3 Best Camping Tents for Sale 2018

When it comes to camping, you would think of the camping tents. That is where you will spend your night. Of course, you can not go camping with the tents, and if you are going for the activity soon, here are the three best camping tents for sale you could have a look. These are the ones designed for 3 persons, 6 persons, and 8 persons. They are among the best, and you can select the ones that serve your need better while the quality are undoubtedly high. You can witness the designs and further details of each one below.

1. Wenzel Alpine Tent – 3 Person

When you have a small family camping particularly as small as three members, you will find sleeping in a camp would make your camping trip more meaningful for this little family. With Wenzel Alpine tent, you do not have to bother carry different individual tent for camping that induce separation in your little warm family. Wenzel Alpine tent is more special than normal tent not only by its room capacity, but also its toughness and durability against weather. You can feel safe staying inside the tent, chitchatting with your family as your leisure during your precious vacation.

1Key Features:

Wenzel Alpine tent has never failed to make their customers happy. Both its design and quality will impressed you since you first set it. It is designed in 3 poles pentadome that is very popular in today lifestyle. In addition to that, it is also embedded with 2 mesh winders making it is easier for your to see through from inside. Its front door is designed with wide D-style to make you each to get in and out as well as fresh air. The tent also include flysheet that is easily to remove. To keep the tent clean all the time, Wenzel has utilized creative design that uses mud mat and drainage strip. In addition to that, it is integrated with shock-corded fiberglass frame to make it easy for you to set up and put it away.

Customer Satisfaction over the Item:

A numerous of customers expressed their immense satisfaction on this Wenzel Alpine tent saying it has more space inside if comparing to others. A customer said that he found it no problem at all to have 3 people inside and he strongly recommend for a small family since you will not have to spend your money on another tent. In addition, this tent is legendary, said customers. They claimed that it is strong against sun and rain.

What That Isn’t Great about This Item:

Some customers while acknowledged its waterproof claimed that it is hard to breath inside the tent. Therefore, they have to open window to let air goes inside. Unfortunately, when it is raining, that would be a big problem when they open winder. Some others claimed that it is a bit hard to assemble and if something goes wrong with bending, they would break it.

2. Coleman WeatherMaster 6-Person Screened Tent

Love having trip and sleeping under canvas? I believe you must be looking for a tent that durable and can 100% protect you from rain, dew, and weather. Coleman WeatherMaster tent will make your camp goes smooth without any disturbance from weather. As a plus, you can enjoy sleeping in one camp with your friends or family as this Coleman WeatherMaster tent can hold up to 6 people at once. Order it today before next summer vacation comes!

Key Features:


If you are looking for bigger tent for a family, you should spend your time reading this Coleman WeatherMaster tent and you will not regret to know it. Coleman WeatherMaster tent is manufactured with polyester allowing enough air to penetrate through it and at the same time is tough enough against scratch or sharp metal. In regarding to its design, it is designed with two rooms and large interior rooms that are capable to keep up to 6 people inside. Therefore, it is the best tent suitable for family or friend gathering. Its 11 millimeters fiberglass poles are designed to accelerate setting up process. Another special thing to know about this Coleman WeatherMaster tent is that it is embraced proprietary WeatherTec system allowing this tent to protect you from rain, dew and dust effectively.

Customer Satisfaction over the Item:

It is obvious and not very surprise that almost every customers have praised its big room. Customers claimed that they can enjoy their camping and have party inside the tent due to plenty space. In addition to that they added that it has many windows and with this reason it allows enough fresh air to go inside. Last to mention, it has 75 deniers polyester taffeta fly that is the best solution to protect this tent from rain and water.

What That Isn’t Great about This Item:

Only few customers have problem with this tent. One thing they come up with is its instruction and assembled process. They claimed that its instruction is hard to understand and thus they find it very difficult to set the tent up at first. Another flaw that customers have faced is that this tent is useless during cold weather. Customers added that it is like a freezer inside.

3. Coleman Montana 8-Person Tent

Can you see that? Is it a house or a tent? Well, it is Coleman Montana tent but it is quite big as a small house. If you have a large family or you are camping with many friends, you should rely on this Coleman Montana tent as it has a large room that fit for 8 people. With this tent, you can feel you are staying in your house every time and everywhere as all family members are in the same tent. Or you can enjoy party with your friends in tent during camping. Weather is no longer a factor impeding you from party.

camping tents for saleKey Features:

Coleman Montana tent has introduced revolutionary dome design making this tent one of the most breathtaking style in market. The tent dimensions are 27 inches lengths by 8.5 inches widths by 8.5 inches heights and totally weights 22.3 pounds only. Its sizable room inside the tent can possibly support up to 8 people. You do not have to worry about setting up tent as its poles are made of fiberglass. Aside from this, it has 68 deniers polyester mesh inner, 75 denier polyester taffeta fly, and 1,000 denier polyethylene floor, and with the combination of these features, it makes this tent a weather master. Its window angles are reversible and thus you to adjust according to weather and your desire.

Customer Satisfaction over the Item:

A considerable number of customers have never denied giving a good comment on its sizeable room of this tent. They claimed that it is very convenient for a family to have camping during vacation. In addition to that, many customers also admitted its excellent quality against rain. Customers who have experienced it also took photos as evident. Lastly, some customers also admire its wide front door and never stuck zipper.

What That Isn’t Great about This Item:

Instead, some customers seem to face completely different situation. They claimed that rain can get through the tent although they have extend fly. In addition to that, few other customers claimed that its poles are flimsy citing evident that it got broken when they were trying to bend it and set up the tent.