when you have to go somewhere. Embedded with sturdy mounting cups that reduce slippage and single adjustment magnetic resistance, you would find this indoor bike trainer comfortable and easy to use. You can also find front wheel riser block in the same package that works as an enhancement to make the bike stable. Lastly, it is important to note that it is compatible with 26 or 27 inches bike, or 700c bike.

Customer Satisfaction over the Item:

A lot of customers cannot deny giving this Conquer indoor bike trainer exercise bicycle magnetic stand a big applause. They said that it is well-made with sturdy frame that they feel safe to do workout although they are fairly big. Some others claimed that they can fold it effortlessly and carry it with them when they have trip. In addition to that, its front riser block has attracted more attentions as well.

What that isn’t great about this item:

Less than 10% of customers have expressed their dissatisfaction on this indoor bike trainer. Two problems have been addressed by customers. One, customers claimed that it makes sound and it is the think they hate the most. Some other customers even claimed that it is not a specialist in resistance particularly for speedy bike.

3. RAD Cycle Products Indoor Portable Magnetic Work Out Bicycle Trainer

Weather is no longer the factor impeding you to do exercise with your bike. RAD cycle products indoor magnetic bicycle trainer will help converting your bike into an excellent indoor trainer bike. From now on, you would worry nothing although it is raining outside. Just stay focus and keep progress your body build-up. Therefore, you can confidentially wake out your house with your healthy and perfect body when spring comes.

best indoor bike trainerKey Features:

Manufactured with separated legs, RAD cycle products indoor magnetic bicycle trainer is more stable that other indoor bike trainer. Its extra-wide legs will crucially serve as pillars that are capable to resist fast bike with ease and without making even a slight vibration. With heavy duty steel frame, this indoor bike trainer is durable and reliable that a bigger guy can exclusively rely on it. With the new innovative idea of magnet system by RAD, it would offer ultimate resistance and you can adjust it through the gears on your bike with ease. Last to be described, its compact size is 18.2 x 21.25 x 15.8 inches (L x W x H). Its total weight is only 17 pounds. In addition to that, it can be folded for easy travel and move as well as for storage. You are free to carry it along when you have summer vacation since it does not eat more space.

Customer Satisfaction over the Item:

About 90% of customers in average have given this RAD cycle products indoor magnetic bicycle trainer a full star review. First to begin with, some customers claimed that it is easy to assemble and install with their bike. About 10 minutes or less are needed. In addition to that, some other customers immensely satisfy with its resistance saying they can raise speed as they want and it works even with mountain bike. Lastly, it is very stable but it is fairly light that users can easily move around.

What that isn’t great about this item:

No matter what, there are some customers have showed great disappointment on this indoor bike trainer. The main problem that customers have encountered is its squawking noise. Those customers, while acknowledged its resistance, have complained that it started produces noise when they increase speed and it grows louder when it gets faster. Few other customers even claimed that it got broken just after a week. Yet, only few cases happened.