3 Best Double Sleeping Bag Reviews 2018

When you have an outdoor activity over night, it is important you prepare and could have a good night sleep for tomorrow action. That comes to the need of the best sleeping bag. For here, we are to review the three best double sleeping bag for your consideration. These best double sleeping bag choices come with amazing design and comfort that let you sleep well outside of your home. They are as well available at an affordable price. You can check further of the details of each down here.

1. TETON Sports Mammoth Queen Size Sleeping Bag

Can you imagine how cold it is when you sleep under zero Celsius temperature? You answer must be “I am not stupid to sleep under this temperature without blankets or sleeping bag.” The answer is predictable but the circumstance is far from expectation. You might have those two things you mentioned but it seems like you have nothing as it does not help you much. Today, TETON Sports will introduce you a real sleeping bag that keep you warm even in zero Celsius. Let’s get to know TETON Sports Mammoth sleeping bag together!

1Key Features:

TETON Sports Mammoth sleeping bag is manufactured with 100% polyester that can completely protect inside possession and you from rain or dew. Its dimensions are 94 inches by 62 inches, while its total weight is only approximately 16 pounds. Thus, you can carry it with ease. In addition to that it is made with oversize oxford stuff sack and compression straps to make your camping much easier. Aside from that, TETON Sports used another user-friendly technology which is self-repairing zippers that can be open both size without running into snagging. To effectively control temperature, this sleeping bag uses a drawstring hood and warm flannel lining that guarantee warm inside even under 0 oC. This bag also has another special ability that allows users to connect it with another TETON Sports sleeping bag to make more room and especially to offer warmer.

Customer Satisfaction over the Item:

According to customers review, about 90% in average of customers really love this double sleeping bag. They claimed that its taffeta is a high quality one that can effectively repel water as well as to make them comfortable inside. Its straps are reportedly work well as it has never stuck. Last but not least, some customers even mentioned about its compression straps that help them to make their travel like a piece of cake.

What That Isn’t Great about This Item:

Some customers on the other hand complained that although it comes with stuff sack and compression straps, it is still a bit big for an average height guy. They said they feel like a turtle when they wear it. In additionally, its straps as reported by some customers get jammed since the very beginning.

2. TETON Sports Tracker 5F Double-Wide Sleeping Bag

TETON Sports really understand your situation that you get pissed off carrying weighty sleeping bag with you every time when you have school camping or personal camping. Seeing this loophole that has not been addressed, TETON Sports has created a double-wide sleeping bag that allows you to have more space for personal comfort, and at the same ease your hardship in carrying this sleeping bag as it is lightweight. We believe you do not want to leave red lines on your shoulder that resulted from carrying heavy tent. TETON Sports makes camping your hobby.

Key Features:


Comparing to other double sleeping bag, this TETON Sports Tracker sleeping bag is maybe the lightest one. Its dimension sizes are 87 by 63 by 44 inches with total weight is only 8.2 pounds. Although it is very light, it can perform a better job that others sleeping bag cannot do. In fact, it can keep temperature inside warm and help you endure up to 5 oF. However, it is breathable and you would feel completely warm and peaceful inside. Talking about its material use, it makes use of high quality micro polyester lining that is undeniably perfect against water and tough enough against scratch and some other sharp materials. The last special thing about this double sleeping bag that most others could not come up with is its interior pocket. It is designed with dual interior pocket zips allowing you to safely keep electronic devices, wallet or other valuable possession.

Customer Satisfaction over the Item:

Many customers have admitted its quality without any hesitation. They asserted that it is very sturdy; simply mean it does not easily get cut or torn apart when some hard sharp objects bump with it. In addition, a family who have spent their vacation exploring and camping expressed their great satisfaction and confident on this sleeping bag as its condition and quality remain the same good after they have used it daily for more than a month. In addition to that, customers also added that they are no longer afraid of weather anymore when they have this bag.

What That Isn’t Great about This Item:

Some customers instead do not satisfy with this double sleeping bag giving reason that it has terrible smell. They expected this smell would be eliminated after several times they use it, yet thing is not that easy. Few other customers, not sure what are reasons, claimed that the bag cannot save them from cold weather.

3. Grizzly by Black Pine 2-Person Sleeping Bag

Perhaps you get anxious reading defective features of some sleeping bags and fell into its trap. You must be very disappointed expecting extra wide sleeping bag, but it turned out completely reversed. Grizzly by Black Pine is another different story. It is a well-known brand in making high-quality sleeping bag that widely recognized. Today, Grizzly by Black Pine would like to introduce you to a new sleeping bag that give you extra comfort space inside and keep you warm while outer temperature is under 0 Celsius.

best double sleeping bagKey Features:

I am not kidding, but even your sleeping bag can make you the outstanding guy during school camping. Grizzly by Black Pine is designed with extra wide room inside that is able to fit in two people. Its lengths measures 90 inches from shoulder to foot, while its width is 65 inches. In addition to that, two-layer offset helps enhancing warm and comfort. Cotton duck canvas and polyester ripstop models make a perfect combo in controlling weather. You do not have to worry staying in temperature in between -25 to +25 degrees Fahrenheit. Its cozy flannel lining is a plus to make you comfort and have a nice rest after a hard tired day. Last but not least, its 100% polyester made material is an outstanding feature that helps repelling water and dew.

Customer Satisfaction over the Item:

A lot of customers wrote many positive reviews about this sleeping bag citing reason that it is comfortable sleeping inside while it is the best shell protecting them from cold and dew. On the other hand, some customers claimed that this bag is different from others as it is featured with big double zippers that go smooth all the time. Few other customers even praise its olive color and design as it makes them feel elegant.

What That Isn’t Great about This Item:

Very few customers have complained about this sleeping bag. Few of them in specific claimed that it is quite big and heavy for them to carry and put it in canvas. Some other customers said that it is costly as well.