3 Best Dumbbell Sets 2018

Here are the best dumbbell sets you may like to look around. In case that is what you are looking for your exercise and workout, you have come right. Through our review and comparison between so many best dumbbell sets available, we have seen these with more interesting design and sets. Thus, we checked out the customer reviews of them, and it turns out that many have liked the sets after buying them. This makes us more confident that they are the right and best dumbbell sets to recommend for our readers.

1. Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells

Exercise is different from other things that you can rush to finish and get it done in an instant. It required patience and commitment. At the meantime, fitness equipments are very important in this part. Particularly, building muscle on hands, shoulders, back, stomach, and abdominal requires gradual improvement. Bowflex SelectTech 522 dumbbells are your best friend that can help you get your goal gradually and effectively. It allows you to adjust its weight plate just with your finger tip and each increment is not too large or too short. Therefore, you can improve your body step by step.

1Key Features:

Bowflex SelectTech 552 adjustable dumbbells are suitable for those who have planned to get reach their body goal gradually. It is featured with two dumbbells that each dumbbell on the one hand has 15 sets of weights. Each of which contains up to 52.5 pounds weight and is able to adjust in 2.5 pounds increment. Therefore, you can choose your desired level of difficulty to fit with your body and workout. What is more special about these dumbbells is that you can switch or add weight simply just rotating dial system. With these gap adjustments, it makes your workout much easier and more effectively because you can increase it overtime while avoiding over exercise. Also, you can change your workout styles, including side lunge, wide row, flat chest press and more, quickly and effortlessly.

Customer Satisfaction over the Item:

Do not be surprised when you see its review record as almost every of its customers show their satisfaction on this dumbbell set. First to mention, many of them love its design giving reason that they can easily adjust weight easily by its dial system. In addition to that, its 2.5 pounds increment is the best. Customers claimed that they do not have to afraid trying another weight as its adjustment gap is not too high. Moreover, there are some customers claimed that it is very sturdy and they do not have to afraid its weight plate would fall off.

What That Isn’t Great about This Item:

Unfortunately, few customers seem to experience completely different thing. They claimed that its weight plate fell off and almost hurt his leg. Some customers added that its spindles that bear heavy responsibility in holding and lifting weight plates are very thing and made of brittle plastic.

2. Body Solid GDR363-RFWS Dumbbell Rack with Rubber Dumbbells

If you used to believe that dumbbell is a single type exercise to help build your upper parts particularly arms and shoulders. In contrast, the reality is completely different from what you have thought. Especially for dumbbells like Body Solid GDR363-RFWS dumbbells, it will offer plenty workout style to enthuse and motivate you to finish your workout every day. Specifically its weight variety allows you to train your shoulder and arm exercise through doing standing curls, scott curls, lying triceps extension, lateral raise, or shrugs. In addition to that, you can also train your back and chest exercise by doing wide row, flat chest press, or flat fly. If you ask whether it can help build your abdominal body, the answer is completely yes. You can do reverse crunch, lying trunk rotation or stiff-leg dead lift and more. These are simple little things that Body Solid shows you. The real taste is with you!

Key Features:


Body Solid GDR363-RFWS dumbbell sets will entertain your with its various weight options as well as different workout style. In the bundle, you will find a set of dumbbells with different weight, dumbbell rack, and rubber mat. Thinking about safety first, Body Solid has designed its dumbbells with patent-pending Secure Dumbbell system that hardly attaches its cast iron heads with steel inserts. Second of all, its rack is designed to make the whole set like a small gym for you. It is constructed with 40 inches widths, 30 inches heights, and 20 inches depths. With its three shelves, it makes users easy to identify and to keep it well organized after workout. Thirdly, its rubber mat is well-made and tough that last for years. It is manufactured with high-quality PVC material that works perfectly in preventing damage caused by heavy workout equipment on your house floor or carpet. To be specific, its dimensions are 48 inches widths, 36 inches depths, and 0.125 inches thick.

Customer Satisfaction over the Item:

Perhaps this dumbbell sets is the set that every man should pay close attention since almost no customers have complained about it. Talking about its positive point, there are so many, yet few noticeable features will be addressed here. Some customers claimed that it is very safe and they have to worry changing their workout style. They do not have to worry its weight plate or ball would fall off. On the other hand, some also claimed that this set also offers them multiple options to grow their body.

What That Isn’t Great about This Item:

One or two flaws will be raised here as there is no any other customer could find out. One thing few customers do not satisfy with this dumbbell set is that the dumbbells have oily coasting and it always leaves black mark on floor.

3. CAP Barbell 150 lb. Hex Dumbbell Set with Rack

It is a bit difficult for beginner trainer to do workout with expert fitness machine. They might be a bit hard finding those for beginner level. If you are a beginner trainer who wants to start building muscle as well as to have fit body, you should spend your few minutes reading features of this CAP Barbell dumbbell set. It has 5 level options with the 25 pounds highest weight. With its bit by bit increment, it will help accelerate your training and upgrading you to upper level just within few weeks. Build up yourself at home if you do not want to be insulted by those guys at gym.

best dumbbell setsKey Features:

CAP Barbell dumbbell set will make your workout fantastic like a real gym. It comes with 5 pairs of dumbbells with 5 pounds increment and its biggest one is 25 pounds. You can easily identify and allocate it on its innovative design dumbbell rack. Choose your favorite pair or the pair that you think is suitable for your level. Also, its rack is very sturdy that it will secure no dumbbell would fell off. In addition to that it is manufactured to make users feel completely safe when they do their work out as its solid weight balls are attached with its cast iron. Contoured grip is embedded to offer maximum comfort for gripping.

Customer Satisfaction over the Item:

Many customers have talked about this dumbbells set in review saying it is one of high quality dumbbell set they have used. Its weight is very accurate and its contoured grip makes them easier to do workout without leaving mark on their palm. In addition, its rack is reportedly durable and easy to assemble as well.

What That Isn’t Great about This Item:

However, some customers have shown their dissatisfaction on this dumbbell set saying it is very basic. While they acknowledge its high quality, they claimed that its weight is very simple and it has only 5 basic level options.