3 Best Cable Crossover Machine Reviews 2018

Cable crossover machine is the workout equipment that has a nice challenge. By the way, in case you are looking for one of them, here are the three best cable crossover machine reviews you can go through. The selected cable crossover machines have been designed very nice with high quality for your workout. Many users have praised the designs a lot since they enjoy their training experience with these machines. For the details, you can witness those below.

1. PowerLine PCCO90X Cable Crossover

A real man must have been struggling looking for workout machine to tone muscle on their hands, shoulders, and stomach. Stop wasting your time and money, and let’s get to know this cable crossover machine by Powerline. You will enjoy your true man workout at home like you do at gym. With this machine, you do not have to worry driving for miles to gym to get 2 hours training. Do not be worried that you would not get your dream body because this machine allows you to effortlessly adjust difficulty to fit with your preference and body goal. Order it today to save your time and money!

1Key Features:

Have you ever heard any cable crossover machine that has declared its 10 years frame warranty? Perhaps never. Now PowerLine PCCO90X cable crossover is the first cable crossover machine to declare it. It is made of heavy duty steel frame making its sturdy, stable and last longer. On the other hand, different from others cable crossover machines that would wobble just in a couple of week, this one is like a mountain. Moreover, its patented nylon bushings and swivel pulleys enhance resistance of this machine making it the best cable crossover machine that you should own one at home. On the other hand, it has bottom pulleys offering you more workout options and thus motivates you to get your dream body. Last to mention about is its size. It measures 112 inches lengths by 39 inches widths by 82 inches heights.

Customer Satisfaction over the Item:

A lot of customers seem to satisfy with this cable crossover machine for many various reasons. Few will be listed here. One, some customers claimed that it is affordable, and its size and weight is acceptable and suitable for home use. They can move it easily. Other customers are impressed by its bottom pulleys allowing trainers to do many various exercises. Its cable is said to endure up to 360 pounds each side.

What That Isn’t Great about This Item:

Different from many other customers, few customers saw its flaw. They claimed that some parts of this machine are poorly made and flimsy. Some other customers have encountered difficulty with its pulleys saying it does not go smooth even they added oil on it.

2. Body-Solid Functional Cable Cross Training Center

To gentlemen who wish to have toned muscles on their hands, shoulder, and abdominal body, now you do not have to dwarf on stressful situation to find fitness machine or spend more money every month on gym. Body Solid functional cable cross can help and guarantee you will love it since the very beginning of its arrival. On the other hand, do not judge this cable cross by its look. It is sturdier than normal cable cross and you can adjust the level of difficulty without any concern. Your daily workout is unlimited with Body Solid functional cable cross.

Key Features:


Let’s first get to know Body Solid functional cable cross’s dimension. It has 72.5 inches lengths, 42.3 inches depths, and 83.8 inches heights. It is operated with two weight stacks that each of which has 160 pounds. Trainer can easily increase the difficulty level easily. Each stack on the other hand works independently giving trainer more option for training. In addition to that, it is featured with locking that makes this machine always safe for trainer. Another thing to add about this cable crossover machine is that it is featured with core training exercise to enhance balance and stability. Last to mention, it has interchangeable cable handles that is capable to handle weight and more exercises effortlessly.

Customer Satisfaction over the Item:

Many customers have written reviews about this cable crossover machine showing their great satisfaction on it. Most reviews give medal to its sturdiness. Cited a customer’s comment, he said that he has used this machine for several years and the machine is still work well without producing any squawking noisy sound or wobbled movement. Some other customers love its stacks saying it is flexible and they can adjust its weight for their level.

What That Isn’t Great about This Item:

So far seem like only few customers have complained about this cable crossover machine. Yet, those flaws are not a big matter. First to mention, it is a bit hard to assemble. They claimed that it is the first exercise before they can do real exercise with this machine. Another point customers raised out is its design saying its top hanging metal should be made thicker or sturdier.

3. FreeMotion Light Commercial EXT Dual Cable Cross

Do not be surprised that people keep peeking at you with jealousy because they want to have toned muscle and fit body like you. They are sure must wonder why you have such perfect body as you always come home late due to your workload and have never gone to gym. This awesome result comes from the combination of this FreeMotion light commercial EXT dual cable cross and your great efforts. Just few weeks of training, you can walk out of your home with great confident on your body and your future.

best cable crossover machineKey Features:

What are so special about FreeMotion light commercial EXT dual cable cross that you should have? This session will introduce you about its features from exterior to interior. Its dimensions measure 60 inches lengths, 113 inches widths, and 84 inches heights. Its total weight is 925 pounds. Its weight stacks are designed for easily adjustment allowing users to adjust level of difficulty as they want to match with their desire. In connection to this, its weight stacks work independently. Therefore, it allows two people to do workout together at the same time. Another distinguished part about this cable cross is its independent rotating arms that allow you to move it 12 inches vertically and 9 inches horizontally. Swivel pulleys run smooth making trainer to have free movement and unlimited workout style.

Customer Satisfaction over the Item:

FreeMotion is always the leading brand in market. More than 95% of its customers say no to complaint. Instead, they admired its sturdiness claiming that they have used it for more than a year and nothing wrong have happened on it. More than that, customers also praised its design, weight adjustment, and smooth swivel pulleys that accelerate their training.

What That Isn’t Great about This Item:

Many customers, while acknowledged its quality, complained on its weight saying it is very heavy. They suggested that it should be used in gym instead of home. They found it hard to move. Space consuming is also an issue customers attached with. Aside from this, few other customers got headache because they spent hours to assemble it.